All that noise ….

We’ve become accustomed  to the MSM getting an anti Trump story and running for weeks with it until the next one. This has gone on since the election, so now we’re in the Omarosa period. We didn’t see any reason this week to add to the noise as some stations and outlets went end to end on it. Some observations from me:

Was there ever a less believable person hawking a tell all book?
Does credibility matter anymore?
You say one thing for years. Then get fired and try to sell books by changing everything?
You begged to keep your job. If you had, then none of this was true or important?
The MSM giving all the coverage and reporting all the stories doesn’t even believe her. (In fact they despised her before the book, and will drop her as soon as the next story emerges).

Our assessment is this. The book title is “Unhinged”. It is a good title that explains the authors character, and the media’s reaction to this administration.

Here’s some headlines from the NYT that tell you how unhinged they are:

The Revenge of the Lesser Trumps

They’re imitators. They’re operators. And they’re turning their teacher’s lessons against him.

Welcome to the Resistance, Omarosa

She’s a venal scammer, but she’s right to tell all about Trump.

Trump, Omarosa and ‘Only the Best People’

We are yet again reminded of how this president has hired people who reflect and reinforce his nastiness, neediness and narcissism.
The stories are endless as they try to justify coverage of this unhinged author.

Two more NYT stories you might like:

Who’s Afraid of Nancy Pelosi?

The G.O.P.’s boogeywoman was the greatest House speaker of modern times. (Does even need a comment?)

How Trump’s Plan for Immigrants on Welfare Could Hurt a Million New Yorkers

A proposed rule would make it difficult for immigrants and their family members who use government services to obtain permanent residency, city officials said.
The newspaper of record, so fair and balanced!
Some Other Headlines

A breaking story this AM is:
“Turkish court rejects appeal for American pastor’s release from detention.”

Turkey will be big in the news today for this and their economic showdown with the U.S. Today’s WSJ:

“Turkey Raises Tariffs on a Number of U.S. Products: List includes rice, vehicles, alcohol, coal and cosmetics,” by Yeliz Candemir in Istanbul: “Turkey sharply raised tariffs Wednesday on some U.S. imports in response to U.S. sanctions on Ankara, the latest spat between the two NATO allies that has led to a currency crisis.

“A decree signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey has raised tariffs on U.S. goods including alcoholic beverages, passenger cars, tobacco, cosmetics, rice and coal. ‘In response to the U.S. administration’s deliberate attacks on our economy, under the principle of reciprocity, the import duties on some products have been raised,’ Vice President Fuat Oktay said Wednesday on his official Twitter account.”

Another WSJ story on China reflects on the tariff war ongoing. In our media we hear how bad it is for the U.S.. Here’s a China view:
China’s economy continued to show signs of cooling. Statistics released today showed fixed-asset investment slowed to a nearly two-decade low for the first seven months of the year, as trade tensions with the U.S. intensified.

So you can see the impact on China and Turkey, which is why the President has said we need patience and we will win. That is hard for Americans, we know. Plus the coverage is so negative as the media presents individual stories of hardship.
Here’s coverage in today’s media on tariffs and impact on the U.S..
Tariffs designed to punish foreign rivals are hurting small U.S. businesses and startups. Compared with big players, small companies are less able to deflect or absorb higher materials prices, pass along new costs to customers, and shift production to other locations. The result is lower profits, layoffs or expansion plans on hold.

Finally some interesting primary results yesterday.
Connecticut as an example has set up a classic outsider liberal businessman versus a conservative businessman for Governor. A state that has headed straight down since implementing an income tax and spending to a fault, will now decide if more of the same is good, or a total reversal is needed.

And in Vermont the state that gave us Bernie and Democratic Socialism gave us another first. The Democratic Governor nominee is a a transgender woman. The first transgender person to run for that office. What does she stand for? Here’s a story from the Washington Times:
She’s appealed to Vermonters with a progressive message including a livable wage, Medicare for all, free public college education and high-speed broadband access — even to those who live on remote back roads.
“That’s how I want to be known in Vermont,” Hallquist, 62, told The Associated Press in an interview at her Burlington offices. “Nationally, I want to be known as the first trans candidate.”
Hallquist also defeated another candidate who was trying to make history: a 14-year-old boy, Ethan Sonneborn, who took advantage of the state constitution’s lack of an age requirement to seek the governorship.


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