Month: January 2019

What happened to?

What Happened To?

The coverage of the Covington Kentucky kids incident? It really disappeared from the MSM once the truth came out didn’t it?
Why is that? Is it because the kids were in the right? It certainly appears so.
Now ask yourself if the kids were in the wrong would the story still be news?
Why is that?

Why isn’t it news the comments that the Black Hebrew Israelites were yelling? They shouted homophobic and racial epithets among other things and actually initiated the incident.

Why isn’t it news that Nathan Phillips was the one who lied and actually walked up to the boys? Not the students surrounding him.

Why isn’t Phillips past talked about over and over on the airwaves? He lied about serving in Vietnam. He went AWOL three times.  Since when is stolen valor okay? Did Senator Blumenthal make it okay?

He told the MSM the students were yelling “Build The Wall”. The video showed that was a lie. Did the media tell people it was? He has lied before, did they report that?

What an example this whole incident is of a biased MSM and how little the average person knows. I bet if you polled the population today at least half would think the Covington students were at fault. That’s an indictment on the media and population.

Failed Moral Leadership:

Part of the problem in America today is the failure of the church to represent what it once did.

The Diocese of Covington immediately apologized to Phillips and said after their investigation they would issue discipline and could expel students. What? They had to back down. It was a disgraceful statement they issued.

In New York the legislature passed, and the governor signed, an abortion bill allowing one until the moment the baby is born. Cardinal Dolan has finally expressed displeasure. But you know what? The Catholics in NY are on the side of the Governor and the bill.
In a poll today 59 per cent of Catholics back the bill, and only 30 per cent opposed.

The church has lost it’s moral authority amid all the scandals and no longer represents the core of its foundation to the people. They own the drop in morals as much as any group.

Finally Doesn’t This Sound Familiar?

A WSJ story that says the President always had that ego.

“Michael Cohen Threatened CNBC That Trump Would Sue After 2014 Poll Disappointment,”

“Donald Trump and his then-attorney Michael Cohen pressured CNBC in 2014 to place the real-estate tycoon higher in its list of the country’s top business leaders after Mr. Cohen failed to manipulate the rankings in Mr. Trump’s favor, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Cohen called CNBC and threatened that Mr. Trump would sue over his poor standing in the ranking, arguing that the news channel was ‘ignoring the will of the people,’ the people familiar with the matter said.
Mr. Trump didn’t sue. Mr. Cohen didn’t respond to requests for comment. Mr. Trump also called network executives to complain, the people familiar with the matter said, in addition to griping publicly on Twitter about it. Jay Sekulow, a lawyer for Mr. Trump, said, ‘The president stands by his tweets.'”


The Noise …..

Now The Noise

With the clock ticking on the three weeks we hear all the noise.

Let’s start with Chuck Schumer.
Your lecturing us that every time the President gets involved the congress gets messed up on the deal. Did you ever consider that it’s the lack of leadership by you and Congress that got us in this mess?
You have been there forever, the President for two years. What did you do for all that time except make deals, spend billions and solve nothing?
Where is the ROI for all your solutions over the years?
You senator have failed, and only because you are a Democrat and the MSM won’t call you on it have you survived.

Let’s talk about the public.
First I see a poll where you blame the President. Then I see when you are asked about the deals he was willing to make you said you didn’t know that.
Well it’s your fault you didn’t. Stop letting the media you watch lead you like sheep. You keep saying how smart you are, but the facts don’t support you. Try getting informed.

Today’s WSJ has this polling result. People still oppose a border barrier:

“Respondents in the latest poll were roughly split on whether the U.S. should build a wall or fence along the entire U.S.-Mexico border, from Texas to California: 45% of those polled supported the construction of such a barrier, while 52% opposed it. The president and lawmakers have grappled over the semantics of how to label various possible barriers—from a wall to steel slats to fencing—but each side enjoys broad support. And both supporters and opponents of a barrier feel strongly about it: 34% strongly support a wall or fence, and 40% said they strongly oppose one.

One of Mr. Trump’s central arguments for building the wall is that the border is un-secure. Fifty percent of Americans agree that the U.S.-Mexico border is not secure, according to the poll, while 34% of respondents said the border is secure.

