Month: August 2018

Just Thinking …

Just thinking out loud today:

The MSM continues to honor John McCain and forgets how it vilified him when he ran against Barack Obama. Am I the only one this bothers? What hypocrites they are.

They continue to highlight the speakers and pallbearers with emphasis on Democrats who are part of it. They do this with the implication of “see John McCain wasn’t like all those Republicans, he worked across the aisle. You have to get rid of those nasty Republicans”.  Well, I have questions for them:
Who is the Democrat’s John McCain?
Who is the Democrat Senator that votes against their party?
What Democrat would vote “no” like he did on Obamacare to change history?
There isn’t one who voted against the Democratic leadership when it mattered. Not one. Republicans had McCain, but also have Collins, Murkowski and Flake who have done so.

They are treating McCain like he is Democratic hero now. Compared to who?

The media is all in on this now to make McCain the hero and Trump the goat. They’ll be on this all week and add whatever they can until late next week. At that point they will pivot to Bob Woodward’s book release, which talks about chaos in the White House and have sexy stories they will run with for two more weeks. Then they’ll find something else.
Did you notice on the morning and nightly news this week they never mentioned a record Wall Street performance? Remember those few drops in the market, how they led with “losses in your 401k’s”? The media has completely lost their credibility in their biased reporting.

The Florida Race

Is off and running. Representative DeSantis used a poor choice when he said “monkey”. Just a poor, poor choice in a world so sensitive and looking for anything to pounce on. Now the MSM is saying he said it to gain an advantage. Do you think it gives him an advantage? Of course not. They are saying he did it to let everyone know his opponent is black. Really? He needed to say that for people to know? Are you kidding?
This race should be the bell weather of where we are. A true conservative, who doesn’t apologize for it, versus a true Bernie supporter who is clear in what he stands for. That is the election, not race. Should ICE be abandoned? Should free healthcare coverage be for all? Should the state be a sanctuary one? Should the tax cut be repealed?
The MSM should get to the issues and stop the hysterics.

By the way, in all their reporting did you hear once on the MSM that the Democratic candidates office is under investigation by the FBI? No, right? Do you think you would have heard if the Republican candidate was?

The Midterms:

On a number of occasions we have written that enthusiasm and anti incumbent fervor is what drives turnout in the midterms. Here’s an article in today’s WSJ that points some facts out using Florida as an example:

Both parties had contested primaries in the governor’s race to replace Republican Rick Scott, who is term-limited and now running for Senate, so there was something to energize voters on both sides.

The numbers on the Democratic side were particularly strong, compared to the past. Of all the votes cast for governor Tuesday, more than 1.5 million were cast in the Democratic primary, in which Tallahassee MayorAndrew Gillum defeated former Rep. Gwen Graham. That compares with 863,696 Democrats who cast votes in the 2010 gubernatorial primary, the year Mr. Scott was first elected. There were even fewer votes, 837,723, in the Democratic primary for governor in 2014, when Mr. Scott’s first term ended.

Those years were nowhere near as competitive on the Democratic side as 2018. And raw vote totals should always be viewed skeptically in a growing state like Florida. But it’s telling that the GOP hasn’t seen the same kind of a boost in its primary that the Democrats have.

In the GOP gubernatorial primary between Rep. Ron DeSantis, who defeated State Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, there were 1.6 million votes cast, compared with nearly 1.3 million in the 2010 primary. (Mr. Scott didn’t really face a serious primary challenge in his re-election bid four years later, so turnout was naturally down.)

The question is whether the differing rate of turnout growth between the two parties is a sign that Democrats can cut into the GOP’s slight edge in the state.

Of all the votes cast for governor on Tuesday, roughly 48% were in the Democratic primary. The Democratic primary only accounted for 40% of the total votes cast in 2010. That increase on the left is important because victories in Florida are often notoriously tight.

A look ahead to November and 2020 ….

We’ve talked for two years about the mid terms and the likely House takeover by the Democrats and gains in Governorships. We stand by that, but want to take a look beyond that to 2020.

