Month: November 2018

Wrapping Up Week’s Thoughts …

The hysteria of Michael Cohen’s plea is something to see. The MSM is beyond itself. My thoughts:
1. What he pled guilty to is his issue.
2. A businessman, even one running for office, has the right to make deals.
3. This by itself is a big zero on collusion.
4. What is dangerous for the President is this. What did Cohen tell to plead guilty to this minor charge. In other words, what deal did he make to tell about that he got this “nothing burger”?
That is what the story is here, not the MSM hysteria that Cohen said January and not June for ending a pursuit for the Trump organization to build in Moscow.

Now it does tell me why the President in the campaign kept saying “wouldn’t it be a good thing to get along ….”. He didn’t expect to win and wanted to get that deal later.
By the way, that is not a crime either.

What to watch here, from recent court documents on Mueller’s plans is the zeroing in on the ties between WikiLeaks and Roger Stone. Stone’s relationship with Trump goes back over forty years.

Interesting story in Politico this AM:
“When he arrived in the Oval Office [in July], according to American and European officials who were present, Trump was watching CNN, which was describing his acrimonious relations with Europe. … ‘Jean-Claude, they say we hate each other,’ Trump told his visitor, who then put his arms around Trump and declared, ‘I love you, Donald.'”

Also from Politico a 2020 watch story:
“New Hampshire Democrats invite rising star Beto O’Rourke to the crucial presidential primary state. Since O’Rourke’s loss earlier this month, Rob Friedlander, a senior advisor to the Texas Democrat’s campaign, has received calls from the New Hampshire Young Democrats requesting that O’Rourke come to the Granite State, according to people familiar with the matter. The goal would be to have O’Rourke tour parts of the state and interact with voters.”

Did you hear this?
Former FBI Director Comey filed a motion Thursday to quash the subpoena forcing him to testify behind closed doors next week to the House, saying such secret testimony violates Congress’s own rules.
Now why is he refusing to testify behind closed doors? Last time in open session he kept saying he couldn’t answer questions in open setting.
His answer is that is a set up and some things will be leaked.
That’s interesting coming from an admitted leaker.
He wants to stall this hearing until the Democrats take over the house.
Shame on the Republicans for not getting this done in two years and allowing Hillary to escape bleaching and destroying her emails and devices.

The new Democrat chair of this committee (House intelligence)  next year, Rep. Adam Schiff, said he has a list of associates of President Trump who like Michael Cohen, misled the panel during the last two years about Russia matters. I bet he doesn’t hold back.
Meanwhile Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican, is continuing to pursue three people from the Kavanaugh hearings. He has asked the FBI to investigate for making up salacious and unsubstantiated accounts of rape at the hands of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. Among them is lawyer Michael Avenatti.
California delivered big time for the Democrats in the mid terms. Did you see yesterday that the California Party Chairman had to  resign following sexual misconduct allegations? Isn’t that interesting?
Democrats are trying to pin the GM decision on President Trump’s corporate tax cut. The latest was the reelected Senator from Ohio.“People trusted him in the Mahoning Valley,” Mr. Brown said of Mr. Trump on the Senate floor this week. “He won areas that Democrats used to win. They put their faith in him—what did Trump do? He gave these corporations a huge tax break that will cause more jobs to go overseas.”
That is so wrong and it is hard for me to think people can believe that it was the higher corporate taxes that drove jobs overseas. It was a competitive rate that brought them back. Jobs are up because we lowered the rate. Why can’t people articulate that from the right?
If Brown is mad he should be mad at GM. They took a handout from the previous administration (remember VP Biden in 2012 “GM is alive”) and despite us bailing them out are cutting jobs here. That is something to be angry about Senator, not the U.S. being more competitive.
Now we understand that Americans are not buying small cars and the company wants to stop making them. We also heard you say you want to make more crossovers and SUV’s. Our argument is you need to build them here. You owe us that.
Finally today, remember the stories we told you of the RFK foundation bailing out prisoners in NY? We told you the first one they bailed out didn’t show up for his hearing. Well here’s another for you.
A prisoner who was caught on video fighting with a Rikers Island guard and bashing him with a garbage was promptly bailed out by the Robert F. Kennedy foundation’s controversial mass charity program.
He had eight previous arrests before the guard bashing.
Guess what? He didn’t show up for for his court date.
Now the NYC police will have to try and find him and put themselves at risk with a person who has already attacked law enforcement.
We think RFK and his supporters should go find him and arrest him. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson.


Thinking some more …..

Thinking Some More:

All the Mueller activity post the election tells us to buckle up. It looks like he wants the indictments out and a wrap up to come. The activity with Cohen today and Manafort this week says all this is close to the President and his team.

The MSM made it sound like the President was ready to pardon Manafort. They were hysterical once again. All he said was “Why would I take it off the table”? Exactly, why? Would you? To the MSM this is further proof of guilt.
Speaking of Manafort did you see the coverage on the MSM of his “supposed 2016 meetings with Julian Assange”? Big hysterical (again) coverage. Except, Manafort says he never met Assange.  Now his attorneys released his passports which say he was never there. Coverage of this?
By the way, the newspaper that broke this story (The Guardian) was the same one who said Michael Cohen met with Assange earlier. His passports also show he never visited either. The newspaper is using the Steele Document as its basis. Assange has offered a “one million dollar bet that they are wrong and he never met Manafort”.

Here’s one for you, Senator Flake is at it again. He promised to hold up any judicial nominations until a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller gets a floor vote.Yesterday he stopped Six circuit-court and 15 district-court nominees to come up for votes. Can you believe this guy? He wants to run against Trump in 2020.

