Flakey ……

Once again we see that though the Republicans have a 51-49 seat edge in the senate they have no where the party discipline of the Democrats. This time it was Flake (again), but it could have been Collins, Murkowski or Corker. The party does not have a conservative majority.

Now with Flake he made a deal to support another FBI probe. On the face of it, a probe (the seventh of Kavanaugh’s career), could be good. My problem is with how Flake handled this.
So he goes into a side room having announced he is voting for the nomination to move out of committee and to the senate floor. The other side knows his vote makes it 11-10 to proceed. The opposition wants Flake to support a week long delay so the FBI can do another investigation. Now think about this. In that room who holds all the power? Is it Flakey or the Democratic senators?
Does Flakey deal from strength and get some agreements? As an example, does he say to them if I do this and the FBI says there is no credible evidence against Kavanaugh will you all announce you are satisfied? Will you vote for him? Will you cease your attack and charges? No, he didn’t do anything. The man walked in holding all the cards and all he did was cave getting nothing.

Think about that, would the pit bulls on the Democratic side like Harris, Blumenthal, Durbin, Booker, Feinstein or anyone else, would they have been as feckless as Flakey? Of course not, they would have gotten their pound of flesh. Senator Flake is heading to NH next week to test the waters of a 2020 run. If he makes the run it will make the day for many who will sprint to the polls in a Republican primary to vote against him.

What can we expect now? A week of more crazy charges and unsubstantiated claims. Does it strike anyone else that the women making charges are all Democrats? I wonder why he never attacked Republican women. Do you think in his drunken attack mode he checked party registration? Oh you’re a Soros supporter, that’s perfect.

Now let’s imagine the FBI comes back and says we don’t have anything to dispute Kavanaugh’s claims. Do you think the Democrats will quietly go to a vote? Me neither. This is the politics of destruction and the American people must decide beginning November 6th what kind of country they want.

If The FBI comes back and says Kavanaugh is a rapist, then all bets are off. The house is gone, the senate is gone for Republicans and the Trump presidency is in jeopardy.

One week.

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