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And We’re Off:

Surprise, Pelosi gets 220 votes and wins the speaker role.
And the 40 who said they would never support her? Only 15 voted no.
Go figure, the others in their first vote broke a campaign promise.
You surprised she won? Not if you were following this blog.

Let’s see since the vote:

The House voted for a budget — but no money for border security.
The MSM is touting the vote.
Wait, the House passed a bill in December with $5 billion of funding. The MSM called that dead on arrival in the senate.
Why the different coverage?

Representative Ocasio-Cortez has suggested taxing the rich as much as 70 percent to fund a sweeping economic and energy reform plan called the “Green New Deal”.  “There’s an element where, yeah, people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes,” the newly elected congresswoman of New York, a democratic socialist, told CBS host Anderson Cooper in an interview that’s set to air Sunday.

I wonder if the 70% is the federal tax, then if we add the state tax, Obamacare medicare tax and others we’ll get close to 100%.
Remember she’s the voice of the future Democratic party.

Oh yea, she also plans to vote against the rules package because it includes a “pay-go” provision that she says will make it harder to pass progressive legislation.
You see the rule would require that all new spending be paid for either by increasing taxes or by budget cuts, in order to avoid growing the federal deficit. In other words, pay as you go for new spending. Not just added costs.

Some of her colleagues agree with her position. “PAYGO isn’t only bad economics,”  Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) explains,”it’s also a dark political maneuver designed to hamstring progress on healthcare+other leg.”
Yup, not spending what you don’t have is not a good idea to this group.

Also on day one, another liberal congressional Democrat now in power, Rep. Sherman filed articles of impeachment on the President. He was just the first, much more to come.

Doesn’t it seem that many in the Democratic Party are more focused on stopping Trump than border security and helping the country?

Last night Nancy Pelosi was so brazen she said the wall was immoral and that she would give the President “One Dollar” to build it.

Of course the MSM did not show you the clip. Did you see it? Now imagine if a Republican had told a Democratic President “I’ll give one dollar”. Do you think that coverage would be the same? Of course not.

By the way, do you know what the Democratic Party plan is for border security? Why not? They say they are for it. What are they for? Do you wonder why the MSM doesn’t ask them the hard questions?
You also know they want to get rid of ICE. Is that part of their security plan?

Speaking Of The MSM:

Yesterday we shared the news of the former NYT Editor and how she accused the paper of having an anti Trump agenda. Did you see coverage of that?

Bet you didn’t see this either. Another anti Trump person, but who quit NBC because of their bias.

NBC News veteran William Arkin penned a memo to colleagues Wednesday announcing his resignation over what he described as the “Trump circus” that is increasingly favored over real journalism.

Mr. Arkin, an Army veteran who has worked for NBC on and off for more than 30 years as a reporter and military analyst, announced in his memo, obtainedby CNN, that Friday would be his last day at the network and that he was taking the time off to work on multiple books and other projects.

Mr. Arkin, who is staunchly anti-war and far from being a supporter of Mr. Trump, said his reason for leaving NBC was the network’s obsession with opposing the president at every turn.

Other News:

Did anyone ever shoot themselves more than Senator Elizabeth Warren while trying to get their Presidential campaign off the ground? First the whole DNA test fiasco. Then the beer video? Is this the leader the Democrats want?

Did any new incoming senator ever look worse than Mitt Romney? He tried backing up yesterday, but he could back up that all the way to Utah and it won’t help.

Wait, claims of Sexism from inside the Bernie Sanders 2016campaign?
How can that be? I thought only Republicans are sexist and commit these horrible deeds.

Did you know on the last day of the Republican congress they approved 77 Trump nominations in an end-of-Congress deal Wednesday night? These filled the ranks of federal prosecutors, ambassadors, the White House science adviser, and the post of anti-drug czar.
But, they would not approve any new judges.
Not much coverage was there?


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