Amid all the border noise and the heartless administration did the MSM report this? Yesterday Mexico bestowed its highest honor, the Order of the Aztec Eagle, to Jared Kushner. Why was that not newsworthy?
The Federal Reserve chairman (Powell) who was being attacked by the President said three words yesterday, “just below neutral” and the market took off. Why? The market took it as no imminent interest rate increases. Just what the President ordered. The MSM attacked the President for his comments earlier in the week. Yesterday they said ….. nothing.
So, Nancy Pelosi comes out the Democratic caucus with a 203-to-32 vote endorsing her for Speaker of The House. Now the 32 will not vote against her on Jan. 3 when the whole house votes. Some will vote present, but enough for her to have a majority of at
least one. Just like we’ve been telling you.
Can you believe President Obama? Now he is taking credit for the drop in oil and gas prices. The same guy who stopped fracking, refused the pipelines, would not allow drilling on public lands, called Alaska exploration offline, and more wants credit now. Is this guy for real? His quote at Rice University:  “That whole, suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas — that was me, people.”

Mr. President let me borrow a phrase. “you didn’t build that”.

Let’s end on this. Stormy Daniels is mad at Michael Avenatti. She says he sued Donald Trump for defaming her against her wishes. Wait, she lost in court and has to pay the President’s legal fees in this case.
She also said that  Avenatti also started a new fundraising site to raise money for her legal defense fund without telling her. She is not sure whether or not she will keep Avenatti on as her lawyer, she said, but will keep stripping.

More Thoughts …..

Thinking Out Loud

So the MSM said how bad it was for Trump when Manafort turned state evidence. It was media hysteria. Now that he is no longer a state witness, they are saying how bad it is for Trump that he isn’t.
How can that be? I am confused. Is everything just bad for the President with the MSM?

I am also confused on this border wall funding.
First I thought I heard during the campaign not to worry because Mexico was paying for it. What happened to that?
Now the administration wants $5 billion to continue going forward.
The Democrats, led by Schumer, want to approve $1.6 billion.
Wait, are we all willing to waste either $1.6 or $5 billion? Either we are building a wall or we aren’t.
This is how broken DC is.

Today I saw GMA and other MSM blame the President for GM’s plant closing. Are they really so biased they can’t report the news?
First of all, manufacturer jobs are up in the U.S. I remember Obama saying that was impossible — “what you have a magic wand?”. Remember that?
Second, GM like Ford is cutting sedans. Are they leaving that market to Toyota, Honda and Hyundai? Do they think gas prices will always be low?
Third, for all his criticisms this President is out front, fighting for U.S. jobs For GMA and the MSM to attack him shows their bias.

With the Mississippi election over here’s a question. You heard over and over the racial charges against the Republican candidate. Did you know that the Democratic candidate was forced out of office in 1994 by allegations that he improperly took gifts from businesses and lobbyists? He was agricultural secretary under Bill Clinton and had to resign. Why do you think you only saw the racist charges over and over?

On 2020 here’s a prediction before the candidates are chosen. The Democrats and MSM will report that the Republican candidates for President, senate, house and governor are racists, anti women and homophobic for every seat.

On the border situation it now appears that Jim Acosta was wrong on his assessment which led to that whole media mess. Here’s an analysis:
In the infamous press conference with the President earlier this month  Acosta stood up to make some declarations and then brusquely swiped away an intern’s hand when she went to take back the microphone. He said the president was all wrong about the migrant caravan that was then marching toward the U.S.-Mexican borderIn the Nov. 7 showdown he said: “I wanted to challenge you on one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the midterms, that this …” The president cut him off, knowing right away where this was headed, and said, “Oh, here we go.” Mr. Acosta picked up the question. “… that this caravan was an ‘invasion.’”
“As you know, Mr. President, the caravan was not an invasion,”  he lectured the president. “It’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S.”.
Having been properly schooled by the CNN reporter, Mr. Trump said: “Thank you for telling me that. I appreciate it.”
Acosta went on to spout nothing but opinion, using loaded words as he unloaded his bias.“Do you think that you demonized immigrants in this election? But your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so on,” he said. “They’re not going to be doing that … They’re hundreds of miles away … That’s not an invasion.”
Well, flash ahead less than three weeks and whamo! — an actual invasion as so-called “migrants” clashed with U.S. Border Patrol guards at the San Ysidro port, throwing rocks and, yes, trying to climb over fences and walls.
Any apologizes from the Acosta or the MSM who chastised Trump for weeks? Why not? 

Let’s add that we see far greater number of young men than families. Let’s add that the previous administration used gas to protect the border far more often — without criticism. Let’s add the Homeland Director reported at least 600 of the caravan have criminal records. Just add it all up and yet tonight on their news the MSM will blame the President.

One last thought today. We continue to see the judgement about the administrations lack of action on the Khasoggi murder. Some thoughts here:
Terrorists have always existed in the middle east.
How were they controlled? By strongman leaders.
When President Jimmy Carter supported the overthrow of the Shah of Iran he opened the door to Iran terrorists.
The action was immediate (see U.S. Embassy) and the terror they have spread. Iran is acknowledged as the leader in terror worldwide.
We overthrew Saddam and what happened?
In short, in that part of the world we need to mind our business unless they threaten to attack us.
You overthrow the government of Saudi Arabia and the results will be negative.
You won’t hear that on the MSM, because it is easier to attack the President.


This and That ….

News Tidbits

Did you know or hear that the same tear-gas agent that the Trump administration is taking heat for deploying against the border crashers this weekend is actually used fairly frequently — including more than once a month during the later years of President Obama’s administration? This is according to Homeland Security data.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection has used 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, or CS, since 2010, and deployed it 26 times in fiscal 2012 and 27 times in 2013. The use dropped after that, but was still deployed three times in 2016, Obama’s final full year in office.

