After The Address ….

Here’s what I saw last night:

I saw three leaders who could not inspire or communicate to the point where they can sway the public.

I saw a President who cannot deliver from a teleprompter.
I saw a President miss his chance to get the country behind him.
I saw a President who could have closed asking the American people to listen to what his opposition was about to say and see if they had a solution.
I didn’t see a Reagan, Clinton or Obama who could sway opinion.

Then I saw the wooden characters — Schumer and Pelosi.
Could their presentation have been more awkward?
Besides blaming the President for the shutdown did they say anything?
Do you know what their solution to border security is?
Did they explain why they changed their mind on walls and fences?
No, all we got was Trump did this. He is wrong. Mexico was supposed to pay.

I guess that’s leadership in America today. Divided and failed.

Now what?
The shutdown goes on.
The MSM will continue swaying public opinion that the President is a liar and owns this.
Mexico is not paying for the wall. They never were.
(In fact the President in his speech should have said this. I promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. I said they would do so, one way or another. Well we made this new deal, the USMCA and in it Mexico will be losing $XX billions of dollars and we will be gaining $XX billions of dollars. With that I am satisfied and will not be going back to ask for $5 billion more. We have established a working relationship that is beneficial to us and I want to continue that. If that is not enough for my Democratic colleagues they can answer your questions, and I suggest on starting with NAFTA and the other agreements I changed and asking them how we got in that mess).

Is their an end in sight?
No there isn’t. As long as the MSM is there supporting Schumer and Pelosi totally there is no end. The President cannot give in or his presidency is over. Schumer and Pelosi have the cover of the MSM to protect them, so this goes on.

Plus, with cracks showing in the Republican base, Lisa Murkowski yesterday became the fourth Republican Senator to support ending this, the Democrats need only to hold on.
Once again the Democratic party holds tight with no defections and Republicans don’t. Why? Democracts are loyal to their leaders and opposition to Trump. Republicans are not to the President.
Then add as long as the MSM is telling Americans the Democrats are right and Trump is a liar, they will have no pressure. All the pressure is the other way.

Here’s an example in NYT opinion section today:
The Wall Is a Symbol of Donald Trump’s Neediness 
Seldom has a president’s ego required so much shoring up. There’s not enough concrete in creation for that job.

Other News:

Some more fallout from Trump’s impulsive decision on Syria and then backtrack:
Turkey’s president first refused to meet with John Bolton and then rejected a request to protect U.S. allies fighting in the region, instead threatening military strikes against them and throwing President Trump’s plans for a rapid withdrawal of American troops from Syria into disarray.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey refused to meet with John Bolton, the White House national security adviser, after he said Turkey must agree to protect Syria’s Kurds.
The snub came a day after Mr. Erdogan commended President Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria. It makes an agreement between the two allies that much more difficult ahead of an announced U.S. withdrawal from Syria.
For his part, Mr. Bolton has been walking a tricky line on the withdrawal plans. He walked back Mr. Trump’s promises for a speedy removal of 2,000 troops.

You’ll hear about collusion again after this:
Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, discussed internal polling data from the 2016 race with a man tied to Russian intelligence, prosecutors alleged. The accusations came to light in a document filed by Mr. Manafort’s lawyers that was supposed to be partly blacked out — but contained a formatting error. Above, Mr. Manafort after a court appearance last year. Prosecutors for the special counsel Robert Mueller broke off a plea agreement with Mr. Manafort in November, accusing him of repeatedly lying to them. The details of their accusations have been largely kept secret until now.

Two things on the Mueller probe:
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has overseen special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, is expected to leave the Justice Department.
“Rosenstein apparently had long been thinking he would serve about two years, and there was no indication that he was being forced out at this moment by the president.”

Second, Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Trump campaign officials in Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign, was charged in a separate case showing her Kremlin ties. Prosecutors said she helped draft Russia’s “intentionally misleading” response in a fraud case.

More ammunition for the MSM.

Finally we are bringing manufacturing jobs back, right? Watch for the news on this from the MSM:
U.S. carbon dioxide output rose by 3.4 percent in 2018, the biggest increase in eight years, according to a preliminary estimate by a private research group. The uptick came even as a near-record number of coal plants across the country closed last year.
Some of that increase was weather related, but another big reason for the change was the growing economy: Emissions from factories, planes and trucks soared. The report illustrates how difficult it could be for the country to make further progress on climate change, particularly as the Trump administration pushes to roll back federal regulations that limit greenhouse gas emissions.

So is job growth good or bad?

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