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Just thinking out loud today:

The MSM continues to honor John McCain and forgets how it vilified him when he ran against Barack Obama. Am I the only one this bothers? What hypocrites they are.

They continue to highlight the speakers and pallbearers with emphasis on Democrats who are part of it. They do this with the implication of “see John McCain wasn’t like all those Republicans, he worked across the aisle. You have to get rid of those nasty Republicans”.  Well, I have questions for them:
Who is the Democrat’s John McCain?
Who is the Democrat Senator that votes against their party?
What Democrat would vote “no” like he did on Obamacare to change history?
There isn’t one who voted against the Democratic leadership when it mattered. Not one. Republicans had McCain, but also have Collins, Murkowski and Flake who have done so.

They are treating McCain like he is Democratic hero now. Compared to who?

The media is all in on this now to make McCain the hero and Trump the goat. They’ll be on this all week and add whatever they can until late next week. At that point they will pivot to Bob Woodward’s book release, which talks about chaos in the White House and have sexy stories they will run with for two more weeks. Then they’ll find something else.
Did you notice on the morning and nightly news this week they never mentioned a record Wall Street performance? Remember those few drops in the market, how they led with “losses in your 401k’s”? The media has completely lost their credibility in their biased reporting.

The Florida Race

Is off and running. Representative DeSantis used a poor choice when he said “monkey”. Just a poor, poor choice in a world so sensitive and looking for anything to pounce on. Now the MSM is saying he said it to gain an advantage. Do you think it gives him an advantage? Of course not. They are saying he did it to let everyone know his opponent is black. Really? He needed to say that for people to know? Are you kidding?
This race should be the bell weather of where we are. A true conservative, who doesn’t apologize for it, versus a true Bernie supporter who is clear in what he stands for. That is the election, not race. Should ICE be abandoned? Should free healthcare coverage be for all? Should the state be a sanctuary one? Should the tax cut be repealed?
The MSM should get to the issues and stop the hysterics.

By the way, in all their reporting did you hear once on the MSM that the Democratic candidates office is under investigation by the FBI? No, right? Do you think you would have heard if the Republican candidate was?

The Midterms:

On a number of occasions we have written that enthusiasm and anti incumbent fervor is what drives turnout in the midterms. Here’s an article in today’s WSJ that points some facts out using Florida as an example:

Both parties had contested primaries in the governor’s race to replace Republican Rick Scott, who is term-limited and now running for Senate, so there was something to energize voters on both sides.

The numbers on the Democratic side were particularly strong, compared to the past. Of all the votes cast for governor Tuesday, more than 1.5 million were cast in the Democratic primary, in which Tallahassee MayorAndrew Gillum defeated former Rep. Gwen Graham. That compares with 863,696 Democrats who cast votes in the 2010 gubernatorial primary, the year Mr. Scott was first elected. There were even fewer votes, 837,723, in the Democratic primary for governor in 2014, when Mr. Scott’s first term ended.

Those years were nowhere near as competitive on the Democratic side as 2018. And raw vote totals should always be viewed skeptically in a growing state like Florida. But it’s telling that the GOP hasn’t seen the same kind of a boost in its primary that the Democrats have.

In the GOP gubernatorial primary between Rep. Ron DeSantis, who defeated State Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, there were 1.6 million votes cast, compared with nearly 1.3 million in the 2010 primary. (Mr. Scott didn’t really face a serious primary challenge in his re-election bid four years later, so turnout was naturally down.)

The question is whether the differing rate of turnout growth between the two parties is a sign that Democrats can cut into the GOP’s slight edge in the state.

Of all the votes cast for governor on Tuesday, roughly 48% were in the Democratic primary. The Democratic primary only accounted for 40% of the total votes cast in 2010. That increase on the left is important because victories in Florida are often notoriously tight.

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