With all the noise about the border did you hear this?
A key group of lawmakers has struck a deal to double the number of visas doled out to temporary seasonal guest workers each year, suggesting a breakthrough on an immigration issue that’s bedeviled Congress for years.
The number of visas allowed would rise from 66,000 to 132,000 annually. The tradeoff is that businesses hoping to use the H-2B visa program will have to submit to strict checks on their workforce, making sure anyone hired since 2012, and those they hire going forward, are in the country legally.

Do Democrats want to change the border laws?  This from Rep. Elijah Cummings  the  ranking Democratic member of the House Oversight Committee: “Caravan migrants seeking asylum should be able to enter the country immediately”, challenging the President’s efforts to keep them in Mexico while their cases are processed. 
“That’s not the law. They should be allowed to come in, seek asylum. That’s the law,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
Then asked if he would support changing the law, the Maryland Democrat said, “No.”

Do you know that tomorrow is the House Democrat meeting to choose its leadership? As reported here for months, Nancy Pelosi is a lock. In the closed door meeting those representatives who promised to vote against her will say they did. Then in the open session some will, but not enough to deny her the role. It was all a sham.
In fact, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn are all running unopposed for speaker, majority leader and whip.
Here’s more:
“Another rebel Dem softens on opposing Pelosi for speaker,”Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), one of 16 lawmakers or members-elect who had signed a letter promising to vote against Pelosi on the floor, said on Sunday he would back her over a Republican during the critical Jan. 3 vote. If it becomes a choice between a Republican and Nancy Pelosi, I’ll obviously support Nancy Pelosi,” he said.

Clinton News: Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky seeing “Torch Song” on Broadway this weekend.  “There were two standing ovations for them. One at the beginning of the night when they walked into the theater, and the other at the end of the night for the actors when they bowed. After the show the Clintons went backstage to congratulate the cast and crew along with Eric Kuhn, one of the show’s producers.”
This days after the A&E Clinton expose that clearly illustrated Clinton flaws.

Anyone surprised? Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski tied the knot in a Secret Washington D.C. Ceremony. The Morning Joe co-hosts made it official during an intimate ceremony at the National Archives. It was officiated by the above mentioned Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Speaking of Democrats here’s another 2020 candidate. Beto O’Rourke said Monday that he is no longer ruling out a run for president in 2020, a reversal that thrilled his legion of loyal supporters while clouding an already-crowded Democratic primary field.

With the GM announcement comes this WSJ story:
In the interview, President Trump said he told General Motors Co. CEO Mary Barra that she should stop making cars in China and open a new plant in Ohio to replace one that is ending production.
GM plans to cut up to 14,800 jobs in the U.S. and Canada and end production at several North American factories, marking the auto maker’s first significant downsizing since its bankruptcy last decade as the company tries to adjust to weak sedan sales.
“They better damn well open a new plant there very quickly,” Mr. Trump said, adding that he talked to Ms. Barra Sunday night. “I love Ohio. I told them, ‘You’re playing around with the wrong person.’”

House Democrats plan to conduct an investigation into Ivanka Trump’s use of a private email account for government business. Imagine that. Hillary bleach bit her computers so you couldn’t see 33,000 emails, destroyed phones and they didn’t care. Ivanka’s few are there to read and “not classified” and they want an investigation.
By the way, nearly a dozen incoming House freshmen served in previous presidential Democratic administrations. Seven from the Obama administration “are determined to restore Mr. Obama’s legacy”.
Good luck with that. President Trump has totally destroyed that.
The NYT supports them. Here’s a story in the newspaper:
A Chance to Repair America’s Image Abroad:
Democrats can use their new power in the House to check the Trump administration’s recklessness and advance their own foreign policies.
Oh yea, we all want Obama’s foreign policy back, don’t we?
The courts and judges were back in the news as President Trump lost two big immigration court rulings after a federal judge in California shot down his polices.
When the President called them Obama judges Chief Justice Roberts then spoke up and said we don’t have separate judges. No, we just have the 9th circuit that Democrats bring every case to and the appeals have to end up in Justice Roberts’ court. Where were his comments when President Obama attacked the court? Why is it okay to attack this President but not the past one?
A final word on the midterms. Democrats will end up picking up 40 house seats. That’s big, but so is this. Democratic house candidates won 8.6 million more votes than the Republican candidates.
Think about that in relation to 2020.


Revising History ……

Cinton Story NYT
This story in today’s NYT makes me angry. After all these years they write of Clinton’s accusers and Paula Jones:
“ In her new interview, she retells her story of harassment while fighting back tears. She appears guileless and helpful. In a word: credible.” 
Really? All of a sudden you find Jones, Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broderick stories credible and you (and the MSM) should have covered it? You allowed them to be called “trailer park trash by James Carville. You allowed George Stephanopoulos to say Jones was just another woman seeking cash for telling a tabloid tale. Now you want to defend them? The Kathleen Wiley story always bothered me. A Clinton supporter whose husband was dying seeking a job after long time volunteering for him gets assualted and you (the MSM) walked away. Disgusting.
Some of us were with these woman from the outset and it angers me to see the NYT write this now. 
Here’s the article:

Paula Jones, Reconsidered

Critic’s Notebook

In “The Clinton Affair,” Paula Jones (center, in 1998) and other women who publicly accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and assault are seen in a new light.Larry Morris/The Washington Post, via Getty Images

In “The Clinton Affair,” Paula Jones (center, in 1998) and other women who publicly accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and assault are seen in a new light.Larry Morris/The Washington Post, via Getty Images

“The Clinton Affair,” A&E’s six-part mini-series on the scandals of Bill Clinton’s presidency, lacks a point of view. It is straightforward in style and evenhanded in tone. Strangely, this recommends it.

The events it covers have been so sensationalized and so politicized for so long that seeing them presented neutrally and in roughly chronological order is revelatory, particularly regarding the stories of three women: Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. These are the women who, in the 1990s, publicly accused the president of the United States of sexual harassment and assault.

