Enough ….

With Andrew Cuomo’s words yesterday that “America was never great …” I for one, have had enough. That’s it, the left has gone too far. I am simply tired of those with no sense of the price so many paid beating upon our character. Enough.

First of all stop judging our ancestors by your standards today. That is so wrong. Someday others will judge you by the standards of their day, and it won’t be kind. Judge by the standards of their time. You stand on the shoulders of what those people did to build this nation. You stand on the shoulders of the burdens they carried, the sacrifices they made and the price they paid. You live in the freest society in history and have the life you do because of the price they paid. Stop judging them as if they were failures. They led this world to the freedoms we have today. You disgrace them all by your words and actions.

Second to whom do you want to measure America against in the world? Who? The left looked upon Cuba as a socialist example. How did that work out? Venezuela, many of the same voices you hear today in recent years talked about it as an example. How did that work out? Today they can’t supply even enough toilet paper for their people. Exactly who in history or today, are you comparing American against?

Let me ask you this, what kind of world would this be without America in it? Would the world enjoy the freedoms it has today without America? Would World Wars 1 and 11 have turned out the same? Would the medical advances the world has enjoyed be the same? Would the technological advances be what they are? Why do people around the globe want to come to America for healthcare? What would the Middleast look like today if Isis were allowed to continue and conquer? Remember when they were unstoppable? Who stopped them? What does the world look like, what kind of life do people have today, without America riding to the rescue so many times?

Are you on the left so blind that you can’t see what America has meant to the world? What country has produced the wealth America has? What country has created a system that allows people to grow, work hard and go from poverty to upper class like America? Which one?

Now you want to label as bad and tear apart our structure. You want “free” everything. Well in America it is individual initiative and the willingness to work hard to achieve, that made us great. You want free, go to one of your socialist panaceas and try it out. Go ahead, it was just ten years ago you told us Venezuela was it. If Americas bad, where is good?

You know what free in America is? Free to do, seek and achieve what you want. Not given by the government. Free to work, create, save and do yourself. Not take from the doers and give to all.

While on that subject about giving let’s be clear. No country gives like America does. Your declarations that we are not great just raises this question. When there is a disaster in the world, be it a hurricane, earthquake, flood or famine. what country is the first to react and does the most? Anywhere in the world by the way? it is America of course, because if you are in need, America is your greatest hope.

Personally I have tolerated your anti American rants long enough. There is too much American soldier’s blood, on too many foreign lands and too much American aid that saved so many to listen to your false anger. The greatness of America is we have made life for our citizens and the world better because we are. We have made the world greater by our being. We always look forward to the future and making it greater tomorrow. Make America Greater is a slogan I can live with, because we always dream that dream. But to knock our past because you see it different today is to dishonor the price so many paid to get here today. You may see it as a “not so great America”, I see it as a spoiled generation with no sense of values for all so many did. I see you as the problem, not our ancestors.

I for one honor all those on whose shoulders I stand, and commit to working to make tomorrow even better, in their honor.


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