Truth Or …….

We are heading to the longest shutdown in history. I think there are some that truly want that. Don’t you?

Here’s my thoughts on the wall.
We need a barrier of some type for the full extent of the border with Mexico.
Mexico will not stop anyone crossing.
A country needs control of its border.
But we also need some of what others are saying.
We need surveillance.
A wall, steel barriers or whatever we build can also be climbed.
So we need new technology to identify where anyone is attempting to scale.
A barrier without surveillance is not going to work.
Surveillance without a barrier is not going to work.
It’s that simple. Do what we need.

Now we hear terrorists don’t come in through the southern border, so why do we need a barrier? Really, this is your argument?
We know terrorists always seek a weakness.
We have bolstered air coverage and protected that.
Do we really need to wait until they come across the southermn border? How about some leadership first?
How about thinking like they would and locking them down before they can act?

The New Left Unleashed

You saw the tax ideas from Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez.
Now a soon to announce candidate, Julian Castro, has one upped her. “Oh, I can support folks at the top paying their fair share,” he said. What is that rate? “There was a time in this country where the top marginal tax rate was over 90 percent, even during Reagan’s era in the 1980s it was around 50 percent,” he said.

Castro also said that we get more serious about making sure the corporations pay their fair share.

Does anyone in the Democratic party understand the reason jobs are coming back is because we taxed the corporations at a competitive rate? You tax them again and they will take the jobs overseas again. Is that hard to understand?
Also, do they understand when you raise costs on a corporation all they do is raise prices to the consumer?

The Democratic party has to be careful in their 2020 primary not to pull itself too far left that their candidate cannot win.

Then there was  freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., in using an obscenity to refer to President Trump. “He really IS a motherf**ker!”

Well, yesterday Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell (an outspoken Trump critic),  tweeted her support of Tlaib. She said “he is a …..”
She later pulled the tweet, but too late for us to not see it.

By the way, Rep Tlaib said she was surprised by the reaction to her words, but she supports saying it. Oh yea, when she was sworn in she refused to put her hand on the bible. She is one of two, first woman Muslim members of congress.
The new congress.

NYT Headlines:

The Economics of Soaking the Rich
What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know about tax policy? A lot.

No, Trump Cannot Declare an ‘Emergency’ to Build His Wall
If he did, and used soldiers to build it, they would all be committing a federal crime.

Fair and balanced.


Remember when we reported how President Trump decided impulsively on a call with Turkey’s President to withdraw all troops from Syria? It led to Mattis’ resignation and so much fallout? Well guess what? The US now has “no timeline” for withdrawing its troops from Syria.
You see our allies became alarmed, the military reacted, everyone was stunned.
The President looks really bad on this one. His impulse action is a danger and poor, poor leadership.

Remember his “the US has defeated ISIS in Syria”? Now its, “the terror group is largely defeated.”




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