It’s been a year for reconsidering Bill Clinton’s presidency and its players; December is the 20th anniversary of his impeachment. Ken Starr returned to defend his investigation in a memoir, “Contempt.” Linda Tripp reappeared on Capitol Hill, where she styled herself as a brave truth teller who faced a “high-tech lynching” for blowing the whistle. And Bill and Hillary are setting off on an arena tour billed as “An Evening With the Clintons.”

Much of the buzz around the A&E series has focused on the participation of Monica Lewinsky. Though the filmmakers — the director Blair Foster and the producer Alex Gibney — interviewed more than 50 subjects, including James Carville and David Brock, the one boldfaced name in the network’s news release is hers. This prime-time appearance caps her comeback. After spending a decade and a half out of the public eye, she has returned with a perch at Vanity Fair, a TED Talk and an anti-bullying cause. She has called herself “patient zero” of online shaming. She has emerged from years of media torture as an unexpected darling of the press.

The same cannot be said for Jones, Willey and Broaddrick. In the ’90s, they were dismissed as “bimbos” deployed in service of what Hillary Clinton called the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” and with few exceptions, their stories have remained relegated to the margins of respectable conversation. They have been featured not in glossy fashion magazines but in self-published memoirs and political smear campaigns. They have been used as right-wing pawns and left-wing punching bags.

In 2016, when they sat together in an on-camera interview during Hillary Clinton’s run for president, it was for the nationalist outlet Breitbart. And when they convened in public to tell their stories, it was in service of a Donald J. Trump campaign stunt at the second presidential debate; Steve Bannon could be spied stalking the perimeter. Their stories have been twisted in so many ways for so many years that it seems unworkable to unravel them now.

In “The Clinton Affair,” Jones, seen here in 2016, comes across guileless and credible, a depiction very different from the media circus more than two decades ago.Scott Olson/Getty Images

In “The Clinton Affair,” Jones, seen here in 2016, comes across guileless and credible, a depiction very different from the media circus more than two decades ago.Scott Olson/Getty Images

“The Clinton Affair” does the work. It quite literally shows these women in a new light. They are filmed in places that look like well-appointed hotel rooms. The lighting is soft and generous. The filmmakers place their stories on the same level as those of Lewinsky and Carville, of career F.B.I. agents and prestigious lawyers. As a result, a space opens there for them to speak about Bill Clinton but also about themselves. The series lifts their accusations from the tabloid gutter and repositions them in the context of their lives as women.

Paula Jones, in particular, rises. In 1994, she said that Bill Clinton had summoned her to a hotel room and exposed himself when he was the governor of Arkansas and she was a state employee. (Clinton has always denied the charges from Jones, Willey and Broaddrick). Later she filed suit against him for sexual harassment. Her story was politicized from the start: It was seized by a Republican operative, who urged her to go public at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the right’s annual activist spectacle.

In turn, Clinton’s advisers trashed her on television. Carville said this: “If you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” George Stephanopoulos compared Jones to Tonya Harding: just another woman seeking cash for telling a tabloid tale. (Even Harding — not the victim in that story — has since had her legacy revised.) The assessment lingered: In 2016, Vox published an “explainer” dismissing her charges as “probably bunk,” relaying, in part, that her description of Bill Clinton’s penis did not align with those of some anonymous sources.

Monica Lewinsky has always been cast as the central female character of Clinton’s scandals.Getty Images, via A&E

Monica Lewinsky has always been cast as the central female character of Clinton’s scandals.Getty Images, via A&E

“The Clinton Affair” gifts her a blank slate. The aspersions cast against her can be resolved here. Yes, she was poor: She sought out an Arkansas state government job in an attempt to transcend her only other options, “the Walmart and the Pizza Hut.” And yes, she leaned on conservatives; in a contemporaneous interview with Sam Donaldson, she explained, “Those are the only people that are coming to my defense.” In her new interview, she retells her story of harassment while fighting back tears. She appears guileless and helpful. In a word: credible.

Jones’s account is further clarified by Slate’s eight-part investigative history podcast “Slow Burn,” in which the journalist Leon Neyfakh pursues the uncovered stories of Clinton’s impeachment. If “The Clinton Affair” seeks an even retelling, “Slow Burn” snakes in and out of the narrative, teasing out themes and sorting out confusions. One of its achievements is in its meticulous documentation of how the harassment and assault claims against Clinton came to be politicized.

In an essay for Vanity Fair, where she is a contributing editor, Monica Lewinsky said that #MeToo had given her a “new lens” for seeing her own story.Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

In an essay for Vanity Fair, where she is a contributing editor, Monica Lewinsky said that #MeToo had given her a “new lens” for seeing her own story.Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Jones’s representatives made efforts to place her story in mainstream newspapers, only to be frustrated by foot-dragging journalists. As Michael Isikoff, a Washington Post reporter at the time, puts it in an interview with Neyfakh, his editors “viewed it as tawdry.” (Isikoff was later ready to report the Lewinsky story for Newsweek, but higher-ups held it, according to “Slow Burn” and “The Clinton Affair”; Matt Drudge broke the news instead.) Later, NBC sat on the tape of an emotional interview with Broaddrick in which she accused Bill Clinton of raping her, finally airing the segment only after Clinton had weathered his impeachment and trial.

“Slow Burn” concludes with an episode about that NBC appearance. Through new interviews with Broaddrick and Lisa Myers, the NBC reporter who championed her story, it paints a convincing picture of a network news division that seemed incapable of handling assault claims against powerful men, no matter how credible or well-sourced. In the ’90s, these women’s stories cut directly to the biases of the mainstream media: that sexual harassment and assault were tabloid tales and that publishing anything that seemed to sway a political process was ill advised.

