The October Surprise ….

We often hear about the October surprise before an election. This year we have one with the pipe bomb mailings. How will it play?

That is impossible to answer today because we don’t know who did this.
Is it a right wing person or organization driven by the President’s words?
Is it a left wing person or organization trying to get people to blame Republicans?
Is a terror group or foreign entity trying to divide America?

The answer to that question will tell you the impact on the election. The question is will we know the answer before the election? I think we will.

What we do know now is there are a lot of questions. How did these packages get to their destination? How come none detonated? At least one we’ve seen did not have mail markings. Did the others? If after one was sent did the sender think the others would be delivered if it was packed the same?
There are many more questions, and with cameras all over that should aid the authorities to solve this.

Finally, many took sides already blaming the President and administration. That is just wrong. This is equally shared. You have seen the words used by the left and MSM to attack the President. You have seen the challenges in restaurants and on the street. There are no clean hands. So stop that.

Here’s an example of hypocrisy.
Hillary Clinton yesterday: “It’s a time of deep divisions and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together.”
Hillary 2 weeks ago: “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.

There is far too much of this.

By the way where was the Democratic and MSM outrage over Obama’s pardon and  release of FALN leader and bomber Oscar Lopez Rivera? You remember that, as we wrote extensively about it. His organizations bombs (they claimed responsibility for more than 120 bombings) killed six and injured dozens.
They not only let this man free, they wanted him to head a NYC parade.

Megan Kelly:

Megan Kelly is in trouble at NBC, and may lose her daily show this week. The report this morning is:
NBC News is expected to pull the plug on the show, casting the TV anchor’s future with the network into doubt, people familiar with the matter said. Ms. Kelly has been under fire for remarks in which she questioned why using “blackface” for a Halloween costume was necessarily racist or insensitive.

Megan, when she abandoned Fox, was riding high. On her way out she angered her base conservative support. When she got to NBC she found out the left did not like her. She has gone from one issue to another and no one had her back. As she twists in the wind, the conservatives will not rally and support her. She has found out the left will never welcome her. Good luck Megan. As they say, choose your friends carefully and remember who they are.

Trump’s October Surprise:

Remember when President Trump announced a new tax cut plan? Unless events overtake him today he is planning to announce a new 10% cut for the middle class. He’s also planning to announce a drug price program to drive costs down. Here are some details and the challenge:
He wants to (1) negotiate more drug prices in Medicare; (2) benchmark some prices against nations like France and Germany; and (3) change how doctors get paid for administering drugs to patients, too.
The administration thinks it will save billions of dollars, although they’re bracing for the health care industry to fight back.

This was the administrations planned October surprise before the pipe bombs took over.


Did you see the Trump move of playing back President Obama’s words on immigration?
“I agree with President Obama 100%!” Mr. Trump wrote to a C-SPAN video clip of Mr. Obama speaking when he was a U.S. senator from Illinois.
In the clip, Mr. Obama warns about the threat of illegal immigration to the rule of law and its unfairness to legal immigrants — themes on which Mr. Trump harps, but which many of today’s Democrats dismiss as a racist dog-whistle.

Very effective argument, but little to no coverage in the MSM.

Free Bail:

Did you hear about this program?
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rightsannounced a large scale Mass Bail Out Action at New York’s Rikers Island. The Mass Bail Out Action is a collaborative effort made up of grassroots groups and formerly incarcerated people to free women and young people in New York City who are jailed because they cannot afford to post bail. The action, which will begin October 1st and continue throughout the month, has organized over 200 volunteers who will pay bail at one of New York City’s five jails or volunteer at a 24-hour community mobile response unit.

Guess what? Already a person they bailed out failed to show up for their hearing. One lost bail posting for them. Many more to follow we’re sure. Not to mention the potential activity on the streets that can occur.

I guess you can put this next to the released killer we wrote about (Herman Bell) who executed police officers on the street and was released recently. One police officer’s wife continues to speak out. Where does she her husband back? Their two daughters their father?
Oh yea, the Governor (Cuomo), recently restored Bell’s voting rights.


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