Now, no one can predict the events that could unfold, so this assessment is based upon current events. Here’s what we see:

The Democrats control the house and many of the far left zealots continually yell “impeachment”.
They will fight the administration at every turn and offer consistent left wing solutions.
The noise in Washington gets louder as the rift between right and left widens.
It seems like every time the administration puts something forward the house will yell that it favors the rich and privileged.
Those yelling the loudest will be far left and get the most coverage.

It is that last point that we think means trouble for the Democrats. Here’s why.

This week the party met and changed their rules in nominating a presidential candidate. This was little covered, but a very big change.

They removed super delegates from the first ballot nomination process. You remember how that favored Hillary over Bernie? They would divide the vote in a state, but she would get two thirds the delegates because the chosen super delegates were with her. Taking away their vote on round one means that a far left candidate can easily win the  nomination now. The primary process will be so anti Trump and so driven by the far left the Democrats can now nominate a true out of mainstream candidate. Think Barry Goldwater in 1964, or George McGovern in 1972. Both parties went to their extremes those years and were wiped out.
We think the Democrats just set themselves up for that in 2020.

Wait and see.

And the beat goes on …

The beat goes on, let’s catch up on a few topics:

The Mueller probe continues, and its clear there was no collusion, which we heard about all day, daily for months. It’s clear the probe now, as well the NY AG investigation is on finances. The area we long thought that Trump could be vulnerable. That raises some questions for us:
1. Can a president be impeached for actions before he was in office?
The answer is no.
2. Can a president be charged for obstruction (like firing the FBI Director) for a crime that didn’t happen (collusion)?
How can that possibly be?
So, we don’t know where the probe is going, but its not collusion.

The U.S. and Mexico announce a new trade deal. For some reason the MSM didn’t cover this much. Why? There was a joint conference call for the press with the Presidents of both countries. They were friendly, thanked each other for the agreement and each praised the other. After all we heard how much Trump was disliked in Mexico why was there no coverage?

You know we say its bias news and not fake news, but the CNN headlines last week that Michael Cohen said President Trump knew of the Donald Jr. meeting with the Russians in advance was a lie. Now Lanny Davis, the former Clinton lawyer, who is now Cohen’s lawyer, lied on TV about this. Then CNN reported Cohen testified to congress that Trump knew. That was wrong, too. We suspect they were mislead rather than reported fake news.  That said, they need to look at their stories and sources before reporting so delightfully negative stories.

John McCain’s passing should have been handled better by the White House. McCain and the President were not enamored with each other, but you lower the flag and you put a real statement out. Doing it two days later just made the White House look bad.
It’s also interesting to see the MSM take the high road and claim to love John McCain. The record on them and the senator is clear. They loved him when he ran against Bush and Romney. They gave him nothing but negative coverage when he ran against Obama. They should be held accountable for that.

Did you know the Senate has confirmed 24 appellate judges since President Trump was sworn in, the highest number for a president’s first two years in office? Very important for conservatives to get judges on the bench as we ready for the Kavanaugh hearings next week.

We still see the November mid terms shaping up as one the Democrats make major gains, retake the House and gain five or so governorships. Enthusiasm and anti Trump feelings fueled by the MSM will drive this further. Note this story in a Washington paper on turnout as an example:

Democrats saw a surge in voter turnout in primaries in flyover country this month, leaving party leaders salivating over a potential enthusiasm gap they hope will deliver control of Congress and several major governorships in November.

Turnout records were broken in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, with Democrats outdistancing Republicans in the gubernatorial race and collecting more votes in numerous primary fights as both parties picked their nominees.

Those are all states where President Trump led Republicans to gains in 2016, but where Democrats say things are swinging back their direction.

“You are seeing a huge turnout in every race from dog catcher to governor,” Jared Leopold, spokesman of the Democratic Governors Association, told The Washington Times. “That sign bodes well for November.”


BOOM … Then BOOM Again

There’s no way for the administration or Republicans to spin yesterday. It was a devastating day and set up an unbelievable blue wave for November. The house is gone, watch how many governorships are lost, too. It is going to be big. The one area they still have a shot is the senate, but that’s because so many Democratic seats are up, (26) versus Republican (9).
The Republicans better hope they hold the senate because the house is going to be rough.

