A Third Party?

When you look at the political landscape today and the dialogue within it, don’t you get the feeling there is an opportunity for a real third party? Let me use two topics that dominated the news this weekend as examples.


Just look at the way both political parties have used this issue and simply lied about things.
Let’s start with the slimy way the Democrats originally got the bill passed. It was rushed because they needed 60 votes and had just lost the old Ted Kennedy seat in Massachusetts. So the vote to get it passed was rushed through before the seat was filled by the elected representative.
You remember Nancy Pelosi saying you had to vote for it to know what was in it. So they did straight along party lines.
Is that anyway to pass such a program and spending bill like this?

Then add the President at the time saying it was going to save each family $2,500.00 dollars. And, oh yea, you can keep your doctor and health plan if you wanted. All lies. In fact, over the next few years the rates doubled.
Despicable how it was presented and done.

Then along come the Republicans who for seven years promised to overturn it and said they had a better plan. They passed bill after bill to cancel the act, but the President (Obama) vetoed it every time. We kept hearing about their better plan.

The Republicans win the net mid terms (63 seats), then win again in subsequent elections. Finally they win the presidency and guess what? They don’t have a plan. The house members have an idea on one, so do the senate members, but there is no plan. The same people who voted to overturn the original plan, over fifty times, now can’t overturn it. You see a vote now means you need to replace it. So it was politics all the time.

So it went to court. The Obama administration said it was legal. The Republicans said it was illegal. You can’t tell people to buy anything they said. Justice Roberts faced with a 4-4 vote looked for a way out. He then decided that the mandate was a tax, and taxing is legal. (Even though the Obama administration said it was not a tax). Justice Roberts took the cowardly way out.

Okay, President Trump thinks the mandate is wrong. He cancels it. A Texas judge this weekend says since there is no longer a mandate, it is no longer a tax, and therefore the act is unconstitutional.

Where are we? We had Democrtas lie, we had Republicans lie. We are back to the issue of how do you insure 40 million people for free without raising the rates for those paying?

That was always the issue, and we are back there. Both parties lied and were despicable in their behavior.

The Wall:

How frustrating is to watch the argument over the wall? Look at both parties on this one.

We have Democrats are out there now refusing to even discuss border wall funding. They are even making statements that have you stop and say “what did I just hear?”
Some of their leaders (an increasing number) are arguing we should do away with ICE.
Nancy Pelosi’s answer was to mow the grass by the border.
When the previous Democratic administration did things like separate families they were fine. Now it is a deplorable act.
Then you check the record and they are on tape, (Schumer, Hillary, Nancy, Barack, Feinstein, etc) wanting to build a wall. Read that again. They wanted a wall and said we must control our border. Have things gotten better since they said that?
If those things were good for America ten years ago, and the problem has gotten worse, why did they change? The answer, of course, is that the occupant of the White House did. Therefore politics tells them to change.

As for the Republicans they had the house, senate and Presidency for two years and failed to pass a budget. Why?
I think they want the wall. But they failed.
As for the President, he spent the entire eighteen months leading up to the election telling us about the wall and not to worry that Mexico was going to pay for it. There was no way that was going to happen. You knew it, I knew it, said it here over and over. He knew it too. He lied.

So there you have two issues that are front and center and you can’t trust either side. It may be time for a third party ready to tell the truth and act on what they say.

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