BOOM … Then BOOM Again

There’s no way for the administration or Republicans to spin yesterday. It was a devastating day and set up an unbelievable blue wave for November. The house is gone, watch how many governorships are lost, too. It is going to be big. The one area they still have a shot is the senate, but that’s because so many Democratic seats are up, (26) versus Republican (9).
The Republicans better hope they hold the senate because the house is going to be rough.

Manafort and Cohen in one day, less than an hour apart with guilty verdicts and pleas. Now I know Manafort’s eight guilty charges and all but two of Cohen’s were on tax evasion, but the closeness to the President is the image that emerges. Add Cohen pleading  guilty to campaign charges and locking the President in and you have all you need. A really bad day for the President.

The tax convictions on both made me wonder about the President’s taxes and why he won’t release them. His lawyer was hiding millions, it just makes you think.

By the way, where is the IRS in all this? Don’t they look bad? How many of the rich are cheating like this? If these two got caught only because they went to work for Trump it makes me wonder how much revenue the government is losing.

To add a third strike to the Republicans yesterday think of the safe seat in San Diego now in jeopardy. That of Duncan Hunter. He was indicted for personal use of campaign funds. This broke yesterday, too.
Now consider this. Hunter was the second member of Congress to endorse Trump. The first was Chris Collins of Buffalo who was indicted last week. You know who was the third? Jeff Sessions.
Not a good week to be close to Trump, was it.

The question people are asking is will this lead to impeachment? Not yet. Though when Democrats win the house in November the word will be front and center. But that’s not the danger today. It’s what other shoes will drop? There’s more to the Mueller probe and more that Cohen knows and will share. It’s what’s to come, that is the danger now.

Collusion is a dead issue. It’s the reason Sessions recusing himself was a death blow to this presidency. No collusion should have meant no special prosecutor. Sessions saying he couldn’t investigate led to the appointment of Mueller, who has found no collusion but all this other stuff.
It is also why I said over and over that Trump should have been talking nothing but collusion since day one. He should have had the public looking at this and saying “there was no collusion”. His continued texting about every facet of the investigation gave everything credence. Collusion was the issue.

Poll impact so far from Politico:
Against the two best-known candidates — former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — Trump trails 12 percentage points and is mired in the low 30s. Biden leads Trump, 43 percent to 31 percent, and Sanders’ lead over the president is virtually the same, 44 percent to 32 percent.
“Trump also trails Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — the first-term senator he has mocked as ‘Pocahontas,’ which Warren calls a racial slur — but by a smaller margin, 34 percent to 30 percent. A plurality of voters, 36 percent, are undecided.”

How does Trump recover in the short term?

Well, we expect he will have an announcement tomorrow on a deal with Mexico over trade. It will be better than NAFTA for us and he will tout it.

Then, the U.S. and China will resume trade talks. Coverage of this and why will help Trump:
This marks the first talks in more than two months as tariffs have hit China’s stock markets and currency while largely sparing U.S. markets. Negotiators are planning a road map to resolve the dispute by November. So far the U.S. has imposed levies on $34 billion in Chinese goods, with tariffs on an additional $16 billion in goods scheduled to take effect this week.

The Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearings will start on Sept. 4. Odds appear good that he will be confirmed as the newest justice. Democrats will continue to fight the nomination vigorously and appear partisan.

That said, tough days ahead for the administration with the MSM.

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