Manafort and Cohen in one day, less than an hour apart with guilty verdicts and pleas. Now I know Manafort’s eight guilty charges and all but two of Cohen’s were on tax evasion, but the closeness to the President is the image that emerges. Add Cohen pleading  guilty to campaign charges and locking the President in and you have all you need. A really bad day for the President.

The tax convictions on both made me wonder about the President’s taxes and why he won’t release them. His lawyer was hiding millions, it just makes you think.

By the way, where is the IRS in all this? Don’t they look bad? How many of the rich are cheating like this? If these two got caught only because they went to work for Trump it makes me wonder how much revenue the government is losing.

To add a third strike to the Republicans yesterday think of the safe seat in San Diego now in jeopardy. That of Duncan Hunter. He was indicted for personal use of campaign funds. This broke yesterday, too.
Now consider this. Hunter was the second member of Congress to endorse Trump. The first was Chris Collins of Buffalo who was indicted last week. You know who was the third? Jeff Sessions.
Not a good week to be close to Trump, was it.

The question people are asking is will this lead to impeachment? Not yet. Though when Democrats win the house in November the word will be front and center. But that’s not the danger today. It’s what other shoes will drop? There’s more to the Mueller probe and more that Cohen knows and will share. It’s what’s to come, that is the danger now.

Collusion is a dead issue. It’s the reason Sessions recusing himself was a death blow to this presidency. No collusion should have meant no special prosecutor. Sessions saying he couldn’t investigate led to the appointment of Mueller, who has found no collusion but all this other stuff.
It is also why I said over and over that Trump should have been talking nothing but collusion since day one. He should have had the public looking at this and saying “there was no collusion”. His continued texting about every facet of the investigation gave everything credence. Collusion was the issue.

Poll impact so far from Politico:
Against the two best-known candidates — former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — Trump trails 12 percentage points and is mired in the low 30s. Biden leads Trump, 43 percent to 31 percent, and Sanders’ lead over the president is virtually the same, 44 percent to 32 percent.
“Trump also trails Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — the first-term senator he has mocked as ‘Pocahontas,’ which Warren calls a racial slur — but by a smaller margin, 34 percent to 30 percent. A plurality of voters, 36 percent, are undecided.”

How does Trump recover in the short term?

Well, we expect he will have an announcement tomorrow on a deal with Mexico over trade. It will be better than NAFTA for us and he will tout it.

Then, the U.S. and China will resume trade talks. Coverage of this and why will help Trump:
This marks the first talks in more than two months as tariffs have hit China’s stock markets and currency while largely sparing U.S. markets. Negotiators are planning a road map to resolve the dispute by November. So far the U.S. has imposed levies on $34 billion in Chinese goods, with tariffs on an additional $16 billion in goods scheduled to take effect this week.

The Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearings will start on Sept. 4. Odds appear good that he will be confirmed as the newest justice. Democrats will continue to fight the nomination vigorously and appear partisan.

That said, tough days ahead for the administration with the MSM.

Enough ….

With Andrew Cuomo’s words yesterday that “America was never great …” I for one, have had enough. That’s it, the left has gone too far. I am simply tired of those with no sense of the price so many paid beating upon our character. Enough.

First of all stop judging our ancestors by your standards today. That is so wrong. Someday others will judge you by the standards of their day, and it won’t be kind. Judge by the standards of their time. You stand on the shoulders of what those people did to build this nation. You stand on the shoulders of the burdens they carried, the sacrifices they made and the price they paid. You live in the freest society in history and have the life you do because of the price they paid. Stop judging them as if they were failures. They led this world to the freedoms we have today. You disgrace them all by your words and actions.

Second to whom do you want to measure America against in the world? Who? The left looked upon Cuba as a socialist example. How did that work out? Venezuela, many of the same voices you hear today in recent years talked about it as an example. How did that work out? Today they can’t supply even enough toilet paper for their people. Exactly who in history or today, are you comparing American against?

