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I just watched the President meet the press with Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi on the government staying open over border funding. Why he would have that open discussion and get himself cornered in that manner is beyond me. He let himself be positioned as the one who would shut the government and that is not good.

The border discussion was a disaster. Schumer and Pelosi were there for one reason, politics. They were attacking the President and his position. If this was the President’s idea for the media session, it was plain mistaken.

Schumer and Pelosi held nothing back except asking the President how come Mexico wasn’t paying for the wall as he promised. That is coming.

The president was tweeting about the wall this morning, writing that “if the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall.”

What you saw in this open session is divided government and it wasn’t pretty. The next two years are not looking good.

Here’s another example.
Infrastructure was supposed to be the one they all wanted. Well ….
Schumer said,  “No deal on infrastructure without addressing climate change”.  He added, “If the president wanted to earn Democratic support in the Senate, any infrastructure bill would have to include policies and funding that help transition our country to a clean-energy economy and mitigate the risks the United States already faces from climate change.”

Tough Times For The President:

The Washington Times this AM said, “Everywhere President Trump looks, there are Democrats targeting him from New York to Washington to Maryland… lawmakers, state attorneys general, opposition researchers, bureaucrats and activist defense lawyers”.
They are aiming at Russia collusion, the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, a Trump hotel, Trump tax returns, Trump campaign finances and supposed money laundering. 

Meanwhile Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s court filings last week turned a conversation about Mr. Trump and Russia into a conversation about Mr. Trump and campaign-finance violations through payoffs to alleged mistresses.
Now if the question is with the Democrats and MSM yelling impeachment they better have more. Would anyone want to see a President impeached over payments to two woman he had affairs with?
Also, ask yourself this question. If Republicans wanted to impeach Bill Clinton over two payments, what would the Democrats and media be saying?

You no doubt saw the story about housekeepers in the Trump hotels were illegals. Here’s an interesting tidbit we found out. Just five of the 565 companies in President Trump’s business empire are signed up to use E-Verify. Not smart when you have illegal immigration as your signature issue.

On the Mueller probe, this is little known there is a legal battle that could undermine law at center of Mueller probe:
“A little-noticed legal showdown in California poses a threat to a law seen as the backbone of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of 2016 Russian election interference. Ravi Singh, an Illinois-based political consultant and self-proclaimed ‘campaign guru,’ is challenging a decades-old federal law barring foreign involvement in U.S. elections. He calls the provision unconstitutional, insisting Congress can’t regulate the role played by non-citizens in state and local elections.
“Legal scholars say the appeal represents a serious challengeto the statute. And while Mueller has yet to charge anyone with a direct violation of the law, his team alludes to the statute in several legal filings.

News You May Not Have Seen:

By the way, border patrol agents in the rio grande valley sector stopped five members of violent gangs from successfully making their way into the U.S. interior in separate incidents. The agents also stopped two previously deported child sex offenders as well. Did you see this on the news? 

Another thing, this week was the one year anniversary of the embassy in Jerusalem. Remember the uproar when the President did this? They were sure it would mean bad things. What happened? Any news coverage on this week in the MSM?

This report out of Alabama,”Jeff Sessions doesn’t sound eager to run for his old Senate seat in 2020. The former attorney general and Alabama senator said in an interview on Wednesday that he doesn’t miss being a senator and won’t decide on a run anytime soon. Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) is seen as the most vulnerable incumbent on the ballot in two years — and Sessions is viewed as a prime candidate to beat him. …
In my opinion he should not run and could easily lose. Stay retired Senator.

Did you see what Tucker Carlson said about the President?
“His chief promises were that he would build the wall, defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare, and he hasn’t done any of those things,” adding that those goals were probably lost causes. “Trump”, he said, “doesn’t understand the system, and his own agencies don’t support him.
He knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done, hasn’t done all the things you need to do, so it’s mostly his fault that he hasn’t achieved those things,” he added. Wow.

The news that the Weekly Standard, the conservative news weekly may be shutting down is big. Around for decades they became “never Trumpers” and lost their base. Bill Kristol was running it when it made this decision.

A little more on the Bush funeral and media hypocrisy:

In 1987, shortly after Bush announced his presidential candidacy, Newsweek ran that famous cover story in which Evan Thomas called Bush a “wimp.” Last week, Thomas wrote a piece for Yahoo News, admitting he was wrong.

A little late, I’d say.
During funeral coverage, a panel of NBC journalists recalled a story that received a lot of attention during Bush’s 1992 re-election bid. Bush visited a grocery store and it was reported that he was amazed by the barcode on a carton of milk. The Associated Press noted that reporters later learned it was a special scanner with advanced features, including a scale to weigh produce — uncommon then — and the ability to read barcodes even if they were torn up.
Also a little late wouldn’t you say?





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