Heading to the outcome …

I think we’re finally in the home stretch of the Kavanaugh hearings and decision. Here’s our quick thoughts:

1  Why the President had to abandon his neutral approach of waiting for the FBI report to mock  Dr. Ford last night is beyond us. A sad move.
2. We have no idea what Flake, Murkowski and Collins will do.
3. From all appearances at least two will vote yes unless there is supporting evidence for the charges, but you cannot be sure.
4. If two announce they are yes then watch the Democratic opportunists who want they say are “bipartisan” say they will vote yes. Remember them and their hypocrisy because they would not have done so if it mattered.

On the charges:

Isn’t it odd that there are no charges, incidents or anything for the entire 30 years of his working career?
There were five sexual charges in all. Two were dropped when the person reporting was asked a question. They decided to admit they were untrue.

The third (sexual parties of rape and spiking drinks) is clearly a lie. Why Michael Avenatti,  of Stormy Daniels fame, would do this is beyond me. He was on a roll, and now he is no better than an ambulance chaser. His deposition and her interview on NBC changed so much that they could face charges. The client herself (Julie Swetnick) with her checkered past better be careful.

The second charger, Deborah Ramirez (the one the NYT wouldn’t even print) has her issues and the Democrats appear to running from her. She accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself at a party at Yale University. Kavanaugh has denied the incident took place.  At first she couldn’t remember and wasn’t sure. Magically she recalled that it did happen and it was Kavanaugh. Proof?
She gave names and the first they called said “what?” and that it never happened. The second is deceased. The other two have no response. Credibility = zero. Not a single collaboration.

That leaves Dr. Ford. As we said on the day she testified, she was credible. You know what is missing though? Two things. First, any fact that supports what she says. Any fact.
The three people she said were there all said it didn’t happen. One was her best friend, who since she left her in the home after the incident might remember.
Second, any investigation into her. What do we know about her? Was she a drinker and doing drugs at 15? Were parties like she described a part of her life? Is it true she trained people on how to take polygraphs? Why wasn’t she aware the senate committee would come to her? We all knew that. Why wasn’t she aware that the hearing could have been private? We all knew that. Why did she say she couldn’t fly to delay things? That turns out not to be true. Did she really work for a Soros organization?

The questions are many and we should learn more about her. In fact when this is over why won’t Republicans have the courage to bring charges against those who lied? People came forward to get their name out and told lies. It is time to stop this and bring charges. Why won’t it happen?

The Vote:

Now we hear the drumbeat from Democrats again (even Coons) as to why the rush? In about 40 instances on that last day of hearings we heard the Democratic members say a version of this: “What’s the problem with a three or four day wait so we can have the FBI look at the facts”. Well they got a week and now what do we hear? The FBI is almost done, we need another delay. Just proof that no time is good enough for them. Will the American people see through this?

The sad argument that Kavanaugh’s demeanor is unfitting a supreme court justice. Are you serious? He was so monotone the first days you mocked his lack of emotion. He sat through you calling him evil, a crook, a racist and every other thing you can think of. After the hearing ends you drag out he is a sexual rapist. He gets angry and fights back and now you say his temperament is bad. There is a bad temperament here but it’s not Kavanaugh. As further proof look at his demeanor for twelve years on the second highest court in the nation. Nothing but praise for his actions, written decisions and temperament.

Finally it is my opinion that without the MSM support this would  have been long over. Think if these charges were brought against any Democratic liberal hero. Would the MSM be doing what they are, or be using the refrain from the old Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s The Beef”. Because where is the beef?


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