A look ahead to November and 2020 ….

We’ve talked for two years about the mid terms and the likely House takeover by the Democrats and gains in Governorships. We stand by that, but want to take a look beyond that to 2020.

Now, no one can predict the events that could unfold, so this assessment is based upon current events. Here’s what we see:

The Democrats control the house and many of the far left zealots continually yell “impeachment”.
They will fight the administration at every turn and offer consistent left wing solutions.
The noise in Washington gets louder as the rift between right and left widens.
It seems like every time the administration puts something forward the house will yell that it favors the rich and privileged.
Those yelling the loudest will be far left and get the most coverage.

It is that last point that we think means trouble for the Democrats. Here’s why.

This week the party met and changed their rules in nominating a presidential candidate. This was little covered, but a very big change.

They removed super delegates from the first ballot nomination process. You remember how that favored Hillary over Bernie? They would divide the vote in a state, but she would get two thirds the delegates because the chosen super delegates were with her. Taking away their vote on round one means that a far left candidate can easily win the  nomination now. The primary process will be so anti Trump and so driven by the far left the Democrats can now nominate a true out of mainstream candidate. Think Barry Goldwater in 1964, or George McGovern in 1972. Both parties went to their extremes those years and were wiped out.
We think the Democrats just set themselves up for that in 2020.

Wait and see.

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