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A Little On The News Today:

With two weeks to go and a little momentum it seems on the Republican side, the MSM seems to be getting a little nervous about their predicted “Blue Wave”. Take a look at today:

On GMA, George Stephanopoulos called the President “a liar” twice on his claims of the caravan having MS13 and other elements in it.

The NYT headlines are these:
Trump and G.O.P. Candidates Escalate Race and Fear as Election Ploys:
The president’s unsubstantiated charge that “unknown Middle Easterners” were part of the migrant caravan was an escalation of his efforts to stoke fears ahead of the Nov. 6 vote.
Trump’s Plans to Deter Migrants Could Mean New ‘Voluntary’ Family Separations:
New policies to deter illegal immigration include a plan that would ask migrants to choose between their children and longer detention.
Their Editorial is this:
Donald Trump Is Lyin’ Up a Storm:
Is there an election coming up, or something?

Our question would be a little different than their’s:
Are you guys getting nervous that you may be wrong about this election as you were in 2016? Do you think maybe you might be out of touch with America?

Pelosi As Speaker:

Nancy Pelosi said this yesterday as she anticipates becoming speaker.
She will be a “transitional speaker”. PELOSI ALLIES said she’s “acknowledging she is a mere mortal” and can’t live forever and she isn’t going to put out a timetable for how long she plans to stay atop House Democratic leadership. “Putting a specific expiration date on your back erodes your leverage,” they say.

So with all those Democratic candidates running for congress saying they “would not vote” for her to be speaker, how can she win? Certainly no Republican would vote for her. So how would that work? It’s called political trickery. Here’s how they will say they kept their promise and vote for her.
You see there will be a closed door Democratic meeting to elect their leaders. Pelosi will win. After that comes the public session in which she runs against a Republican.
So, the Democrats who promised not to vote for her will say they didn’t vote for her in the Democratic conference, but of course would support a Democratic over a Republican for speaker.

Foolish are the voters electing these people to be mislead.

The Saudi Murder

Make no mistake about it, this was a planned murder with a ready cover of a double walking out the back wearing Khashoggi’s clothes.  The changing stories and lies have exasperated the situation to a world crisis. The President, trying to save a relationship, jobs and business, is being made to look bad by the press. He has to get out front here.

Stories You Didn’t Hear:

In today’s WSJ:
Angela Merkel is conceding to U.S. gas imports.In an about-face and a win for President Trump, the German chancellor has offered government support to efforts to open up the country to U.S. gas. Mr. Trump has intensively lobbied Europe to buy significant amounts of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, as part of his campaign to rewrite the terms of trade relations.

In today’s LAT:
Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for porn actress Stormy Daniels, was hit with a personal judgment of $4.85 million Monday for his failure to pay a debt to a former colleague at his longtime Newport Beach firm.

Less than an hour after his defeat in the Los Angeles lawsuit, Avenatti suffered another setback at a trial in Orange County: The Irvine Co. won a court order evicting him and his staff from their offices because the firm, Eagan Avenatti, skipped the last four months of rent.

Sounds like life got a little  stormy for Avenatti yesterday.

Both these stories would be pro Trump. Wonder why it wasn’t leading news.

What you did hear was former President Obama was in Texas and said it was he who started this booming economy. From the Washington Times:
Former President Barack Obama took credit Monday for what he called the “economic miracles” happening under President Trump.
In a speech to Nevada Democrats, Mr. Obama derided Mr. Trump, without naming him, as merely being handed off a booming economy by the previous president and contrasted that with his own inheritance on the economy.
“By the time I left office wages were rising … poverty was falling and that’s what I handed off to the next guy,” he said before chuckling. “So when you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now. Remember who started it. Remember who started it! C’mon!”

Our comment: Yea right.


If you didn’t see this story and videos you should. This most deplorable human being has been fired. I can’t say deplorable enough.



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