That’s an interesting change from April 2013, the last time WSJ/NBC asked the question. Then, 63% of those surveyed reported that the border was not secure, while just 18% said that the border is secure. For years, the president has inveighed against what he describes as the threats of an unsecured border, while Americans have become less concerned about its security in the last five years.”

Here’s a graph that shows the divide:

So clearly the President and team have failed to educate the public or move the needle in their direction. They are losing the battle, that we who want a secure border need them to win.

Next the President reinforces why he is part of the problem:

Did you see this tweet from him yesterday on Howard Schultz?

“Howard Schultz doesn’t have the “guts” to run for President! Watched him on last night and I agree with him that he is not the “smartest person.” Besides, America already has that! I only hope that Starbucks is still paying me their rent in Trump Tower!”

Really Mr President, you are calling yourself the smartest person in America? I have news for you, the smartest person in America wouldn’t call himself that.  You see he would let others do it and then say he was just smart enough to hire the smartest people. You could never do that and give others credit, which to me is pretty dumb. I think you confused smart with ego.
Also Mr President, it is not very smart to bring up “Trump Tower” with all the Russian Trump Tower in the news.

This was on top of this tweet yesterday:
“After all that I have done for the Military, our great Veterans, Judges (99), Justices (2), Tax & Regulation Cuts, the Economy, Energy, Trade & MUCH MORE, does anybody really think I won’t build the WALL? Done more in first two years than any President! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

More than any President ever? Not the first time the self proclaimed smartest person in America made that claim. Wow.
Now Mr. President you tweeted more than any president ever. You claimed to be the greatest more than any I remember. You say “I” rather than “we” more than any president I know. Maybe you’re just confusing those facts.

On Schultz:

In the NYT editorial section today was this headline:
:“Howard Schultz, Please Don’t Run for President”

Also, did you see the reaction last night at his book signing? His former friends on the left calling him  every name possible because he is a centrist and would help reelect Donald Trump.
Welcome to the real world Howard.

And now Kamela Harris (the Democrat front runner and likely candidate today).
Free everything. I saw your rousing announcement. I want free too.
I think everyone should have a beach front home. A Caddy, a Porsche and Jaguar in their three car garage. Free gas and electric to use it all. The problem is how to pay for it right?
Well in the America I grew up in, you went to school, worked hard, followed the laws and earned things. No one gave it to you. And you know what? When you earned it you appreciated it more and treasured it. It is called capitalism and it drove my country to the greatest beacon of light in the world.
Giving things away has just led to a far less appreciation and desire for more free. As Maggie Thatcher said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”


So Where Are We?

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of what happened and where we are.

The President listened to two congressman who told him to close the gov’t.

He started a fight he couldn’t win.

It began with the ill advised WH meeting where he took ownership.

In that session he expected to show leadership and how bi-partisan he is.

Pelosi and Schumer had a different script and he went way out there.

From there, he kept blinking while Pelosi was staring. She led Schumer.

She cancelled the SOTU and he talked alternative. She won that too.

As of this writing she still hasn’t invited him to give it. Another insult.

When he caved in (100%), he threatened a new shut down in 3 weeks.

Yea, right. Exactly what a country blaming you wanted to hear.

And why? So he can back down again? He doesn’t have a winning hand.

He has not convinced a majority that we need a wall. (40% in WSJ today)

His other option in three weeks is to declare a national emergency.

Chances of winning that? Very small.

He declares an emergency, Pelosi goes to 9th circuit.

The 9th circuit overrules him and he is embarrassed again.

We then go through the courts to the Supreme Court.

How would they rule? 5-4, but I would not bet which way.

How Did We Get Here?

He talked wall from the moment he came down the escalator to declare.

Over 200 times he said “Mexico is going to pay for it” .

Mexico was clear in telling him “we are not paying for your f___ wall”.

His reaction? “It just got ten feet higher”.  Funny, but now you can’t deliver.

He wins election and brings in a Republican House and Senate.

For two years do they do the wall? No. He lets Paul Ryan mislead him.

He loses the house and decides we are building it, and oh paying for it.

How did we get here?

A lie that Mexico would pay for it, “just watch” and failed leadership.

Now What?

Now his presidency is in trouble.

For the first time his base is questioning him. He is nothing without them.

