Month: September 2018

Flakey ……

Once again we see that though the Republicans have a 51-49 seat edge in the senate they have no where the party discipline of the Democrats. This time it was Flake (again), but it could have been Collins, Murkowski or Corker. The party does not have a conservative majority.

Now with Flake he made a deal to support another FBI probe. On the face of it, a probe (the seventh of Kavanaugh’s career), could be good. My problem is with how Flake handled this.
So he goes into a side room having announced he is voting for the nomination to move out of committee and to the senate floor. The other side knows his vote makes it 11-10 to proceed. The opposition wants Flake to support a week long delay so the FBI can do another investigation. Now think about this. In that room who holds all the power? Is it Flakey or the Democratic senators?
Does Flakey deal from strength and get some agreements? As an example, does he say to them if I do this and the FBI says there is no credible evidence against Kavanaugh will you all announce you are satisfied? Will you vote for him? Will you cease your attack and charges? No, he didn’t do anything. The man walked in holding all the cards and all he did was cave getting nothing.

Think about that, would the pit bulls on the Democratic side like Harris, Blumenthal, Durbin, Booker, Feinstein or anyone else, would they have been as feckless as Flakey? Of course not, they would have gotten their pound of flesh. Senator Flake is heading to NH next week to test the waters of a 2020 run. If he makes the run it will make the day for many who will sprint to the polls in a Republican primary to vote against him.

What can we expect now? A week of more crazy charges and unsubstantiated claims. Does it strike anyone else that the women making charges are all Democrats? I wonder why he never attacked Republican women. Do you think in his drunken attack mode he checked party registration? Oh you’re a Soros supporter, that’s perfect.

Now let’s imagine the FBI comes back and says we don’t have anything to dispute Kavanaugh’s claims. Do you think the Democrats will quietly go to a vote? Me neither. This is the politics of destruction and the American people must decide beginning November 6th what kind of country they want.

If The FBI comes back and says Kavanaugh is a rapist, then all bets are off. The house is gone, the senate is gone for Republicans and the Trump presidency is in jeopardy.

One week.

The Kavanaugh Hearing …

At the end of the day we had two credible witnesses who presented their cases strongly. So how can that be and what do we believe?

Our assessment is this.
We think something happened to Ford. But it wasn’t Kavanaugh.
Where’s the evidence?
In the end she can’t remember where this event happened.
She doesn’t know the street, house or address.
She can’t remember how she got to the house party.
She can’t remember how she got home.
The three people she identified that were there all had no memory of it.
Her best friend was one of them.
There were no other witnesses.
No one she told at the time.
So how do you collaborate an attempted rape charge with no collaboration? There is not a single piece of evidence to support her.

Now think about the above. Would any jury convict on that?
Of course not. You couldn’t even bring a case. So how can you deny a Supreme Court seat on that?
If any of those four Republicans in question (Collins, Murkowski, Flake, Corker) vote no they are done in the party. There is no reason to vote anything but yes.
No Democrat will announce they are a yes vote until those four commit. Then you’ll see a few vote yes to try and protect their seat. I hope their constituents see through that. Phonies should be voted out.

Voting matters. Think about the seat the Republicans lost in Alabama. That would have given them a margin of two to lose. Think of NH where Kelly Ayotte lost by a thousand votes. Another seat.

This November is vital for the senate opportunity in case another seat comes open. We wonder if this hearing, watching some of those Democratic senators embarrass themselves, fires up the Republican vote.

So who won and lost at the hearing?
Kavanaugh won. Before he spoke he was done. When he finished he was on track again.
Dr. Christine Ford won too. You felt sorry for her. Something happened that impacted her life. She just got the wrong guy.
Lindsey Graham was the big senate winner. His raw emotion won the day.
The female attorney the Republicans hired was a loser. She was horrible.
Diane Feinstein lost. She got hit all day over the sad move to hold the letter.
Richard Blumenthal was a loser. Over social media people kept posting about his stolen valor (claiming to be a Vietnam Vet). His challenging Kavanaugh’s credibility was laughable.
Corey Booker lost. He wrote about “groping a female” under a bed in high school. He was attacking Kavanaugh about his HS experience.
The other two accusers of Kavanaugh lost. Their charges were so outrageous that they didn’t even come up.

In the end it was a day the American people got to see their divided government in action.

Kavanaugh Plus ….

A few weeks ago we said “welcome to Kavanaugh Week, to be followed by Woodward Book week”. Well Kavanaugh week has turned into Kavanaugh month and the Woodward book has gone by the wayside. So what happens now?

Tomorrow’s hearing will be another circus. The Democrats will be going after Kavanaugh with every charge, innuendo and smirk possible. It will be  painful and in our view upsetting display of the worst of politics. When the dust settles, every Democrat who decided before he was nominated to vote no, will vote no. Every Republican who wants a conservative on the bench who was going to vote yes, will vote yes. What will never happen is a good and decent family man, who came in with a stellar reputation will never have that universal respect again. He has been blemished for life. We would like to put his life up against those doing the questioning. We bet he would stand better than most. This episode is a disgrace.

