Welcome to Kavanaugh week ….

McCain Week Ends … Kavanaugh Week Begins:

This past week the media covered the death of Senator McCain extensively. Amid the emotional speeches and scenes they took every opportunity to assure the President was presented in a bad light.

Megan McCain was emotional and heartfelt. Your heart hurt for her all week as her emotions shown through. Her words though, attacking the President were at the wrong time, in the wrong place.

John McCain and Donald Trump had a running feud for sure. Trump said some words that should never have been said about McCain. Of that there is no doubt. Now McCain for his part hated Trump. Let’s not forget it was he (McCain) who gave the dossier to James Comey and the FBI. This added to the feud from Trump’s side. In true McCain fashion when asked about it he said, “anyone who doesn’t like his decision to give the dossier to the FBI can go to hell”. It was a true feud that went both ways.

So the media who loved McCain when he ran against George W. Bush and bashed Trump, but despised and buried him when he ran against Obama, took the opportunity to celebrate McCain and bash Trump all week. We think the bashing will have a toll on Trump’s numbers. We’ll see.

A few thoughts from us. If it were Trump who had passed, would McCain as a member of the senate been invited to the funeral? We think so. Would he have gone? We wonder about that and our gut says no. Would the press have treated it in the same manner? Again, we think no.


You heard so much this week about bi partnership. As we watched we saw Bob Dole in attendance and our memory of his time as senate leader was bi-partnership. That got us to thinking when did it end? After Dole came Trent Lott for four years. Anyone remember his time for the battles? Then came Tom Daschale for two years. Remember him? Then Bill Frist for four years. Anyone remember the good doctor? After that came  Harry Reid for eight years. Remember him?
If the Dole era was bi-partnership, and the three in between you don’t remember, what does that tell you?

Onto Kavanaugh:

Beginning tomorrow AM all the good vibrations of John McCain’s bi partnership will end. Remember there are a good number of Democratic senators who announced they were voting “no” before the President nominated anyone. It is going to be nasty. Here’s some things you should know:
You will hear that they can’t get the documents on Judge Kavanaugh.
Remember, they have 500,000 documents from him. Some current supreme court members released as few as 6,000.
You will hear about the 100,000 more they want. The issue with those is the Bush administration has claimed executive privilege for them. So of course it becomes an issue and they accuse Kavanaugh of  hiding something. Now most of those documents simply passed his desk as he worked in the counsels office of the White House. Watch how the MSM plays this.

Dick Durbin, number two senate leader said yesterday the hearing should be on hold until Trump impeachment is decided. He said this on the air and he got coverage all day. Well Dick, if you impeach Trump guess what, Mike Pence is President. You think Pence is going to change nominees or be less conservative? Just more needless noise. Kavanaugh is going through.

The spirit of John McCain bi-partnership will be gone in the morning.

We ask again who is the Democratic John McCain? Who will vote against their party when it matters? If Kavanaugh comes down to needing one Democratic vote, and it means the nomination (like Obamacare repeal did and McCain was thumbs down) who is it? We know on the other side, Flake, Collins, Murkowski, can all do that as they did on Obamacare. Who are their counterparts?

Buckle up for a week of Kavanaugh bashing greater than the Gorsuch one.



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