Nancy is not budging. She repeated again “haven’t I made myself clear”.

Her clear is no wall, not “one dollar”.

His options, shut the government or declare an emergency are not good.

His other problem is he does not have a party behind him.

The elected Republicans don’t stand and support him.

Why? They don’t trust him. They think he will turn on them. That he lies.

There is no loyalty because of that trust factor.

So what is left?

He has to try and convince the people this issue must be addressed.

He has a problem in that the people don’t believe him and what he says.

So he has to overcome that first, and that is a challenge.

Look at the four times he addressed the country during the shutdown.

He never moved the needle an inch.  He has a problem. We have a problem.

Suggested action:

We suggest he move the discussion to a higher level.

He announces that yes we must solve the border issue, but let’s do more.

We have gone fifty years without solving this and now it’s time.

Let’s solve the whole issue for today and tomorrow.

Let’s address the border, illegals who are here, DACA, and the future.

Let’s define how we fix the whole mess and get on with our future.

This means asylum, citizenship for some, deportations for the future, and no one foot in and you are here.

It means security at the borders and back to controlled immigration.

Be a leader. Let the people know you are truly looking for a solution.

Talk it, act it, and tell the truth about it.

If Pelosi and team don’t go along then they own it.

If the right goes crazy that’s too bad. We need a solution.

And remember Mr President, this is not about you. It is about us.

For once stop with the “I” and try solving something for “us”.

If this doesn’t work, send troops to the border to protect our country.

Let the American people decide in 2020 what they want.

I don’t know any other way out of the corner you painted yourself in.

And if you take this stand and do it right you can recapture the nation.

Take the high road and tell America “let’s solve what couldn’t be done”.

Finally Some Implications:

The cave in here and clear defeat has implications beyond our border.

Trump had created this exterior image of a tough negotiator and winner.

(Outside of Putin of course, whom he continues to treat with kid gloves)

He scared North Korea to the table, browbeat NATO, and neighbors.

When foreign leaders see him lose and cave like this, it is not good.

If he loses that tough leader image in the world we all lose.

It is why I have told people this is now a presidency in trouble.


After The Address ….

Here’s what I saw last night:

I saw three leaders who could not inspire or communicate to the point where they can sway the public.

I saw a President who cannot deliver from a teleprompter.
I saw a President miss his chance to get the country behind him.
I saw a President who could have closed asking the American people to listen to what his opposition was about to say and see if they had a solution.
I didn’t see a Reagan, Clinton or Obama who could sway opinion.

Then I saw the wooden characters — Schumer and Pelosi.
Could their presentation have been more awkward?
Besides blaming the President for the shutdown did they say anything?
Do you know what their solution to border security is?
Did they explain why they changed their mind on walls and fences?
No, all we got was Trump did this. He is wrong. Mexico was supposed to pay.

I guess that’s leadership in America today. Divided and failed.

Now what?
The shutdown goes on.
The MSM will continue swaying public opinion that the President is a liar and owns this.
Mexico is not paying for the wall. They never were.
(In fact the President in his speech should have said this. I promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. I said they would do so, one way or another. Well we made this new deal, the USMCA and in it Mexico will be losing $XX billions of dollars and we will be gaining $XX billions of dollars. With that I am satisfied and will not be going back to ask for $5 billion more. We have established a working relationship that is beneficial to us and I want to continue that. If that is not enough for my Democratic colleagues they can answer your questions, and I suggest on starting with NAFTA and the other agreements I changed and asking them how we got in that mess).

Is their an end in sight?
No there isn’t. As long as the MSM is there supporting Schumer and Pelosi totally there is no end. The President cannot give in or his presidency is over. Schumer and Pelosi have the cover of the MSM to protect them, so this goes on.

Plus, with cracks showing in the Republican base, Lisa Murkowski yesterday became the fourth Republican Senator to support ending this, the Democrats need only to hold on.
Once again the Democratic party holds tight with no defections and Republicans don’t. Why? Democracts are loyal to their leaders and opposition to Trump. Republicans are not to the President.
Then add as long as the MSM is telling Americans the Democrats are right and Trump is a liar, they will have no pressure. All the pressure is the other way.

