What’s next?

Wow, you can’t even plan an October surprise anymore. Events overtake you and the life cycle of a news story doesn’t last long enough.

The administration thought it had everything lined up with the Democrats behavior in the Kavanaugh nomination followed by the “caravan”. Their base got fired up and they made up ground progress in the polls. Just when they were prepared to ride that and add a few last minute initiatives the bottom came out. Think of their plan and what happened.

They would come out with an announcement about a tax cut for the middle class. A 10% cut that would be on top of making last year’s cuts permanent and how could the left say this 10% was for the rich? It would be the middle class and below only.

Then they would follow that with the announcement about lowering drug prices. Who could be against that?

The GNP number would come out and prove 3+ growth is substantial and they would illustrate again that Obama never had a 3% year.

Finally they would stop “the invasion” of our southern border the week before the election by sending the military and showing we mean business.

A terrific plan right? However, a funny thing happened along that road.

Saudi Arabia decided to execute a journalist at their embassy in Turkey. That took the air out of the tax announcement and gave the media a chance to pounce on the administration.

Then a home grown terrorist decided to mail pipe bombs to ten or more leaders of the anti Trump brigade. That took the drug announcement out of the news.

Two days later a hate filled supremacist killed eleven in a jewish temple. A truly horrible act that once again shook the nation. The sad stories of those killed will shake the core of our being and reignite the gun debate.

So now what? The world and national events of the last ten days will not be good for the administration. Besides replacing the message they were trying to send, it gave the media a chance to bash the administration on its “tone”.

What does this mean for the mid terms next week?
That is impossible to answer without knowing what will happen this week. For now it has muddied messages, made people stop and think and not a help to the administration side.

What do we think about the mid terms now?
No change. The Democrats are on target to finish the night with about a seven seat House advantage, and the Republicans will pick up seats in the senate.

On The Caravan:

Can anyone describe what the Democrat plan is to protect our borders and where it stands on the caravan? It is unclear to us.
Kamela Harris was in Iowa and made her stance clear. She says the United States should be “welcoming” migrant caravans that arrive at the nation’s southern border.
Is that the party position? Have you heard anyone else say something different?
This should be a defining issue in the mid terms, but the issue is muddled by all the other events happening.
Especially with a second caravan gathering in Guatemala.Thousands of Honduran migrants gathered in a Guatemalan city near the border with Honduras to prepare for a new caravan that would follow the current one. Which just says if the first makes it then others will surely follow.

Other News Not Covered:

Did you hear about the effort Candace Owens started and Kenye West has signed on to? It’s called “Blexit”.  The movement is a call for black Americans to leave the Democratic Party. The group has a plan for tours of major cities to build momentum.
Kanye West is the designer of the “Blexit” shirts encouraging people to leave the Democratic Party.
Interesting movement that we should watch.

Remember last week we told of the plan by a group (including RFK Jr.) to provide bail for people who were arrested and couldn’t afford it? We told you on day one someone bolted. Add a second now:
“For the second day in a row, a defendant bailed out by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation has failed to show up for a court date.
Ralphie Myree, 25, arrested in June for allegedly robbing a Chelsea sex shop at knifepoint, didn’t appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday, prompting a judge to order a warrant for her arrest.
“OK, the time is 4:04 p.m. Parole revoked, warrant ordered,” Judge Marisol Martinez Alonso said after waiting hours for Myree. Myree’s public defender left at 12:30 p.m.
Now RFK will be forced to forfeit the $50,000 it paid to free her on Oct. 2.

You as surprised as us?




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