Assessing the day after ….

                           Well we’re off and running post the mid terms.

It didn’t take long did it?
The press conference that the President held was one for the ages.
Did you ever see a President attack people in his own party that lost?
He did so because they didn’t bring him into their districts. Wow.
Then he claimed victory in the election. Wait, you lost the house.
Then the press tried to attack and claim he lost the mid terms.
No, it was a draw. Losing the house and winning in the senate is a draw.
When the reporter (from NBC) backed Acosta, the President told him that “he was no fan of him either”.

Then boom, the confrontation with Jim Acosta of CNN. That was beyond anything we have seen.

What’s clear to us is that we have a President whose ego is too large for anything to be his fault and a press so antagonistic that no matter how much success he has they will never give him credit. We don’t see an end to this.

The press has always been anti Republican conservative leaders. What is making this situation worse is the President’s inability to take any negative coverage at all. Add that he has some outstanding accomplishments, yet the coverage on the MSM is still 92% negative, and you have the current situation.
Ronald Reagan’s coverage was forever negative. He was “dense, dumb, uninformed and unable to function without his index cards”.  In a similar press conference to yesterday’s setting, when asked if he had any blame for losses of seats he answered differently than the President. Where Trump attacked those who were defeated, Reagan answered this way. “Yes I do, I was once a Democrat”.
See the difference?
That said, no reporter has the right to be as disrespectful to the office as Acosta has been; and no reporter has the right to ask unlimited questions and refuse to surrender the microphone.

Then along comes the Sessions firing. No time wasted there. The letter was pre-written, and one day after the election it was executed.
Now a President has a right to appoint an Attorney General he wants. But the Democrats immediately called it a conspiracy to silence the special prosector. It was loud and supported by the MSM.
We thought this was a good time to remind you that when he had his hearing to become AG, the Democrats were unified against Sessions. Remember when they called him racist and he had to defend his character? Many were the same who voted against him to be a judge you may recall. Now they love him? Were they wrong then? Someone ask them.

The other thing to remember is this. Sessions was the first U.S. Senator to support Donald Trump. He was out there alone. For his early support he certainly didn’t get any love or respect from the President. You would think for that support he would get a dignified handling despite their differences. Not so.

Also, the day after, here’s some Democrat plans on investigations:
Democratic lawmakers said they planned to seek President Trump’s tax returns “immediately,” with an eye out for conflicts of interest and ties to foreign governments.
We don’t see why anyone should release their returns if they don’t want. Let the voters factor that into their ballot choice.

In addition to the president’s tax returns, Democrats have already telegraphed a number of areas of interest.

• Mr. Trump’s decision last month to order thousands of active-duty troops to the U.S.-Mexico border will be an early focus, with the mission remaining shrouded in confusion. Democrats who will chair committees sent an early warning last week with a letter to the Pentagon demanding answers on the current plans and the expected cost.
• Democrats suspect funny business behind the Trump administration’s move to cancel the relocation of the FBI’s headquarters from its current location on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C. Top Democrats said they believe Mr. Trump is trying to keep that prime Washington real estate occupied by the FBI to prevent anyone from developing the site into a business that could compete with the Trump International Hotel, just down the block.
• Elijah Cummings is eyeing a subpoena to demand the Commerce secretary testify under oath about his decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Democrats say they believe he lied about his reasoning in past testimony.
• Under Democrats, the House intelligence committee’s investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election could shift from probing the FBI’s decision-making to taking a closer look at what the Trump team was doing. The panel might revisit witnesses who either already appeared before the panel or refused to answer questions during their earlier appearances, including Trump advisers Roger Stone, Hope Hicks, Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, Jr.
• Democrats have questioned nearly every move the administration has made on Obamacare — and they’re likely to probe all of them, from relaxing the mandate for full contraceptive coverage to granting states more leeway on Medicaid enrollment.

INCOMING HOUSE JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN Jerry Nadler of New York, incoming Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Elijah Cummings of Maryland, incoming Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff of California and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) have sent a raft of letters to the administration, asking for them to preserve all materials “relevant to the work of the Office of the Special Counsel or the departure of the Attorney General.”
Nadler, you may recall, said he intends to bring up impeach Kavanaugh hearings.
In just a single month this fall, Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, called for his panel to subpoena the Trump administration over seven different investigations, including immigration and Obamacare.
Come January, when Democrats assume control of the House, Mr. Cummings will be committee chairman and can fire off those subpoenas himself, without worrying about Republican opposition.

You get the idea what’s coming.

What did people watch election night?
Nielsen reported Wednesday that 36.1 million people watched midterm election results on TV, a whopping 59 percent increase over the last midterms in 2014. For the last midterm election during Barack Obama’s presidency, an estimated 22.7 million people watched the counting.

Fox News Channel led the way with 7.78 million viewers. Not only did Fox have the biggest audience, it made the boldest move of any network in declaring that Democrats would take control of the House of Representatives far ahead of its rivals, and its election team proved to be correct.
NBC was second with an average of 5.69 million viewers in prime time. ABC had 5.26 million, CNN had 5.07 million, MSNBC had 4.75 million and CBS had 3.86 million.

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