Here’s an example in NYT opinion section today:
The Wall Is a Symbol of Donald Trump’s Neediness 
Seldom has a president’s ego required so much shoring up. There’s not enough concrete in creation for that job.

Other News:

Some more fallout from Trump’s impulsive decision on Syria and then backtrack:
Turkey’s president first refused to meet with John Bolton and then rejected a request to protect U.S. allies fighting in the region, instead threatening military strikes against them and throwing President Trump’s plans for a rapid withdrawal of American troops from Syria into disarray.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey refused to meet with John Bolton, the White House national security adviser, after he said Turkey must agree to protect Syria’s Kurds.
The snub came a day after Mr. Erdogan commended President Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria. It makes an agreement between the two allies that much more difficult ahead of an announced U.S. withdrawal from Syria.
For his part, Mr. Bolton has been walking a tricky line on the withdrawal plans. He walked back Mr. Trump’s promises for a speedy removal of 2,000 troops.

You’ll hear about collusion again after this:
Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, discussed internal polling data from the 2016 race with a man tied to Russian intelligence, prosecutors alleged. The accusations came to light in a document filed by Mr. Manafort’s lawyers that was supposed to be partly blacked out — but contained a formatting error. Above, Mr. Manafort after a court appearance last year. Prosecutors for the special counsel Robert Mueller broke off a plea agreement with Mr. Manafort in November, accusing him of repeatedly lying to them. The details of their accusations have been largely kept secret until now.

Two things on the Mueller probe:
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has overseen special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, is expected to leave the Justice Department.
“Rosenstein apparently had long been thinking he would serve about two years, and there was no indication that he was being forced out at this moment by the president.”

Second, Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Trump campaign officials in Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign, was charged in a separate case showing her Kremlin ties. Prosecutors said she helped draft Russia’s “intentionally misleading” response in a fraud case.

More ammunition for the MSM.

Finally we are bringing manufacturing jobs back, right? Watch for the news on this from the MSM:
U.S. carbon dioxide output rose by 3.4 percent in 2018, the biggest increase in eight years, according to a preliminary estimate by a private research group. The uptick came even as a near-record number of coal plants across the country closed last year.
Some of that increase was weather related, but another big reason for the change was the growing economy: Emissions from factories, planes and trucks soared. The report illustrates how difficult it could be for the country to make further progress on climate change, particularly as the Trump administration pushes to roll back federal regulations that limit greenhouse gas emissions.

So is job growth good or bad?

Just Thinking …..

The stakes in the shutdown are now enormous.

For President Trump if he backs down and there is no border security his presidency is over. He has drawn the line and bet it all on it.

For Schumer and Pelosi, they have stated clearly no wall. I think they may be against the steel plates too, but I am unsure. You see, I don’t know their position, do you?  They have the support of the MSM who blame them for nothing and are riding that to public support.

Thus the President must go on the air tonight to try and build momentum for his argument. It is a major speech. He must be strong, impactful and truthful.

The Democrats asked for time to counter and will have to say something about their plan, and just not attack the President.

Let’s see how the public reacts. We know the MSM will support Schumer and Pelosi and call Trump a liar.

What will the public say?


Is Chief Justice Roberts the new swing liberal vote on the court? He voted to save Obamacare (5-4 vote) and kill the President’s asylum bill (5-4). He seems to want to protect the court and maintain what he thinks is order. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise another Bush appointee would be an issue.

How come the MSM pretty much ignored this Russian interference in the Alabama Senate race from last year?
A Facebook page The “Dry Alabama” had a blunt message: “Alcohol is the devil’s work, and the state should ban it entirely.”
The prohibitionist campaign appeared to be led by supporters of Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate  who lost to Democrat Doug Jones. But it was actually a stealth creation of liberals trying to defeat him.  The campaign is the second so-called false flag operation by Democrats to be discovered in that race — and the latest example of how dirty tricks on social media are creeping into American politics.

