Day One Kavanaugh ……

Day one of the Kavanaugh hearing was an absolute disgrace and the orchestrated chaos made it unwatchable. Elected officials in the senate should be embarrassed. Just days after praising John McCain for bi-partisanship the display at this hearing should make every voter take a close look at their senator. There is nothing else to say on this. Disgrace with a capital D is the word. It was unwatchable for me.

The Democrats should be mad at Harry Reid and not Brett Kavanaugh. Why? Here’s the reason:

In 2013 old Harry used the nuclear option to change the threshold from 60 votes for approval to 51. That’s right, it was 60 votes and Harry changed it. Welcome to payback.

Here’s a story that explains it all. It is the only thing that makes disgust with today’s hearing laughable:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, expressed remorse that her party eviscerated the power of the filibuster five years ago, leaving them no path to stop Judge Kavanaugh, barring Republican defections.
Ms. Klobuchar, who voted with fellow Democrats in 2013 to trigger the “nuclear option” and curtail the filibuster, said she would support reverting to the 60-vote rule should her party regain the Senate.
“I don’t think we should have made that change when we look back at it. But it happened because we were so frustrated because President Obama wasn’t able to get his nominees, but I think we would have been in a better place now,” she said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.

She was one of several Democrats who lodged complaints over the weekend that Mr. Bush and President Trump were keeping damning documents from Judge Kavanaugh’s past secret.

Nearly 450,000 pages of records have been turned over so far to the Judiciary Committee — equivalent to the total for the past five high court nominees combined — yet Democrats say Mr. Bush and Mr. Trump have deemed more than 100,000 pages “committee confidential.”

“What are they trying so desperately to hide?” Mr. Schumer said. Republicans said Democrats are reaching for objections.
No land mines have been found in the hundreds of thousands of pages already available to the public, and Republicans said they have made the confidential documents available to all senators.
Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican and Judiciary Committee chairman, said he would work with any senator who requests that some of those confidential documents be cleared for the public.


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