Here’s our thoughts pending the hearing:
We think Dr. Ford in her H.S. partying days did have an incident.
We think that’s unfortunate and not something we would want for our daughters.
We don’t think it was Brett Kavanaugh, and there is no direct evidence it was. We don’t even know if they knew each other.
We think the second woman to come forward, who has now gone back off the radar, was a story that should never have been published.
It was irresponsible journalism to print that story. With no witnesses and she saying she had no memory, it was a disgraceful effort to find others.
The fact no one else has had a negative word about Kavanaugh is telling. Are we supposed to believe two drunken episodes, one in HS and one in college, define him? There would have been so many more charges if that was his character.

We are not 100% certain that Dr. Ford will testify tomorrow. We would not be surprised to see her, led by Democratic senators, show up with “witnesses” that she wants to speak and turn the hearing into chaos.

Then when the dust settles are the Republicans going to stick together? We don’t think so. We think Lisa Murkowski is going to vote “no”. That leaves no room for Collins, Flake or Corker to do the same. So this is not a done deal even if tomorrow goes well.
On that score remember this. All those Democrats who run by saying “I don’t vote with Schumer and the Democrats always” are so misleading. Yes they do, on every vote that matters. Notice not one is saying a word. Watch if it becomes clear that the Republicans have 50+ votes. There will be 2 or 3 who jump in and vote “yes”. That is so misleading and false. If only voters were smart enough to see it.

The President At The U.N. 

The President has a great record to run on and speak of. Yet he insists on putting his ego ahead of it. So when he gets before the U.N. and starts off with his administration is producing the greatest results ever, he ruins things.
He is his own worst enemy.

Rosenstein and The President:

Much anticipation for this meeting on Thursday. Will he resign? Be fired? What will happen? The answer is …… nothing. They will meet and he will leave with his job in place.


Another day, another hit …

A day after the firestorm of the Woodward book comes the NYT anonymous column and another hit. How many can Trump and the Republicans take before it impacts his standing and the elections?

We don’t think many more. In fact we think this last one will have a real impact on the mid terms. The anti administration fervor is at a height and the enthusiasm for voting in November is at the top level. On the other side the Republicans are sagging and the constant drumbeat of negativity has them reeling. The mid terms never looked worse for them, as many more will want a check on the administration. If this continues you can expect the senate to be in play too, as the turnout will drive Democratic wins.

In reaction the President said his polls have never been so high. Not the ones we’ve seen. We have no idea what he is looking at.
Here’s the WSJ this AM:
“Democrats are outperforming their Republican counterparts in the race for big money from small donors. Democrats in the most competitive races this year have raised four times as much money as their Republican counterparts from donations of $200 or less. Only five Republicans in the 38 hotly contested races the Journal reviewed are topping Democrats in the small-money race”.
They also reported this about one senate seat the Republicans were confident they would win:
“Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. House candidates Amy McGrath and Sharice Davids. The best small-dollar fundraisers in competitive House and Senate races are women. That’s not a coincidence, says Democratic digital strategist Andrew Bleeker. He has found that women, first-time candidates and veterans generate the excitement that translates to solid grassroots fundraising. Some of this year’s candidates, including retired Marine fighter pilot Ms. McGrath, check all of those boxes”.

All signs had pointed to a big Democratic House win, this week the signs are in brighter lights.

Whoever wrote the column in the NYT is wrong. He needs to have the courage of his convictions, leave the WH and explain himself. Putting this anonymous column out the day after the Woodward revelations and before the mid terms raises questions for us. Is this really a Trump supporter? Are we sure this is not a career bureaucrat? It seems an odd way to support conservative principals.

Watch the returns tonight from Delaware to see how far left has taken over the Democratic Party. A Community activist (Kerri Evelyn Harris) is challenging Sen. Tom Carper in Delaware’s primary todayShe has been outspent by a factor of 52—$3.6 million to $69,000, according to Federal Election Commission reports—but has bet a campaign from the left will draw enough support to score a shocking upset. A win for her would stun the party.

Finally we wonder how left leaning and supporter Jeff Bezos feels about this. Bernie Sanders is after Amazon. The Vermont senator introduced a bill that aims to tax big companies whose employees rely on federal benefits to make ends meet. Mr. Sanders specifically targeted Amazon founder and leader Jeff Bezos, contrasting his personal wealth with the compensation of the lowest-paid workers.
Jeff (owner of the Washington Post) is a big leftist. Now what Jeff?



Day One Kavanaugh ……

Day one of the Kavanaugh hearing was an absolute disgrace and the orchestrated chaos made it unwatchable. Elected officials in the senate should be embarrassed. Just days after praising John McCain for bi-partisanship the display at this hearing should make every voter take a close look at their senator. There is nothing else to say on this. Disgrace with a capital D is the word. It was unwatchable for me.