And how come the MSM didn’t give this coverage
On Sunday it was confirmed that a US airstrike blew away the mastermind of the 2000 terror attack on the USS Cole in which 17 Navy sailors were killed.
“Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We have just killed the leader of that attack, Jamal al-Badawi. Our work against al Qaeda continues. We will never stop in our fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism!” the President tweeted.
You may recall that while President Clinton served, suicide bombers steered a boat packed with explosives into the Cole, a guided-missile destroyer, while it was refueling at the Yemeni port of Aden on Oct. 12, 2000. 17 were killed, 39 others were injured.
A Navy spokesman, Capt. William Urban, said US forces determined Badawi was killed in an airstrike carried out in Yemen on New Year’s Day after a “deliberate assessment process.”
Badawi and the suicide bombers were recruited by Osama bin Laden and trained in Afghanistan.

News worthy don’t you agree?


Truth Or …….

We are heading to the longest shutdown in history. I think there are some that truly want that. Don’t you?

Here’s my thoughts on the wall.
We need a barrier of some type for the full extent of the border with Mexico.
Mexico will not stop anyone crossing.
A country needs control of its border.
But we also need some of what others are saying.
We need surveillance.
A wall, steel barriers or whatever we build can also be climbed.
So we need new technology to identify where anyone is attempting to scale.
A barrier without surveillance is not going to work.
Surveillance without a barrier is not going to work.
It’s that simple. Do what we need.

Now we hear terrorists don’t come in through the southern border, so why do we need a barrier? Really, this is your argument?
We know terrorists always seek a weakness.
We have bolstered air coverage and protected that.
Do we really need to wait until they come across the southermn border? How about some leadership first?
How about thinking like they would and locking them down before they can act?

The New Left Unleashed

You saw the tax ideas from Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez.
Now a soon to announce candidate, Julian Castro, has one upped her. “Oh, I can support folks at the top paying their fair share,” he said. What is that rate? “There was a time in this country where the top marginal tax rate was over 90 percent, even during Reagan’s era in the 1980s it was around 50 percent,” he said.

Castro also said that we get more serious about making sure the corporations pay their fair share.

Does anyone in the Democratic party understand the reason jobs are coming back is because we taxed the corporations at a competitive rate? You tax them again and they will take the jobs overseas again. Is that hard to understand?
Also, do they understand when you raise costs on a corporation all they do is raise prices to the consumer?

The Democratic party has to be careful in their 2020 primary not to pull itself too far left that their candidate cannot win.

Then there was  freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., in using an obscenity to refer to President Trump. “He really IS a motherf**ker!”

Well, yesterday Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell (an outspoken Trump critic),  tweeted her support of Tlaib. She said “he is a …..”
She later pulled the tweet, but too late for us to not see it.

By the way, Rep Tlaib said she was surprised by the reaction to her words, but she supports saying it. Oh yea, when she was sworn in she refused to put her hand on the bible. She is one of two, first woman Muslim members of congress.
The new congress.

NYT Headlines:

The Economics of Soaking the Rich
What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know about tax policy? A lot.

No, Trump Cannot Declare an ‘Emergency’ to Build His Wall
If he did, and used soldiers to build it, they would all be committing a federal crime.

Fair and balanced.


Remember when we reported how President Trump decided impulsively on a call with Turkey’s President to withdraw all troops from Syria? It led to Mattis’ resignation and so much fallout? Well guess what? The US now has “no timeline” for withdrawing its troops from Syria.
You see our allies became alarmed, the military reacted, everyone was stunned.
The President looks really bad on this one. His impulse action is a danger and poor, poor leadership.

Remember his “the US has defeated ISIS in Syria”? Now its, “the terror group is largely defeated.”




Speaker Pelosi …..

And We’re Off:

Surprise, Pelosi gets 220 votes and wins the speaker role.
And the 40 who said they would never support her? Only 15 voted no.
Go figure, the others in their first vote broke a campaign promise.
You surprised she won? Not if you were following this blog.

Let’s see since the vote:

The House voted for a budget — but no money for border security.
The MSM is touting the vote.
Wait, the House passed a bill in December with $5 billion of funding. The MSM called that dead on arrival in the senate.
Why the different coverage?

Representative Ocasio-Cortez has suggested taxing the rich as much as 70 percent to fund a sweeping economic and energy reform plan called the “Green New Deal”.  “There’s an element where, yeah, people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes,” the newly elected congresswoman of New York, a democratic socialist, told CBS host Anderson Cooper in an interview that’s set to air Sunday.