Let me ask you this, what kind of world would this be without America in it? Would the world enjoy the freedoms it has today without America? Would World Wars 1 and 11 have turned out the same? Would the medical advances the world has enjoyed be the same? Would the technological advances be what they are? Why do people around the globe want to come to America for healthcare? What would the Middleast look like today if Isis were allowed to continue and conquer? Remember when they were unstoppable? Who stopped them? What does the world look like, what kind of life do people have today, without America riding to the rescue so many times?

Are you on the left so blind that you can’t see what America has meant to the world? What country has produced the wealth America has? What country has created a system that allows people to grow, work hard and go from poverty to upper class like America? Which one?

Now you want to label as bad and tear apart our structure. You want “free” everything. Well in America it is individual initiative and the willingness to work hard to achieve, that made us great. You want free, go to one of your socialist panaceas and try it out. Go ahead, it was just ten years ago you told us Venezuela was it. If Americas bad, where is good?

You know what free in America is? Free to do, seek and achieve what you want. Not given by the government. Free to work, create, save and do yourself. Not take from the doers and give to all.

While on that subject about giving let’s be clear. No country gives like America does. Your declarations that we are not great just raises this question. When there is a disaster in the world, be it a hurricane, earthquake, flood or famine. what country is the first to react and does the most? Anywhere in the world by the way? it is America of course, because if you are in need, America is your greatest hope.

Personally I have tolerated your anti American rants long enough. There is too much American soldier’s blood, on too many foreign lands and too much American aid that saved so many to listen to your false anger. The greatness of America is we have made life for our citizens and the world better because we are. We have made the world greater by our being. We always look forward to the future and making it greater tomorrow. Make America Greater is a slogan I can live with, because we always dream that dream. But to knock our past because you see it different today is to dishonor the price so many paid to get here today. You may see it as a “not so great America”, I see it as a spoiled generation with no sense of values for all so many did. I see you as the problem, not our ancestors.

I for one honor all those on whose shoulders I stand, and commit to working to make tomorrow even better, in their honor.


All that noise ….

We’ve become accustomed  to the MSM getting an anti Trump story and running for weeks with it until the next one. This has gone on since the election, so now we’re in the Omarosa period. We didn’t see any reason this week to add to the noise as some stations and outlets went end to end on it. Some observations from me:

Was there ever a less believable person hawking a tell all book?
Does credibility matter anymore?
You say one thing for years. Then get fired and try to sell books by changing everything?
You begged to keep your job. If you had, then none of this was true or important?
The MSM giving all the coverage and reporting all the stories doesn’t even believe her. (In fact they despised her before the book, and will drop her as soon as the next story emerges).

Our assessment is this. The book title is “Unhinged”. It is a good title that explains the authors character, and the media’s reaction to this administration.

Here’s some headlines from the NYT that tell you how unhinged they are:

The Revenge of the Lesser Trumps

They’re imitators. They’re operators. And they’re turning their teacher’s lessons against him.

Welcome to the Resistance, Omarosa

She’s a venal scammer, but she’s right to tell all about Trump.

Trump, Omarosa and ‘Only the Best People’

We are yet again reminded of how this president has hired people who reflect and reinforce his nastiness, neediness and narcissism.
The stories are endless as they try to justify coverage of this unhinged author.

Two more NYT stories you might like:

Who’s Afraid of Nancy Pelosi?

The G.O.P.’s boogeywoman was the greatest House speaker of modern times. (Does even need a comment?)

How Trump’s Plan for Immigrants on Welfare Could Hurt a Million New Yorkers

A proposed rule would make it difficult for immigrants and their family members who use government services to obtain permanent residency, city officials said.
The newspaper of record, so fair and balanced!
Some Other Headlines

A breaking story this AM is:
“Turkish court rejects appeal for American pastor’s release from detention.”

Turkey will be big in the news today for this and their economic showdown with the U.S. Today’s WSJ:

“Turkey Raises Tariffs on a Number of U.S. Products: List includes rice, vehicles, alcohol, coal and cosmetics,” by Yeliz Candemir in Istanbul: “Turkey sharply raised tariffs Wednesday on some U.S. imports in response to U.S. sanctions on Ankara, the latest spat between the two NATO allies that has led to a currency crisis.