Kathleen Willey, who accused Bill Clinton of groping her, has been used (like Jones and Juanita Broaddrick) as right-wing pawns and left-wing punching bags.Julia Rendleman for the Washington Post, via Getty Images

Kathleen Willey, who accused Bill Clinton of groping her, has been used (like Jones and Juanita Broaddrick) as right-wing pawns and left-wing punching bags.Julia Rendleman for the Washington Post, via Getty Images

For the past several years, we have been recalibrating Clinton’s legacy through micro historical trends. When Lewinsky re-emerged in 2014, she aligned herself in the causes of the moment, speaking out against bullying and shaming. When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2016, the accusers’ stories were again co-opted for political attack, by both the Trump campaign and Clinton supporters. An Emily’s List rep told BuzzFeed of Broaddrick: “Women know that this is an unfair attack on Hillary, and that’s why it continues to exist in this small corner of the right-wing media world.”

Today these stories are being re-evaluated in the context of the #MeToo movement. In an essay for Vanity Fair earlier this year, Lewinsky wrote that #MeToo had given her a “new lens” for seeing her own story: “Now, at 44, I’m beginning (just beginning) to consider the implications of the power differentials that were so vast between a president and a White House intern.”

Lewinsky has always been cast as the central female character of Bill Clinton’s scandals, and while that has been hell for her, it has been rather convenient for him. Over two decades, it was easy to forget that the reporting on Clinton’s consensual affair with an intern arose out of an even more damning context: Jones’s harassment suit. (It was Lewinsky and Clinton denying their affair under oath in the Jones case that gave Starr the material to pounce.) Paula Jones spoke out against the most powerful man in the world, and when his lawyers argued that a sitting president couldn’t be subject to a civil suit, she took them all the way to the Supreme Court and won. In another world, she would be hailed as a feminist icon. But not in this world — not yet.

Suddenly It All Seems Negative …..

Suddenly It All Seems Negative:

Doesn’t it seem with all the news reports that suddenly everything seems negative? The market is tanking. Tech stocks are imploding. Amazon announces two new headquarters and the reports are negative. Apple is losing shareholder value daily. Facebook can’t get out of its own way.
The President seems quiet and there are more administrative personnel changes. The Democrats in the house are making loud noises. The Republican gains in the senate are being wilted away. Arizona was decided, and it becomes with Nevada a Democratic gain. Florida is still counting and Georgia is up in the air. The President got bad press for his European meetings. The world leaders are against him. Teresa May faces a no confidence vote as she tries to implement Brexit.
It just seems the optimism of a month ago has completely reversed. Add, we expect some Mueller noise soon and the drumbeat gets louder.
The best hope for a reversal is a strong holiday sales season. That may happen, and hopefully the new congress investigations won’t impede that.

Some News Report Thoughts:

We say again, the President and administration should stop with the “fake news” and call it “Bias News”. The news is biased, not fake. It is what they cover, how they explain it, the facial expressions they use and tone that makes it biased.

At the border have you seen the people sitting on the wall and standing on the  Mexican side ready to come over? Where are the women and children the MSM told us were in the caravan? All we see are young males. Are they reporting that?

Voter turnout in the midterms is estimated to top 49% of eligible voters, the highest percentage since 1914. Nationally, voters cast more than 100 million ballots on Election Day, up from 83 million in 2014.
Just another signal that 2020 will be the donnybrook of our time. (If the President survives the Democratic house investigations of his finances).

The first Democratic candidate for 2020 announced this week. West Virginia  state Senator Richard Ojeda filed the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission. By the way, he lost his run for congress last week. Oh yea, like other Dems in red states he was promising to work with the President.

Did you see that Check Schumer won unnanimous support from the senate Democrats to be minority leader? Did you know that in the campaign Kyrsten Sinema vowed to not vote for him? She was declared the winner one day and broke that promise the next. Did you hear that on the MSM?

Which tells you why there will be some noise, but Nancy Pelosi is a lock for the speaker position when the vote occurs after Thanksgiving. The floor vote in the entire house is January 3rd. People are just fooled over and over.

Here’s what she is saying and doing now:
“Nancy Pelosi is making gender a central part of her bid to reclaim the speaker’s gavel — leaning hard into the pitch that Democrats cannot oust the only woman at their leadership table following a historic election for women.

In addition to arguing she’s the best qualified for the job, the California Democrat and her allies are also framing a Pelosi victory as a matter of protecting political progress for women at a critical moment. Push her out, and men may take over the party at a time when more than 100 women are heading to Capitol Hill and after women voters have been thoroughly alienated by President Donald Trump. Embrace her, and she’ll prioritize legislation empowering women from equal pay to anti-harassment legislation.”

Plus she has the support of all the leaders. Here’s quotes from Sundays news shows:
REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS,ranking member on the oversight panel, on ABC’S “THIS WEEK” said “She’s got my vote … She’s a phenomenal speaker. … And we now have all of these women coming into Congress it would be a damn shame that you replaced this fearless leader with a man.”
REP. ADAM SCHIFF,ranking member on the intel panel, on NBC’S “MEET THE PRESS” called Pelosi the “strongest general that we have. We need the best tactician. We need the best organizer … And that’s her. There’s no one else, honestly, that comes close.”
REP. JERRY NADLER, ranking member of the judiciary committee, on ABC’S “THIS WEEK” described Pelosi as one of the “finest legislative craftsman of our time … She most certainly has my support, I would do anything I can to make sure she’s the speaker again.”

By the way, Congress will be far more diverse in January: Of the 89 new faces set to join the House and Senate, almost half aren’t white men. Overall, the new Congress will reach a record for the most women and hit milestones for various ethnic groups.