I wonder if the 70% is the federal tax, then if we add the state tax, Obamacare medicare tax and others we’ll get close to 100%.
Remember she’s the voice of the future Democratic party.

Oh yea, she also plans to vote against the rules package because it includes a “pay-go” provision that she says will make it harder to pass progressive legislation.
You see the rule would require that all new spending be paid for either by increasing taxes or by budget cuts, in order to avoid growing the federal deficit. In other words, pay as you go for new spending. Not just added costs.

Some of her colleagues agree with her position. “PAYGO isn’t only bad economics,”  Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) explains,”it’s also a dark political maneuver designed to hamstring progress on healthcare+other leg.”
Yup, not spending what you don’t have is not a good idea to this group.

Also on day one, another liberal congressional Democrat now in power, Rep. Sherman filed articles of impeachment on the President. He was just the first, much more to come.

Doesn’t it seem that many in the Democratic Party are more focused on stopping Trump than border security and helping the country?

Last night Nancy Pelosi was so brazen she said the wall was immoral and that she would give the President “One Dollar” to build it.

Of course the MSM did not show you the clip. Did you see it? Now imagine if a Republican had told a Democratic President “I’ll give one dollar”. Do you think that coverage would be the same? Of course not.

By the way, do you know what the Democratic Party plan is for border security? Why not? They say they are for it. What are they for? Do you wonder why the MSM doesn’t ask them the hard questions?
You also know they want to get rid of ICE. Is that part of their security plan?

Speaking Of The MSM:

Yesterday we shared the news of the former NYT Editor and how she accused the paper of having an anti Trump agenda. Did you see coverage of that?

Bet you didn’t see this either. Another anti Trump person, but who quit NBC because of their bias.

NBC News veteran William Arkin penned a memo to colleagues Wednesday announcing his resignation over what he described as the “Trump circus” that is increasingly favored over real journalism.

Mr. Arkin, an Army veteran who has worked for NBC on and off for more than 30 years as a reporter and military analyst, announced in his memo, obtainedby CNN, that Friday would be his last day at the network and that he was taking the time off to work on multiple books and other projects.

Mr. Arkin, who is staunchly anti-war and far from being a supporter of Mr. Trump, said his reason for leaving NBC was the network’s obsession with opposing the president at every turn.

Other News:

Did anyone ever shoot themselves more than Senator Elizabeth Warren while trying to get their Presidential campaign off the ground? First the whole DNA test fiasco. Then the beer video? Is this the leader the Democrats want?

Did any new incoming senator ever look worse than Mitt Romney? He tried backing up yesterday, but he could back up that all the way to Utah and it won’t help.

Wait, claims of Sexism from inside the Bernie Sanders 2016campaign?
How can that be? I thought only Republicans are sexist and commit these horrible deeds.

Did you know on the last day of the Republican congress they approved 77 Trump nominations in an end-of-Congress deal Wednesday night? These filled the ranks of federal prosecutors, ambassadors, the White House science adviser, and the post of anti-drug czar.
But, they would not approve any new judges.
Not much coverage was there?


Onto 2019 …..

And We’re Off:

First our best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year to you and yours.
It promises to be an interesting one from a political and national issue standpoint. We promise to continue to provide you the news as we see it.

Let’s Catch Up:

The government is still in a partial shutdown. We see an agreement next week after Nancy Pelosi is safely elected leader and grandstands with a few bills to show “strong Democratic leadership”. In between there will be lots of charges and counter charges. You’ll see the tape of President Trump saying “I will own” the shutdown about 250 times in between.

Add two more Democratic challengers for the 2020 nomination. Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State is in. He is about climate control.
You probably saw the “spontaneous” Elizabeth Warren grab her beer, twist it open, find her husband and let us know she is in.
Let’s see how big this field gets.

So, Senators Flake and Corker are gone and here comes Mitt Romney. Really Mitt? Amid the turmoil, and on day one, you attack the President? “After he became the nominee, I hoped his campaign would refrain from resentment and name-calling. It did not. When he won the election, I hoped he would rise to the occasion”.
Oh really? When you begged to be Secretary of State what did you say? When you wanted his endorsement in the campaign what did you say?
These comments are exactly why we supported your primary challenger.
Also Mitt, I have to admit I wish you had risen to the occasion in the 2012 election.
Remember when Harry Reid said you paid no taxes? It was a lie. Where was your voice then?
Or when President Obama said the 1990’s wanted their foreign policy back? You failed Mitt.
Try supporting the party as you arrive as the new senator.
Mitt, one last question. Any truth to the rumor you want to run on a bi-partisan ticket in 2020? Any truth to a Biden and Romney ticket?

