Post Kavanaugh ….

The country needs to take a deep breath after this conformation process. It was nasty, partisan and a new low for the politicians we put in place to lead us. Now it’s up to you the American voter to fix things. What America do you want going forward? Your vote, and assuring that people who think like you vote is the key. If you support the left and want Jerald Nadler and Maxine Waters to begin impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh and President Trump then vote liberal Democrat. If you think a good man was tarnished in this process and the court is better for his presence then vote for Republican conservatives. If you’re still unsure of the whole process we just experienced I suggest you go watch Susan Collins speech on the floor when she announced her vote. That speech put it all in perspective for me.

On the Sunday news shows the partisan divide was still evident. Here’s our one most lasting impression from them.  The press blames everyone for the state of the union except themselves. They never look at what they said or how they said it. They judge others. We think they are as large a part of the problem as anyone. They give credence to arguments. They report them as fact. They take a side. Who judges them? What grade would you give them in this process? Ours would be a failing one for their performance.

We’ll close our comments on the nomination where we began. Where is there a single piece of collaborating evidence to convict anyone? Of the five charges that arose four proved to be nothing more than made up. It all came down to Dr. Ford, who we believe something happened to. But when you name someone and the three witnesses you provide all deny they were there, you have to have something. There is nothing. When you’re accused, and every supposed witness backs you, even the accusers best friend, then you are entitled to the presumption of innocence. Anything else is absurd.
What we really need now is a full investigation to help Dr. Ford. What did happen and when? Who may it have been? Did anyone talk to the two men who said it was them? Why was this poor woman not told the committee would go to her? Why was her name not protected? Why are those who lied in the other cases not being held accountable? We need to prosecute those who bring false charges to make an example. If our society is based upon honesty and trust then those who commit a crime should pay, and those who lie about them should pay. Is that so hard?

Friday’s Employment News:

Lost amid all the noise about the nomination was the employment news on Friday. You likely heard that the unemployment rate was down to 3.7%, the lowest level in 50 years. There was one interesting stat that is not covered. Remember how government jobs were driving increased employment? Well that’s over under this administration. Here’s the numbers:
The number of people employed by the federal government declined by 1,000 in September. Since President Donald Trump took office, federal employment has declined by 16,000.

In addition, the Hispanic unemployment rate fell to the lowest level on record. (4.5%). Unemployment among black Americans declined three-tenths of a point to 6 percent. 

So the news was all good on the economy and employment. It was just lost amid all the supreme court noise.

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