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As I watched VP Mike Pence talk in Honolulu honoring the arriving remains of Korean War casualties, I was so impressed. He was emotional, moving and genuine. Not once did he talk about himself, concentrating on the sacrifice of the individuals, their families and the nation.
Watching, one couldn’t help but wonder how many times the President would have said “I”. As in I got them back when other President’s couldn’t. I made this day possible.
VP Pence let the moment speak for itself and honored the ceremony.

So Mueller wants to question the President about obstruction. Wait, I thought the charge was collusion.
Adam Schiff was on TV daily telling everyone he had proof of collusion. The MSM ran months and months of daily collusion stories. What happened to collusion? I want to hear about collusion. If there was no collusion is Schiff going to be made to apologize? Is the MSM?
Plus, how can you obstruct an investigation on a crime that never happened? I am confused. Did the Democrats and MSM lie to me?

I have long written that there was no evidence of collusion and that Mueller was looking at other aspects. We wondered if it was financial (and still do). Obstruction? Does that mean the President tried to get this investigation that has been a drain on his presidency over?
It’s time for all the cards to be put on the table and this to come to a close. My thoughts:
If there was no collusion and if Hillary deleting 30,000 emails, using Bleach Bit, smashing devices and having confidential memo’s on Anthony Weiner’s computer are not crimes, then all are innocent.
Let’s get on with government.

On tariffs, all those who voted for President Trump because he promised to bring jobs and manufacturing back should not complain. The only way any of that could occur was lowering taxes and reducing incentives to manufacture outside the borders. A tariff war was inevitable.
Remember when the President said during the campaign I am going to charge them such a fee to bring the goods back in that they will build it here? Well that’s call tariffs. So, no complaining now if you supported that.

Speaking of things he said, what happened to Mexico paying for the wall? Funding for it is the issue now, and that has the President threatening a government shut down. It’s only a matter of time before the opposition calls him on this.

Are you following the Manafort trial at all? The judge is tough. He has banned using Trump’s name and campaign, making it clear it has no relevance here. (That hasn’t stopped media like ABC has it? They make it sound morning and night like the trial and collusion are one).
Anyway, yesterday he admonished the prosecutors on talking about Manafort’s lifestyle. “Enough is enough,” he said during the trial, “We don’t convict people because they have a lot of money and throw it around.”
You wonder how the jury reacts to this. He has done this on numerous occasions now.
On the other hand, The Washington Post reported that with opening statements the jury was very attentive and took many notes when the prosecutor presented their side. Not so when the defense did.

The administration withdrew another Obama era mandate yesterday. This one on MPG for cars that were required (50+ MPG average by 2025). The Trump administration withdrew and so the 2020 MPG mandate will stay.
I have mixed reaction. I love the added MPG, but know all that would happen is increased taxes. Why? State taxes today average fifty cents per gallon. Cars get better mileage means less gas use, right? That means less revenue for the state. So, then states say we are losing revenue and raise taxes. It’s frustrating.

A little test of what November’s mid terms can produce can be seen next Tuesday. The last special election is that day. It is in Ohio and for a seat held by Republicans for 35 years. The latest poll shows a one point race and the President is headed there this weekend out of concern. If Republicans lose here, or if it’s as close as that poll says, that illustrates the trouble Republicans are in.
One other sign is campaign finances. There has been a surge of Democrats who raised more money than their GOP opponents in the last quarter.
Democratic enthusiasm has been apparent in all sorts of ways: the anti-Trump marches, the record number of new candidates running for office, increased turnout in primaries and special elections, and surveys showing left-leaning voters more invested in November’s election than their counterparts.
That energy has also translated into dollars. In the second quarter of this year, non-incumbent Democratic House candidates raised more than three times the amount they did in the same period in 2014. That works out to an average of $151,000 per candidate, compared with $101,000 in 2014.

In the last few days we have heard twice from the Homeland Director about Russian meddling in the 2018 elections. Just listening to her and the concerns she has raises the question again about the President. Why does he not say it? Why did he back down in front of Putin? There just seems to be something we don’t know.

Yesterday we mentioned the book Bob Woodward is writing and its release date is set for September 11. Don’t forget the tell all that Omarosa is writing. That one is out in 11 days (August 14th). She will have sensationalism all over it. Remember it’s her one big chance to make lots of money.

Finally did you see the story about the person the MYT hired for its editorial board? Her name is Sarah Jeong. She has drawn fire in social media for a  tweets made that bashed “dumbass f–king white people”.  The number of tweets are long and you should take a look. Here’s one more.“Oh man, it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”
The NYT thinks she is fine and have said she is staying.

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