The Democrats should be mad at Harry Reid and not Brett Kavanaugh. Why? Here’s the reason:

In 2013 old Harry used the nuclear option to change the threshold from 60 votes for approval to 51. That’s right, it was 60 votes and Harry changed it. Welcome to payback.

Here’s a story that explains it all. It is the only thing that makes disgust with today’s hearing laughable:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, expressed remorse that her party eviscerated the power of the filibuster five years ago, leaving them no path to stop Judge Kavanaugh, barring Republican defections.
Ms. Klobuchar, who voted with fellow Democrats in 2013 to trigger the “nuclear option” and curtail the filibuster, said she would support reverting to the 60-vote rule should her party regain the Senate.
“I don’t think we should have made that change when we look back at it. But it happened because we were so frustrated because President Obama wasn’t able to get his nominees, but I think we would have been in a better place now,” she said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.

She was one of several Democrats who lodged complaints over the weekend that Mr. Bush and President Trump were keeping damning documents from Judge Kavanaugh’s past secret.

Nearly 450,000 pages of records have been turned over so far to the Judiciary Committee — equivalent to the total for the past five high court nominees combined — yet Democrats say Mr. Bush and Mr. Trump have deemed more than 100,000 pages “committee confidential.”

“What are they trying so desperately to hide?” Mr. Schumer said. Republicans said Democrats are reaching for objections.
No land mines have been found in the hundreds of thousands of pages already available to the public, and Republicans said they have made the confidential documents available to all senators.
Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican and Judiciary Committee chairman, said he would work with any senator who requests that some of those confidential documents be cleared for the public.


Welcome to Kavanaugh week ….

McCain Week Ends … Kavanaugh Week Begins:

This past week the media covered the death of Senator McCain extensively. Amid the emotional speeches and scenes they took every opportunity to assure the President was presented in a bad light.

Megan McCain was emotional and heartfelt. Your heart hurt for her all week as her emotions shown through. Her words though, attacking the President were at the wrong time, in the wrong place.

John McCain and Donald Trump had a running feud for sure. Trump said some words that should never have been said about McCain. Of that there is no doubt. Now McCain for his part hated Trump. Let’s not forget it was he (McCain) who gave the dossier to James Comey and the FBI. This added to the feud from Trump’s side. In true McCain fashion when asked about it he said, “anyone who doesn’t like his decision to give the dossier to the FBI can go to hell”. It was a true feud that went both ways.

So the media who loved McCain when he ran against George W. Bush and bashed Trump, but despised and buried him when he ran against Obama, took the opportunity to celebrate McCain and bash Trump all week. We think the bashing will have a toll on Trump’s numbers. We’ll see.

A few thoughts from us. If it were Trump who had passed, would McCain as a member of the senate been invited to the funeral? We think so. Would he have gone? We wonder about that and our gut says no. Would the press have treated it in the same manner? Again, we think no.


You heard so much this week about bi partnership. As we watched we saw Bob Dole in attendance and our memory of his time as senate leader was bi-partnership. That got us to thinking when did it end? After Dole came Trent Lott for four years. Anyone remember his time for the battles? Then came Tom Daschale for two years. Remember him? Then Bill Frist for four years. Anyone remember the good doctor? After that came  Harry Reid for eight years. Remember him?
If the Dole era was bi-partnership, and the three in between you don’t remember, what does that tell you?

Onto Kavanaugh:

Beginning tomorrow AM all the good vibrations of John McCain’s bi partnership will end. Remember there are a good number of Democratic senators who announced they were voting “no” before the President nominated anyone. It is going to be nasty. Here’s some things you should know:
You will hear that they can’t get the documents on Judge Kavanaugh.
Remember, they have 500,000 documents from him. Some current supreme court members released as few as 6,000.
You will hear about the 100,000 more they want. The issue with those is the Bush administration has claimed executive privilege for them. So of course it becomes an issue and they accuse Kavanaugh of  hiding something. Now most of those documents simply passed his desk as he worked in the counsels office of the White House. Watch how the MSM plays this.

Dick Durbin, number two senate leader said yesterday the hearing should be on hold until Trump impeachment is decided. He said this on the air and he got coverage all day. Well Dick, if you impeach Trump guess what, Mike Pence is President. You think Pence is going to change nominees or be less conservative? Just more needless noise. Kavanaugh is going through.

The spirit of John McCain bi-partnership will be gone in the morning.

We ask again who is the Democratic John McCain? Who will vote against their party when it matters? If Kavanaugh comes down to needing one Democratic vote, and it means the nomination (like Obamacare repeal did and McCain was thumbs down) who is it? We know on the other side, Flake, Collins, Murkowski, can all do that as they did on Obamacare. Who are their counterparts?

Buckle up for a week of Kavanaugh bashing greater than the Gorsuch one.