“A decree signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey has raised tariffs on U.S. goods including alcoholic beverages, passenger cars, tobacco, cosmetics, rice and coal. ‘In response to the U.S. administration’s deliberate attacks on our economy, under the principle of reciprocity, the import duties on some products have been raised,’ Vice President Fuat Oktay said Wednesday on his official Twitter account.”

Another WSJ story on China reflects on the tariff war ongoing. In our media we hear how bad it is for the U.S.. Here’s a China view:
China’s economy continued to show signs of cooling. Statistics released today showed fixed-asset investment slowed to a nearly two-decade low for the first seven months of the year, as trade tensions with the U.S. intensified.

So you can see the impact on China and Turkey, which is why the President has said we need patience and we will win. That is hard for Americans, we know. Plus the coverage is so negative as the media presents individual stories of hardship.
Here’s coverage in today’s media on tariffs and impact on the U.S..
Tariffs designed to punish foreign rivals are hurting small U.S. businesses and startups. Compared with big players, small companies are less able to deflect or absorb higher materials prices, pass along new costs to customers, and shift production to other locations. The result is lower profits, layoffs or expansion plans on hold.

Finally some interesting primary results yesterday.
Connecticut as an example has set up a classic outsider liberal businessman versus a conservative businessman for Governor. A state that has headed straight down since implementing an income tax and spending to a fault, will now decide if more of the same is good, or a total reversal is needed.

And in Vermont the state that gave us Bernie and Democratic Socialism gave us another first. The Democratic Governor nominee is a a transgender woman. The first transgender person to run for that office. What does she stand for? Here’s a story from the Washington Times:
She’s appealed to Vermonters with a progressive message including a livable wage, Medicare for all, free public college education and high-speed broadband access — even to those who live on remote back roads.
“That’s how I want to be known in Vermont,” Hallquist, 62, told The Associated Press in an interview at her Burlington offices. “Nationally, I want to be known as the first trans candidate.”
Hallquist also defeated another candidate who was trying to make history: a 14-year-old boy, Ethan Sonneborn, who took advantage of the state constitution’s lack of an age requirement to seek the governorship.


Wrap Up …

Wrapping up a week of more of the same. Some notes:

Did you see that Stormy’s lawyer – Michael Avenatti is “exploring a run for the presidency”? He is going to Iowa with a Clinton operative (Matt Paul) to test the waters.
We predict he will find very cold waters there.

Did you see that Melania’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs had a private naturalization ceremony in New York and became U.S. citizens? They used the chain migration option that the President wants eliminated.
Do you think Democrats now wish they had reached an agreement with the administration and done away with it?

Did you see this in the WSJ today (because the MSM did not cover it)?:
The imposition of new U.S. sanctions against Moscow has roiled its markets.
The ruble shed as much as 5% against the dollar on Thursday, and stocks plunged as much as 9%.
Really? You mean the actions against Russia have hurt them?

The U.S. failed to get assurances from Turkey to free an American pastor held on disputed terrorism charges, setting the stage for new punitive steps by the Trump administration. This has rattled things. The Turkish lira lost more than 10% against the U.S. dollar as relationships falter. The fall rattled currency markets and the dollar rose to its strongest point in a year as concerns about the health of Turkey’s financial system rippled around the world.

The prosecution is about to rest in the Manafort trial. As they rest their case ask yourself, was there anything in their case tied to Trump or Russian collusion? There was none. Yet how many times did you watch or read the MSM and hear Manafort and Trump linked in the story?
What Manafort is charged with was a decade before the 2016 election and has nothing to do with the president. It’s time for Mueller to lay out his case or move on.

Get ready for Omarosa. She kicks off her book campaign on Sunday on Meet The Press. It will be two weeks of anti Trump bashing, with a week reprieve and then the Woodward book.

By the way Omarosa said she secretly taped Trump. So let’s see, she and his lawyer secretly taped him. Funny. Trump thought Obama and Comey were doing it.