I guess you agree with Harry now? I see in the same paper in which you assailed the President, he said “I think he is without question the worst president we’ve ever had.  We’ve had some bad ones, and there’s not even a close second to him.”
We’re not going to attack Harry who is seriously ill, but he is wrong. We have had worse — and in my lifetime, too.

We knew the NY AG was after Trump but the NJ AG is too now?
The New Jersey AG has obtained evidence of possible crimes at Trump’s golf club and now Mueller and the FBI are involved in the probe
The report is that the New Jersey prosecutors have collected evidence that supervisors at President Trump’s Garden State golf club may have committed federal immigration crimes.
Now, Harry, he might be the most investigated President. That we can agree on.

From the NYT, Lindsey Graham said this after meeting with the President:
Lindsey Graham Suggests Syrian Troop Drawdown Will Take Longer Than 30 Days. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a vocal Republican critic of President Trump’s plan for a 30-day troop withdrawal of American troops from Syria, suggested that the pullout had been slowed and that he felt ‘a lot better’ about it after a lunch with the president. ‘I think we’re in a pause situation where we are re-evaluating what’s the best way to achieve the president’s objective of having people pay more and do more,’ Mr. Graham said.”
Is this another example of the last one to talk to the President wins?

Speaking of the NYT, how these headlines:
The Trump Tax Cut: Even Worse Than You’ve Heard
Skeptical reporting has still been too favorable.

Trump Digs In, Darkening Hopes for a Deal to End the Shutdown:
The president has repeatedly called allies, reassuring them that he will not yield on his wall demands. But he has not reached out to Democrats, whose votes he needs for a deal.

As China Talks Begin, Trump’s Trade Negotiator Tries to Keep President From Wavering:
Robert Lighthizer, the United States trade representative and a China skeptic, wants to prevent an anxious president from making a quick, empty deal in a rush to calm the markets.

Meanwhile, Jill Abramson, the Harvard lecturer who served as the first and only female executive editor of The New York Times from 2011 to 2014, has some harsh words for her former employer in her upcoming book, saying its “unmistakably anti-Trump” agenda risks damaging its credibility.
Imagine that.

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The Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary and position title of all 377 White House employees. Besides noting less personnel, lower costs and spending, the report also said that the President donated his entire salary.

One last thing. We do not hestaiate to attack the President, his demeanor and words. However, occasionally he is right when he attacks the MSM. Here’s a year article you might want to read:

Donald Trump’s ‘fake news’ call often real – Washington Times

The iconic photograph of a 2-year-old Honduran girl crying as her mother is questioned by a U.S. Border Patrol agent reached the cover of Time magazine before it was revealed that the toddler wasn’t caught up in President Trump’s zero-tolerance border policy and wasn’t separated from her family.

For the White House, the misrepresentation of the photo and its use on the magazine cover with Mr. Trump staring down at the child is one of this year’s most egregious examples of “fake news” that Trump officials say is intentionally used to try to take down the president.

The widely published photograph tops a long list of news items during the past two years that damaged the Trump administration before being retracted, corrected or otherwise proved false.

Fake news appears to be everywhere and, contrary to denials by TV news anchors and White House correspondents, media watchdogs say the problem is real.

American University communications professor Richard Benedetto said a bombardment of news stories that are biased, unbalanced and often just plain wrong has left the public “shell-shocked” and distrustful of the press.

“There is definitely a lot of bad news reporting going on,” said Mr. Benedetto, a former White House correspondent for USA Today.

The volume of bombshell reports hitting the Trump administration that later turned out to be false is stunning.

Here are a few of the stories that had to be corrected:

⦁ NBC News reported in May that federal investigators had wiretapped the phone of Mr. Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. Hours later, the network corrected the anonymously sourced story, saying the government was monitoring the source of calls but not eavesdropping on the conversations.

