Thinking some more …..

Thinking Some More:

All the Mueller activity post the election tells us to buckle up. It looks like he wants the indictments out and a wrap up to come. The activity with Cohen today and Manafort this week says all this is close to the President and his team.

The MSM made it sound like the President was ready to pardon Manafort. They were hysterical once again. All he said was “Why would I take it off the table”? Exactly, why? Would you? To the MSM this is further proof of guilt.
Speaking of Manafort did you see the coverage on the MSM of his “supposed 2016 meetings with Julian Assange”? Big hysterical (again) coverage. Except, Manafort says he never met Assange.  Now his attorneys released his passports which say he was never there. Coverage of this?
By the way, the newspaper that broke this story (The Guardian) was the same one who said Michael Cohen met with Assange earlier. His passports also show he never visited either. The newspaper is using the Steele Document as its basis. Assange has offered a “one million dollar bet that they are wrong and he never met Manafort”.

Here’s one for you, Senator Flake is at it again. He promised to hold up any judicial nominations until a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller gets a floor vote.Yesterday he stopped Six circuit-court and 15 district-court nominees to come up for votes. Can you believe this guy? He wants to run against Trump in 2020.

Amid all the border noise and the heartless administration did the MSM report this? Yesterday Mexico bestowed its highest honor, the Order of the Aztec Eagle, to Jared Kushner. Why was that not newsworthy?
The Federal Reserve chairman (Powell) who was being attacked by the President said three words yesterday, “just below neutral” and the market took off. Why? The market took it as no imminent interest rate increases. Just what the President ordered. The MSM attacked the President for his comments earlier in the week. Yesterday they said ….. nothing.
So, Nancy Pelosi comes out the Democratic caucus with a 203-to-32 vote endorsing her for Speaker of The House. Now the 32 will not vote against her on Jan. 3 when the whole house votes. Some will vote present, but enough for her to have a majority of at
least one. Just like we’ve been telling you.
Can you believe President Obama? Now he is taking credit for the drop in oil and gas prices. The same guy who stopped fracking, refused the pipelines, would not allow drilling on public lands, called Alaska exploration offline, and more wants credit now. Is this guy for real? His quote at Rice University:  “That whole, suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas — that was me, people.”

Mr. President let me borrow a phrase. “you didn’t build that”.

Let’s end on this. Stormy Daniels is mad at Michael Avenatti. She says he sued Donald Trump for defaming her against her wishes. Wait, she lost in court and has to pay the President’s legal fees in this case.
She also said that  Avenatti also started a new fundraising site to raise money for her legal defense fund without telling her. She is not sure whether or not she will keep Avenatti on as her lawyer, she said, but will keep stripping.

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