Have a great weekend.


The Signs Then and Now …..

Well the election in Ohio we told you last week would be a barometer certainly turned out to be all it was advertised as. As of this AM the AP has still not called a winner, though the Republican and President have called it. The contest was that close.
So what does it mean? Here’s three observations:
1. Unless the Republicans find a better way to message their success they are headed to losing the House.
2. The President is a help in a primary, but not a general election. In a primary he drives Republicans to vote his choice. In a general election he drives opposition voters to the polls.
3. Now Trump won this district by eleven points in 2016. Yet here is an almost tied congressional vote two years later. It tells us a lot about the view of Trump, of course, but we think it also tells us how weak a candidate Hillary was. Doesn’t it make clear how much people didn’t like her?

What should Republicans do? The answer is clear, but the President won’t cooperate. To win, the Republicans must focus completely on the results of the eighteen months. The economy is rolling. GDP is up. Jobs are available. Unemployment is down. Isis is defeated and on its last leg. North Korea is back from the brink. NATO is paying more of its bill. The stock market is making all in it richer. Taxes were cut.
Their message should be:
Where are we not better off today than the day Trump took office? The Democrats have been against every initiative that made this possible. If you want to reverse all this then you should vote for them. If you want to continue moving forward, we are the answer. That’s it.

Why can’t they do this?
Simply because the President tweets messages every day that take away from it. In an age of social media, and the really first social media President, the President is an example of how not to use it.
It’s really that simple.

Of course the Mueller probe is a drain on the Presidency too. The President plays into the media’s hand with his daily messages on it. He should have one message on the probe. There was no collusion. That message should be the daily one on the probe. There was no collusion. When asked, he should say to the media go look at your coverage. For five months you led the day and evening news with collusion stories. There was no collusion. You were wrong. Don’t move the goalposts. You told America there was collusion. There was none — none.

That would be our approach. He can’t do it.

Some Thoughts

The NYT has a daily quotation of the day. Here’s yesterday’s
“People think twice about even buying an ice cream.”
Amir Sherafari, who sells fruit and vegetables in Tehran, describing the atmosphere of economic anxiety as Iranians prepare for the renewal of penalties by the United States.

You don’t hear how the administration is putting pressure on Iran by withdrawing from the Obama/Kerry agreement. Remember this, the Soviet Union fell through economic pressure from Reagan. This is the attempt here. As you hear the stories from the MSM of Trump pulling out of the agreement and how he wants war, remember that is what they said of Reagan, too. They were wrong then and they may well be wrong now.

Here’s a story in the NYT that says it all about a forever run liberal city:
In Chicago, One Weekend, 66 Shooting Victims, and Zero Arrests

Now they’ll blame the police, but go ahead and ask the police officer on the street if they feel they can do their job.

Finally, here’s a WSJ story. They run a daily “On this date” story. Read this one from 1998 and see who was behind this attack and realize how known he was to the government. Then ask what Bill Clinton did about it six years into his presidency and with two to go.

Aug. 7, 1998
Bombs Explode at Two U.S. Embassies in Africa

In near-simultaneous attacks, bombs exploded at U.S. embassies in the capitals of Kenya and Tanzania, killing dozens. ‘‘U.S. antiterrorism experts are [in Nairobi], and they expressed dismay at finding onlookers swarming over the area while debris was being trucked from the site,’’ the Journal wrote on Aug. 10.

The Journal reported:

U.S. officials said they had no hard evidence so far to identify the killers and no credible claim of responsibility in the bombing attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. But immediate suspicion focused on a group of Egyptian Islamic militants known as al-Jihad and their wealthy Saudi-born patron, Osama bin Laden…

Saudi-born Mr. bin Laden has increasingly fascinated U.S. analysts because of his money and followers—all veterans of the Afghan war—have turned up in conflicts as far-flung as Tajikistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. In the past, U.S. officials say that a small number of operatives linked to Mr. bin Laden have been seen in Kenya. His religious fervor, and his role in organizing thousands of Arab volunteers to battle the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s, have made him legendary throughout the Islamic world. Children have been named after him in Pakistan. 

