Kavanaugh Plus ….

A few weeks ago we said “welcome to Kavanaugh Week, to be followed by Woodward Book week”. Well Kavanaugh week has turned into Kavanaugh month and the Woodward book has gone by the wayside. So what happens now?

Tomorrow’s hearing will be another circus. The Democrats will be going after Kavanaugh with every charge, innuendo and smirk possible. It will be  painful and in our view upsetting display of the worst of politics. When the dust settles, every Democrat who decided before he was nominated to vote no, will vote no. Every Republican who wants a conservative on the bench who was going to vote yes, will vote yes. What will never happen is a good and decent family man, who came in with a stellar reputation will never have that universal respect again. He has been blemished for life. We would like to put his life up against those doing the questioning. We bet he would stand better than most. This episode is a disgrace.

Here’s our thoughts pending the hearing:
We think Dr. Ford in her H.S. partying days did have an incident.
We think that’s unfortunate and not something we would want for our daughters.
We don’t think it was Brett Kavanaugh, and there is no direct evidence it was. We don’t even know if they knew each other.
We think the second woman to come forward, who has now gone back off the radar, was a story that should never have been published.
It was irresponsible journalism to print that story. With no witnesses and she saying she had no memory, it was a disgraceful effort to find others.
The fact no one else has had a negative word about Kavanaugh is telling. Are we supposed to believe two drunken episodes, one in HS and one in college, define him? There would have been so many more charges if that was his character.

We are not 100% certain that Dr. Ford will testify tomorrow. We would not be surprised to see her, led by Democratic senators, show up with “witnesses” that she wants to speak and turn the hearing into chaos.

Then when the dust settles are the Republicans going to stick together? We don’t think so. We think Lisa Murkowski is going to vote “no”. That leaves no room for Collins, Flake or Corker to do the same. So this is not a done deal even if tomorrow goes well.
On that score remember this. All those Democrats who run by saying “I don’t vote with Schumer and the Democrats always” are so misleading. Yes they do, on every vote that matters. Notice not one is saying a word. Watch if it becomes clear that the Republicans have 50+ votes. There will be 2 or 3 who jump in and vote “yes”. That is so misleading and false. If only voters were smart enough to see it.

The President At The U.N. 

The President has a great record to run on and speak of. Yet he insists on putting his ego ahead of it. So when he gets before the U.N. and starts off with his administration is producing the greatest results ever, he ruins things.
He is his own worst enemy.

Rosenstein and The President:

Much anticipation for this meeting on Thursday. Will he resign? Be fired? What will happen? The answer is …… nothing. They will meet and he will leave with his job in place.


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