⦁ CNN reported in June 2017 that former FBI Director James B. Comey, in testimony to Congress, would dispute Mr. Trump’s claim that he was told he was not under investigation. The story was based on one source, according to CNN. Instead, Mr. Comey confirmed Mr. Trump’s recollection of events.

⦁ ABC News’ chief investigative correspondent, Brian Ross, reported on the air in December 2017 that Mr. Trump directed Michael Flynn, who would become national security adviser, to contact Russian officials during the presidential campaign, which would be a violation of federal law and possible smoking-gun evidence of collusion with the Kremlin. The report sent the stock market into a dive, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling more than 300 points.

It turned out that Mr. Trump gave the perfectly legal direction to Mr. Flynn after the 2016 election. ABC News clarified the story and suspended and demoted Mr. Ross, a veteran journalist who left the network seven months later.

⦁ CNN in December 2017 reported that the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. had advance knowledge that WikiLeaks possessed Clinton campaign emails. The report was based on an email exchange by the Trumps on Sept. 4, 2016, before WikiLeaks published the Clinton documents. But the network got the date wrong. The emails were sent Sept. 14, a day after WikiLeaks published the documents.

Hours after it made a splash online and on air, the network issued a correction but said multiple sources provided its reports with the wrong date.

⦁ CNN in June 2017 reported that former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was under Senate investigation for meeting with the head of the Kremlin-linked Russian Direct Investment Fund. The network later said the story, which was based on anonymous sources, was “not solid,” deleted it from the website and fired the three journalists involved.

Other news stories that Mr. Trump dubs “fake news” do not garner corrections but are misleading or leave out key facts.

During the coverage of the family separation of illegal immigrants under Mr. Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, news reports frequently focused on the detention of children and teens in holding pens or “cages.” The reports hardly ever identified the holding pens as temporary detention locations before the children were transferred to facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services that more closely resembled college dormitories.

The president bristled at numerous reports in December about his scrambling to find a replacement for the soon-to-depart White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, despite a long list of contenders for the job.

“Fake News has it purposely wrong. Many, over ten, are vying for and wanting the White House Chief of Staff position. Why wouldn’t someone want one of the truly great and meaningful jobs in Washington. Please report news correctly. Thank you!” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Americans are left wondering who or what to believe.

Trump has transformed the bias debate into a fake news debate, which is bad for the media. That’s not something you want applied to you,” said S. Robert Lichter, founder and president of the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University.

It is also part of a long-term decline in public respect for media and other institutions, but the drop in respect for media has been greater, he said.

“They are seen as charlatans by the people they are trying to protect. That should be scary for journalists,” he said.

A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 71 percent of Americans go into a national news story expecting it to be largely accurate, but nearly as many — 68 percent — also think news organizations try to cover up their mistakes.

Just 21 percent said they have a “high level of trust” in the information they get from national news organizations, according to the poll.

Fake news wasn’t always bad or slanted journalism.

Mr. Lichter recalled that one of the first times he heard the term “fake news” was when comedian Jon Stewart used it to describe his satirical newscast “The Daily Show.”

Appearing on the show in 2003, Sen. John Edwards announced that he was running for president.

Mr. Stewart quipped to his guest: “I guess I should probably tell you now that we’re a fake show. So I want you to know that this may not count.”

Four years later, the Pew Research Center ranked Mr. Stewart fourth on a list of most admired news figures. He tied for the spot with serious journalists such as Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper.

“The phrase ‘fake news’ has become a catchall term that signifies public disgust with so-called news reporting that is actually agenda-driven, one-sided, cherry-picked or otherwise misleading,” said Rich Noyes, research director at the conservative Media Research Center, which has tracked liberal bias in the news since 1987.

“This has been a problem for decades,” he said. “The media’s undisguised adoration of Barack Obama in 2008 was a further step away from old-fashioned journalism. Now, in the age of Trump, the blurring of news with analysis and hard-core opinion on 24-hour cable networks such as CNN has further destroyed whatever credibility the profession has left.”

Still, Mr. Benedetto, the former White House correspondent, said Mr. Trump went too far in calling journalists — even bad journalists — “the enemy of the people.”

“It’s not that they are against the people, but the fact is the public is not being well-served,” he said.