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This Monday morning I think events are moving against the administration and Republicans for the November elections. The reasons are many.

Start with the President who’s insistence on uncontrolled tweets continues to destroy any possibility of  good news being reported on the economy. Have you ever seen a President destroy his message as much as this one? We are not talking about low unemployment, more jobs than people looking for them, record profits for businesses and historic non white male employment numbers.  Why?  Tweets.
We are instead talking about LaBron James. We are talking about football players who kneel. We are talking about Mueller and his “bias”.
The President makes news everyday that takes away from the singular focus that should be on the administration’s accomplishments. He muddies the water daily. I ask again, what are Democrats running on? What is the reason to vote them in? Most can’t answer, but all know the President’s latest tweet.

Those tweets allow a media that is clearly not on his side to focus their time and attention on anything but the successes of the administration. He is feeding their frenzy and it is beginning to impact the voter. The anti administration cable stations and national networks have endless tweets to put up and focus their anti views on.

Add the Manafort trial, which though unrelated to the collusion charges, gets extensive negative coverage and few know it is for money laundering 10-15 years ago. The average voter likely links the two.

Add the Mueller probe and the daily drip, drip, drip of stories. This week we are back to the Donald Jr.’s meeting to gather information on Hillary. Why they lied about the intent of this meeting (they said it was about adoptions) from the outset is beyond me. Why they misrepresented the topic and then issued a false statement is mind blowing. Why? It was just a plain bad decision and it is coming back to bite them. Don Jr. will be indicted for lying if he told congress it was about adoptions. The President continues to say he didn’t know about it. Do you believe that? I don’t. Why the lies about this? It makes no sense.
And why is that a crime anyway to meet? The Russians might have information on Hillary? Wait, didn’t she pay for the Steel Dossier which was information from Russia on Trump? The difference is what?

Then the books are coming. Omarosa next week, Woodward next month. Both will be highly covered by the anti MSM.

Finally, add the tariffs and how China is strategically fighting back. They are adding in tariffs that hurt people and companies the most in Trump states. A negative economic impact there will impact their votes as politicians will be forced to either stand with the President or constituents. Plus this economic impact the MSM will cover big time.

So, led by his own tweets and events outside the tide is building for a negative result in November for Republicans. Now there are exactly two months to go and in politics that is a lifetime, but we see no reason a President who has resisted control up to now will suddenly fall into line.

Some Quick Hit Other News

Big news today, U.S. sanctions are set to be imposed again on Iran beginning this morning. Iranians are hoarding gold ahead of the sanctions (pushing the price to record levels).
Meanwhile Britain, France and Germany are seeking to help Iran, as many Western firms halt investments and trade.
This comes despite investigations into alleged terror plots and killings sponsored by Iran  have opened a new front in U.S. efforts to persuade Europe to cut ties with Tehran.

It wasn’t reported widely, but AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka offered qualified support for President Trump’s trade policies and didn’t rule out supporting him for re-election. Can you imagine that?

The unemployment rate for Hispanic or Latino workers fell to 4.5 percent in the month, lower than the previous record of 4.6 percent that was set just the month before. Trump’s numbers appear to be up slightly with Hispanics.

More potential big news: The U.S. and Mexico are pursuing a NAFTA auto deal as Canada sits on the sidelines. In fact, the US and Mexico seem to be having really serious talks in trade. Do you think the administration will make a new deal and claim the savings are paying for the wall?






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