And the beat goes on …

The beat goes on, let’s catch up on a few topics:

The Mueller probe continues, and its clear there was no collusion, which we heard about all day, daily for months. It’s clear the probe now, as well the NY AG investigation is on finances. The area we long thought that Trump could be vulnerable. That raises some questions for us:
1. Can a president be impeached for actions before he was in office?
The answer is no.
2. Can a president be charged for obstruction (like firing the FBI Director) for a crime that didn’t happen (collusion)?
How can that possibly be?
So, we don’t know where the probe is going, but its not collusion.

The U.S. and Mexico announce a new trade deal. For some reason the MSM didn’t cover this much. Why? There was a joint conference call for the press with the Presidents of both countries. They were friendly, thanked each other for the agreement and each praised the other. After all we heard how much Trump was disliked in Mexico why was there no coverage?

You know we say its bias news and not fake news, but the CNN headlines last week that Michael Cohen said President Trump knew of the Donald Jr. meeting with the Russians in advance was a lie. Now Lanny Davis, the former Clinton lawyer, who is now Cohen’s lawyer, lied on TV about this. Then CNN reported Cohen testified to congress that Trump knew. That was wrong, too. We suspect they were mislead rather than reported fake news.  That said, they need to look at their stories and sources before reporting so delightfully negative stories.

John McCain’s passing should have been handled better by the White House. McCain and the President were not enamored with each other, but you lower the flag and you put a real statement out. Doing it two days later just made the White House look bad.
It’s also interesting to see the MSM take the high road and claim to love John McCain. The record on them and the senator is clear. They loved him when he ran against Bush and Romney. They gave him nothing but negative coverage when he ran against Obama. They should be held accountable for that.

Did you know the Senate has confirmed 24 appellate judges since President Trump was sworn in, the highest number for a president’s first two years in office? Very important for conservatives to get judges on the bench as we ready for the Kavanaugh hearings next week.

We still see the November mid terms shaping up as one the Democrats make major gains, retake the House and gain five or so governorships. Enthusiasm and anti Trump feelings fueled by the MSM will drive this further. Note this story in a Washington paper on turnout as an example:

Democrats saw a surge in voter turnout in primaries in flyover country this month, leaving party leaders salivating over a potential enthusiasm gap they hope will deliver control of Congress and several major governorships in November.

Turnout records were broken in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, with Democrats outdistancing Republicans in the gubernatorial race and collecting more votes in numerous primary fights as both parties picked their nominees.

Those are all states where President Trump led Republicans to gains in 2016, but where Democrats say things are swinging back their direction.

“You are seeing a huge turnout in every race from dog catcher to governor,” Jared Leopold, spokesman of the Democratic Governors Association, told The Washington Times. “That sign bodes well for November.”


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