Another day, another hit …

A day after the firestorm of the Woodward book comes the NYT anonymous column and another hit. How many can Trump and the Republicans take before it impacts his standing and the elections?

We don’t think many more. In fact we think this last one will have a real impact on the mid terms. The anti administration fervor is at a height and the enthusiasm for voting in November is at the top level. On the other side the Republicans are sagging and the constant drumbeat of negativity has them reeling. The mid terms never looked worse for them, as many more will want a check on the administration. If this continues you can expect the senate to be in play too, as the turnout will drive Democratic wins.

In reaction the President said his polls have never been so high. Not the ones we’ve seen. We have no idea what he is looking at.
Here’s the WSJ this AM:
“Democrats are outperforming their Republican counterparts in the race for big money from small donors. Democrats in the most competitive races this year have raised four times as much money as their Republican counterparts from donations of $200 or less. Only five Republicans in the 38 hotly contested races the Journal reviewed are topping Democrats in the small-money race”.
They also reported this about one senate seat the Republicans were confident they would win:
“Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. House candidates Amy McGrath and Sharice Davids. The best small-dollar fundraisers in competitive House and Senate races are women. That’s not a coincidence, says Democratic digital strategist Andrew Bleeker. He has found that women, first-time candidates and veterans generate the excitement that translates to solid grassroots fundraising. Some of this year’s candidates, including retired Marine fighter pilot Ms. McGrath, check all of those boxes”.

All signs had pointed to a big Democratic House win, this week the signs are in brighter lights.

Whoever wrote the column in the NYT is wrong. He needs to have the courage of his convictions, leave the WH and explain himself. Putting this anonymous column out the day after the Woodward revelations and before the mid terms raises questions for us. Is this really a Trump supporter? Are we sure this is not a career bureaucrat? It seems an odd way to support conservative principals.

Watch the returns tonight from Delaware to see how far left has taken over the Democratic Party. A Community activist (Kerri Evelyn Harris) is challenging Sen. Tom Carper in Delaware’s primary todayShe has been outspent by a factor of 52—$3.6 million to $69,000, according to Federal Election Commission reports—but has bet a campaign from the left will draw enough support to score a shocking upset. A win for her would stun the party.

Finally we wonder how left leaning and supporter Jeff Bezos feels about this. Bernie Sanders is after Amazon. The Vermont senator introduced a bill that aims to tax big companies whose employees rely on federal benefits to make ends meet. Mr. Sanders specifically targeted Amazon founder and leader Jeff Bezos, contrasting his personal wealth with the compensation of the lowest-paid workers.
Jeff (owner of the Washington Post) is a big leftist. Now what Jeff?



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