Did you see this?
The husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has formed a group to push back at President Donald Trump.
George Conway’s group, Checks and Balances, includes prominent conservative and libertarian attorneys, according to The Washington Post. The group says it is important for lawyers to speak up if they believe Trump’s actions are unconstitutional.

“There is a deep-seated concern and uneasiness in conservative legal circles with the president’s attacks on our institutions, including the press and the Department of Justice, and a belief that conservative lawyers are not speaking up enough,” said group member John Bellinger, a former legal adviser for the State Department and National Security Council.

The group also includes, Tom Ridge, a former Pennsylvania governor and one-time secretary of Homeland Security; professors Orinn Kerr and Jonathan Adler; Peter Keisler, acting attorney general in the Bush administration; and attorney Lori Meyer, who is married to Federalist Society President Eugene B. Meyer.

“We believe in the rule of law, the power of truth, the independence of the criminal justice system, the imperative of individual rights and the necessity of civil discourse,” the group‘s mission statement said. “We believe these principles apply regardless of the party or persons in power. We believe in ‘a government of laws, not of men.’”

The more you read, see and hear doesn’t it make you wonder who Trump’s people are and how he can win again in 2020?

Some good news this Veteran’s Day week:
Veteran homelessness dropped from over 74,000 in 2010 to 37,848 in 2018 with it continuing to rapidly decline. Veterans should be our priority.
The NYT remains consistent. Here’s an Opinion this week:
Why Democrats Must Impeach the President

They won the House by promising to hold Trump accountable.



Assessing the day after ….

                           Well we’re off and running post the mid terms.

It didn’t take long did it?
The press conference that the President held was one for the ages.
Did you ever see a President attack people in his own party that lost?
He did so because they didn’t bring him into their districts. Wow.
Then he claimed victory in the election. Wait, you lost the house.
Then the press tried to attack and claim he lost the mid terms.
No, it was a draw. Losing the house and winning in the senate is a draw.
When the reporter (from NBC) backed Acosta, the President told him that “he was no fan of him either”.

Then boom, the confrontation with Jim Acosta of CNN. That was beyond anything we have seen.

What’s clear to us is that we have a President whose ego is too large for anything to be his fault and a press so antagonistic that no matter how much success he has they will never give him credit. We don’t see an end to this.

The press has always been anti Republican conservative leaders. What is making this situation worse is the President’s inability to take any negative coverage at all. Add that he has some outstanding accomplishments, yet the coverage on the MSM is still 92% negative, and you have the current situation.
Ronald Reagan’s coverage was forever negative. He was “dense, dumb, uninformed and unable to function without his index cards”.  In a similar press conference to yesterday’s setting, when asked if he had any blame for losses of seats he answered differently than the President. Where Trump attacked those who were defeated, Reagan answered this way. “Yes I do, I was once a Democrat”.
See the difference?
That said, no reporter has the right to be as disrespectful to the office as Acosta has been; and no reporter has the right to ask unlimited questions and refuse to surrender the microphone.

Then along comes the Sessions firing. No time wasted there. The letter was pre-written, and one day after the election it was executed.
Now a President has a right to appoint an Attorney General he wants. But the Democrats immediately called it a conspiracy to silence the special prosector. It was loud and supported by the MSM.
We thought this was a good time to remind you that when he had his hearing to become AG, the Democrats were unified against Sessions. Remember when they called him racist and he had to defend his character? Many were the same who voted against him to be a judge you may recall. Now they love him? Were they wrong then? Someone ask them.

The other thing to remember is this. Sessions was the first U.S. Senator to support Donald Trump. He was out there alone. For his early support he certainly didn’t get any love or respect from the President. You would think for that support he would get a dignified handling despite their differences. Not so.

Also, the day after, here’s some Democrat plans on investigations:
Democratic lawmakers said they planned to seek President Trump’s tax returns “immediately,” with an eye out for conflicts of interest and ties to foreign governments.
We don’t see why anyone should release their returns if they don’t want. Let the voters factor that into their ballot choice.

In addition to the president’s tax returns, Democrats have already telegraphed a number of areas of interest.

• Mr. Trump’s decision last month to order thousands of active-duty troops to the U.S.-Mexico border will be an early focus, with the mission remaining shrouded in confusion. Democrats who will chair committees sent an early warning last week with a letter to the Pentagon demanding answers on the current plans and the expected cost.
• Democrats suspect funny business behind the Trump administration’s move to cancel the relocation of the FBI’s headquarters from its current location on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C. Top Democrats said they believe Mr. Trump is trying to keep that prime Washington real estate occupied by the FBI to prevent anyone from developing the site into a business that could compete with the Trump International Hotel, just down the block.
• Elijah Cummings is eyeing a subpoena to demand the Commerce secretary testify under oath about his decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Democrats say they believe he lied about his reasoning in past testimony.
• Under Democrats, the House intelligence committee’s investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election could shift from probing the FBI’s decision-making to taking a closer look at what the Trump team was doing. The panel might revisit witnesses who either already appeared before the panel or refused to answer questions during their earlier appearances, including Trump advisers Roger Stone, Hope Hicks, Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, Jr.
• Democrats have questioned nearly every move the administration has made on Obamacare — and they’re likely to probe all of them, from relaxing the mandate for full contraceptive coverage to granting states more leeway on Medicaid enrollment.

INCOMING HOUSE JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN Jerry Nadler of New York, incoming Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Elijah Cummings of Maryland, incoming Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff of California and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) have sent a raft of letters to the administration, asking for them to preserve all materials “relevant to the work of the Office of the Special Counsel or the departure of the Attorney General.”
Nadler, you may recall, said he intends to bring up impeach Kavanaugh hearings.
In just a single month this fall, Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, called for his panel to subpoena the Trump administration over seven different investigations, including immigration and Obamacare.
Come January, when Democrats assume control of the House, Mr. Cummings will be committee chairman and can fire off those subpoenas himself, without worrying about Republican opposition.

