Wrapping Up Week’s Thoughts …

The hysteria of Michael Cohen’s plea is something to see. The MSM is beyond itself. My thoughts:
1. What he pled guilty to is his issue.
2. A businessman, even one running for office, has the right to make deals.
3. This by itself is a big zero on collusion.
4. What is dangerous for the President is this. What did Cohen tell to plead guilty to this minor charge. In other words, what deal did he make to tell about that he got this “nothing burger”?
That is what the story is here, not the MSM hysteria that Cohen said January and not June for ending a pursuit for the Trump organization to build in Moscow.

Now it does tell me why the President in the campaign kept saying “wouldn’t it be a good thing to get along ….”. He didn’t expect to win and wanted to get that deal later.
By the way, that is not a crime either.

What to watch here, from recent court documents on Mueller’s plans is the zeroing in on the ties between WikiLeaks and Roger Stone. Stone’s relationship with Trump goes back over forty years.

Interesting story in Politico this AM:
“When he arrived in the Oval Office [in July], according to American and European officials who were present, Trump was watching CNN, which was describing his acrimonious relations with Europe. … ‘Jean-Claude, they say we hate each other,’ Trump told his visitor, who then put his arms around Trump and declared, ‘I love you, Donald.'”

Also from Politico a 2020 watch story:
“New Hampshire Democrats invite rising star Beto O’Rourke to the crucial presidential primary state. Since O’Rourke’s loss earlier this month, Rob Friedlander, a senior advisor to the Texas Democrat’s campaign, has received calls from the New Hampshire Young Democrats requesting that O’Rourke come to the Granite State, according to people familiar with the matter. The goal would be to have O’Rourke tour parts of the state and interact with voters.”

Did you hear this?
Former FBI Director Comey filed a motion Thursday to quash the subpoena forcing him to testify behind closed doors next week to the House, saying such secret testimony violates Congress’s own rules.
Now why is he refusing to testify behind closed doors? Last time in open session he kept saying he couldn’t answer questions in open setting.
His answer is that is a set up and some things will be leaked.
That’s interesting coming from an admitted leaker.
He wants to stall this hearing until the Democrats take over the house.
Shame on the Republicans for not getting this done in two years and allowing Hillary to escape bleaching and destroying her emails and devices.

The new Democrat chair of this committee (House intelligence)  next year, Rep. Adam Schiff, said he has a list of associates of President Trump who like Michael Cohen, misled the panel during the last two years about Russia matters. I bet he doesn’t hold back.
Meanwhile Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican, is continuing to pursue three people from the Kavanaugh hearings. He has asked the FBI to investigate for making up salacious and unsubstantiated accounts of rape at the hands of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. Among them is lawyer Michael Avenatti.
California delivered big time for the Democrats in the mid terms. Did you see yesterday that the California Party Chairman had to  resign following sexual misconduct allegations? Isn’t that interesting?
Democrats are trying to pin the GM decision on President Trump’s corporate tax cut. The latest was the reelected Senator from Ohio.“People trusted him in the Mahoning Valley,” Mr. Brown said of Mr. Trump on the Senate floor this week. “He won areas that Democrats used to win. They put their faith in him—what did Trump do? He gave these corporations a huge tax break that will cause more jobs to go overseas.”
That is so wrong and it is hard for me to think people can believe that it was the higher corporate taxes that drove jobs overseas. It was a competitive rate that brought them back. Jobs are up because we lowered the rate. Why can’t people articulate that from the right?
If Brown is mad he should be mad at GM. They took a handout from the previous administration (remember VP Biden in 2012 “GM is alive”) and despite us bailing them out are cutting jobs here. That is something to be angry about Senator, not the U.S. being more competitive.
Now we understand that Americans are not buying small cars and the company wants to stop making them. We also heard you say you want to make more crossovers and SUV’s. Our argument is you need to build them here. You owe us that.
Finally today, remember the stories we told you of the RFK foundation bailing out prisoners in NY? We told you the first one they bailed out didn’t show up for his hearing. Well here’s another for you.
A prisoner who was caught on video fighting with a Rikers Island guard and bashing him with a garbage was promptly bailed out by the Robert F. Kennedy foundation’s controversial mass charity program.
He had eight previous arrests before the guard bashing.
Guess what? He didn’t show up for for his court date.
Now the NYC police will have to try and find him and put themselves at risk with a person who has already attacked law enforcement.
We think RFK and his supporters should go find him and arrest him. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson.


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