The Kavanaugh Hearing …

At the end of the day we had two credible witnesses who presented their cases strongly. So how can that be and what do we believe?

Our assessment is this.
We think something happened to Ford. But it wasn’t Kavanaugh.
Where’s the evidence?
In the end she can’t remember where this event happened.
She doesn’t know the street, house or address.
She can’t remember how she got to the house party.
She can’t remember how she got home.
The three people she identified that were there all had no memory of it.
Her best friend was one of them.
There were no other witnesses.
No one she told at the time.
So how do you collaborate an attempted rape charge with no collaboration? There is not a single piece of evidence to support her.

Now think about the above. Would any jury convict on that?
Of course not. You couldn’t even bring a case. So how can you deny a Supreme Court seat on that?
If any of those four Republicans in question (Collins, Murkowski, Flake, Corker) vote no they are done in the party. There is no reason to vote anything but yes.
No Democrat will announce they are a yes vote until those four commit. Then you’ll see a few vote yes to try and protect their seat. I hope their constituents see through that. Phonies should be voted out.

Voting matters. Think about the seat the Republicans lost in Alabama. That would have given them a margin of two to lose. Think of NH where Kelly Ayotte lost by a thousand votes. Another seat.

This November is vital for the senate opportunity in case another seat comes open. We wonder if this hearing, watching some of those Democratic senators embarrass themselves, fires up the Republican vote.

So who won and lost at the hearing?
Kavanaugh won. Before he spoke he was done. When he finished he was on track again.
Dr. Christine Ford won too. You felt sorry for her. Something happened that impacted her life. She just got the wrong guy.
Lindsey Graham was the big senate winner. His raw emotion won the day.
The female attorney the Republicans hired was a loser. She was horrible.
Diane Feinstein lost. She got hit all day over the sad move to hold the letter.
Richard Blumenthal was a loser. Over social media people kept posting about his stolen valor (claiming to be a Vietnam Vet). His challenging Kavanaugh’s credibility was laughable.
Corey Booker lost. He wrote about “groping a female” under a bed in high school. He was attacking Kavanaugh about his HS experience.
The other two accusers of Kavanaugh lost. Their charges were so outrageous that they didn’t even come up.

In the end it was a day the American people got to see their divided government in action.

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