You get the idea what’s coming.

What did people watch election night?
Nielsen reported Wednesday that 36.1 million people watched midterm election results on TV, a whopping 59 percent increase over the last midterms in 2014. For the last midterm election during Barack Obama’s presidency, an estimated 22.7 million people watched the counting.

Fox News Channel led the way with 7.78 million viewers. Not only did Fox have the biggest audience, it made the boldest move of any network in declaring that Democrats would take control of the House of Representatives far ahead of its rivals, and its election team proved to be correct.
NBC was second with an average of 5.69 million viewers in prime time. ABC had 5.26 million, CNN had 5.07 million, MSNBC had 4.75 million and CBS had 3.86 million.

The people have spoken …….

With some races still to be decided as of this writing, the Democrats have picked up 25 house seats. (They have taken 29 Republican seats and lost four for a net gain of 25).  There are still 20 to be decided.
Our long ago prognosis was for a 30 seat gain for a seven seat advantage will be close when all is settled.

In either case the Democrats won the house and the battle for speaker is underway. We tell you again that the many who said to voters “they will never vote for Nancy Pelosi” will now do the slight of hand we have predicted for months. That is, they will say behind closed doors they voted against her, but in the open competition against a Republican they had to vote for her.
You know the old you can fool some of the people all the time. This is such a case.

In the senate the red state Democrats paid the price for their vote against Kavanaugh. Down go Donnelly, McCaskill and Heitkamp. With two races undecided the Republicans look like they will pick up two, possibly three seats. The one undecided they can still win is Arizona, which remains undecided at this time.

So what does it all mean?

First it means we are a very divided nation politically.
Second, 2020 will be the donnybrook of our lifetime.
Third, Nancy Pelosi will be the lead face of the Democratic party. She has to control the far left of the party now. This will be her number one issue.
Fourth, the administrations drive to reshape the judiciary will continue since the senate approves the nominations.
Fifth, Florida is always going to keep us up and watching.
Finally, we will end up with a stalemate or compromise government. If the house goes left and proposes an extreme idea the senate will reject it. If the senate goes too far right, the house will reject it. So do they compromise is the question.

Some election results:

Keith Ellison won his election to Attorney General in Minnesota despite the “me too” charges.
At least 92 women won election to congress. A record.
At least 38 of them were woman of color, another record.
Nancy Pelosi won her district with 86% of the vote.
Maxine Waters won hers with 76%.
There were dozens of congressional races decided by razor thin margins. This means a strong top of the ticket in 2020 could result in a house adjustment again in 2020.
The Republicans face a senate challenge in 2020 with the number of seats they have up.
In Florida they passed an initiative that restores the right of felons to vote. The number of new eligible voters is about a million and a half. Could this impact 2020?

For the political junkie here’s access to the WSJ analysis and polling.
It’s everything you may want to know about who voted how:


Time to vote ….

It’s time to vote and get the mid terms behind us so we can get onto 2020 and the next “most important election of our lifetime”. If you think this one has been hectic, wait until that one.

Our final analysis on this year is:
We see a big turnout. The anti administration fervor is wide, deep and real. These people will vote.
The pro administration people have been awoken, but it is still doubtful that outside the dedicated pro Trumpers they will vote in the same numbers.
That means a “blue wave” is the most likely outcome.
Remember in his first mid term (2010) Obama lost 63 seats.
The party in power just doesn’t draw as well as those out to even a score.

With that said, our thoughts are the Democrats gain 30-35  seats in the house surpassing the 23 they need for a majority.
In the senate the Republicans hold. What once looked like a Democrat opportunity that became a Republican drive to gain seats, will settle in with a gain of one or two only.

So divided government is ahead and with Democrats promising Trump administration investigations and the Republican senate doing the same on the other side, it will be a newsworthy two years.

It will all set up the donnybrook of 2020. Here’s your first 2020 analysis. The Republicans may well regain the House in a strong Trump vote, while the Democrats with a better landscape may well gain senate seats. The exact opposite of this year.

Now here’s a question.
The MSM has continued its ninety plus percent negative reporting on the administration. With that this election is still so close. What if the media just did its job and reported unbiased? What would the returns for this mid term look like then?
Then add this.
What if the Obama administration had produced the job numbers that were reported on Friday. Would we have heard about that all the way to election day? Did we this time?

News Outside The Election

Did you see these two stories about Judge Kavanaugh?
As you read them ask yourself: Isn’t it a shame the charges get 24/7 coverage and this gets nothing?

This from USA Today:
An accuser has now recanted and said “I was angry and I sent it”, referring to a letter of accusation. The accuser pulled back her charges when questioned and admitted she lied.
As a consequence, Senator Grassley, in a letter to the Justice Department and FBI, said the woman (Judy Munro-Leighton) took responsibility for authoring an anonymous letter that made allegations that Kavanaugh and a friend raped her. After she was tracked down and interviewed by Senate investigators, the woman recanted and said “she was not the author and had never met Kavanaugh.”
He is asking the Justice Department to bring charges.

Also on Kavanaugh.
he Senate Judiciary Committee released a report late Saturday night that it said completely exonerates Brett Kavanaugh from “numerous allegations” of sexual misconduct.
“This was a serious and thorough investigation that left no stone unturned in our pursuit of the facts,” wrote committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, in a statement about the 414-page report. “In the end, there was no credible evidence to support the allegations against the nominee.”

The story broke over the weekend of a soldier killed in Afghanistan. It got major coverage on the air and in print. The soldier was Major Brent Taylor and he was mayor of his town North Ogden, Utah. A father of seven he died Saturday in what was his fourth deployment, helping train Afghan troops.
A true hero, we heard over and over how kind, loving and loyal a man he was. They stressed his hero statues and that he was the elected Mayor of his town. You likely heard the story. It is such a sad one. A beautiful family man dedicated to his country, family and town. We pray for his wife, children and family.
One thing if you’re wondering, since it was not reported, he was the elected Republican Mayor of the town.

Two states have a ballot measure this year to deny any chance of a soda tax. You may remember we reported on cities who were imposing a penny (or penny and a half) ounce tax on every bottle or can sold. (That’s sixty-seven cents tax on a 2 liter bottle).
The cities are implementing it to raise revenue of course, but telling their consumers its to fight obesity, especially in children.
Wanna bet in both states the voting ban wins?

Did you see that Angela Merkel has announced she will not seek another term as German chancellor when her mandate finishes in 2021, ending more than a decade in which she has dominated European politics?
Her party has suffered some ballot losses across the country the past few elections. Her policy of open borders is not popular in the country. 

Here’s a story that came from the AP and as far as we can tell has received no coverage. Read this and ask yourself why.
Five members of the Afghan Taliban who were freed from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for captured American Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have joined the insurgent group’s political office in Qatar, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Tuesday.

They will now be among Taliban representatives negotiating for peace in Afghanistan, a sign some negotiators in Kabul say indicates the Taliban’s desire for a peace pact.

Others fear the five, all of whom were close to the insurgent group’s founder and hard-line leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, bring with them the same ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam that characterized the group’s five-year rule that ended in 2001 with the U.S.-led invasion.



Heading to the weekend …..

Editor’s note: With apologies for the late delivery this Friday. We had technical issues this AM. 

Heading into the weekend let’s take a look at the mid terms and possible ramifications.

The forecast we’ve shared for over a year still looks viable. The Republicans should hold the senate and even increase their number. In fact they better, because in 2020 there are 22 Republican seats up and only 12 Democrat. In that election there are (in today’s view) at least four Republicans facing a real risk and only one Democrat.
So how do the Republicans increase their number in the senate? They must hold two places they are in tight races. Nevada, where the state leans Democrat and the unions often deliver on election day. This one is a risk. The second is Arizona, which shockingly to us sees Martha McSally is in a dead heat for Flake’s seat. Today the Green Party candidate backed out and announced their support for the Democrat.
On the other side North Dakota looks like a pickup for Republicans. The other states offering opportunity are Missouri, which looks this close today and Indiana where the Democrat seems to have a slight edge. Add Florida and Montana (where the libertarian Senate candidate Rick Breckenridge said Thursday he was endorsing Republican), and Republicans have a chance for a  pickup or two.
The other states where upsets can occur is Texas for the Democrats and New Jersey, Minnesota, West Virginia and Ohio for Republicans.

With the House every forecast says its Speaker Pelosi. We have projected a 5-7 seat majority for the Democrats. What can impact this?

Turnout. Right now turnout is big. Early voting is way up. Now this can be because people are fired up or because people are getting used to early voting. We think its both.
Remember the party out of the presidency votes higher traditionally. What is interesting this year is Republican voting early seems to be way up too, and in some states outdistancing the Democrats. Does this mean that Republicans who traditionaly vote on election day are changing, or is it an undetected voter drive? Watch that for the key to this election. If the vote is an angry pro administration people, we will all see a repeat of 2016, where the pollsters just missed it.

Pollster information. Are there people not telling the pollsters the truth? There may well be a hidden Republican vote that people just don’t want to identify out loud. This can be a per cent or two of the people and well make the difference in some tight races. Is there a quiet Trump vote like 2016? There could be.

One post analysis ahead of the election from us is this. The Republicans should have been running on their record. There entire focus should have been on the economy. Jobs, companies coming back, taxes cut, every aspect of the difference versus two years ago. They had a real record to run on. Why get down in the dirt with their opposition? Force the Democrats to say what they stand for. Do you know what that is, other than they are not Trump? Do people really want to reverse the tax cut? The one that reduced corporate tax, (yes it did), but that made us competitive to bring jobs back. Do they  want to reverse that? Do they want to give back their individual tax cuts? Do they want to again start funding foreign countries at the rate we were? Do they think we were more respected in the world before? Do they think Hillary would have gotten N. Korea to where it is? Do they want to reverse our current Iran policy?
You get the idea. They had a record to run on, but instead this became a name calling election. Why?

Some Other Thoughts

The really nasty and now racial election in Georgia may not be decided this week. The libertarian candidate Ted Metz could prevent Republican Brian Kemp or Democrat Stacey Abrams from winning a majority of the vote next week and force a run-off in December.

Did you see that Republican ad released yesterday with the convicted police killer? The person featured was deported by President Clinton and re-entered the country. I know you saw MSM criticism of the ad, but did they tell you that?

Here’s a report from Politico today:
“Of the 43 Democratic candidates in districts that POLITICO rates ‘lean-Democrat,’ ‘likely-Democrat’ or ‘toss-up’ — the swath of GOP-held seats most likely to flip — 11 have said they would not back Pelosi for speaker. Of those 11, only four would confirm that they would vote against Pelosi on the House floor next year.”
That supports what we have been telling you. All those saying they will not support Pelosi will say they did not vote for her in Democratic conference, but will vote for her when it counts.
What a shame people are fooled so easily.

From the WSJ today:
It’s one area where vast changes are guaranteed if Democrats reclaim at least one chamber of Congress — the committees investigating President Trump’s Russia ties, finances and ethics questions will have a much different focus than they did under Republican control.

House Democrats said the investigation into Russian election-meddling and Mr. Trump’s campaign focused just as much on Justice Department overreach and FBI bias. They said they will reopen the inquiry into Mr. Trump’s campaign that their Republican counterparts largely declared closed.
Among the targets: The notorious June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between top Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer, the president’s tax returns and Mr. Trump’s personal and commercial ties to Russian interests.