Mr. bin Laden, who couldn’t be reached for comment, has given interviews from his Afghanistan base in which he said his goals are to drive U.S. troops from the Persian Gulf and replace corrupt secular governments with Islamic regimes. ‘‘If someone can kill an American soldier, it is better than wasting time on other matters,’’ he has declared.


I Think ….

This Monday morning I think events are moving against the administration and Republicans for the November elections. The reasons are many.

Start with the President who’s insistence on uncontrolled tweets continues to destroy any possibility of  good news being reported on the economy. Have you ever seen a President destroy his message as much as this one? We are not talking about low unemployment, more jobs than people looking for them, record profits for businesses and historic non white male employment numbers.  Why?  Tweets.
We are instead talking about LaBron James. We are talking about football players who kneel. We are talking about Mueller and his “bias”.
The President makes news everyday that takes away from the singular focus that should be on the administration’s accomplishments. He muddies the water daily. I ask again, what are Democrats running on? What is the reason to vote them in? Most can’t answer, but all know the President’s latest tweet.

Those tweets allow a media that is clearly not on his side to focus their time and attention on anything but the successes of the administration. He is feeding their frenzy and it is beginning to impact the voter. The anti administration cable stations and national networks have endless tweets to put up and focus their anti views on.

Add the Manafort trial, which though unrelated to the collusion charges, gets extensive negative coverage and few know it is for money laundering 10-15 years ago. The average voter likely links the two.

Add the Mueller probe and the daily drip, drip, drip of stories. This week we are back to the Donald Jr.’s meeting to gather information on Hillary. Why they lied about the intent of this meeting (they said it was about adoptions) from the outset is beyond me. Why they misrepresented the topic and then issued a false statement is mind blowing. Why? It was just a plain bad decision and it is coming back to bite them. Don Jr. will be indicted for lying if he told congress it was about adoptions. The President continues to say he didn’t know about it. Do you believe that? I don’t. Why the lies about this? It makes no sense.
And why is that a crime anyway to meet? The Russians might have information on Hillary? Wait, didn’t she pay for the Steel Dossier which was information from Russia on Trump? The difference is what?

Then the books are coming. Omarosa next week, Woodward next month. Both will be highly covered by the anti MSM.

Finally, add the tariffs and how China is strategically fighting back. They are adding in tariffs that hurt people and companies the most in Trump states. A negative economic impact there will impact their votes as politicians will be forced to either stand with the President or constituents. Plus this economic impact the MSM will cover big time.

So, led by his own tweets and events outside the tide is building for a negative result in November for Republicans. Now there are exactly two months to go and in politics that is a lifetime, but we see no reason a President who has resisted control up to now will suddenly fall into line.

Some Quick Hit Other News

Big news today, U.S. sanctions are set to be imposed again on Iran beginning this morning. Iranians are hoarding gold ahead of the sanctions (pushing the price to record levels).
Meanwhile Britain, France and Germany are seeking to help Iran, as many Western firms halt investments and trade.
This comes despite investigations into alleged terror plots and killings sponsored by Iran  have opened a new front in U.S. efforts to persuade Europe to cut ties with Tehran.

It wasn’t reported widely, but AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka offered qualified support for President Trump’s trade policies and didn’t rule out supporting him for re-election. Can you imagine that?

The unemployment rate for Hispanic or Latino workers fell to 4.5 percent in the month, lower than the previous record of 4.6 percent that was set just the month before. Trump’s numbers appear to be up slightly with Hispanics.

More potential big news: The U.S. and Mexico are pursuing a NAFTA auto deal as Canada sits on the sidelines. In fact, the US and Mexico seem to be having really serious talks in trade. Do you think the administration will make a new deal and claim the savings are paying for the wall?






As I see it …….

Strictly My Thoughts:

As I watched VP Mike Pence talk in Honolulu honoring the arriving remains of Korean War casualties, I was so impressed. He was emotional, moving and genuine. Not once did he talk about himself, concentrating on the sacrifice of the individuals, their families and the nation.
Watching, one couldn’t help but wonder how many times the President would have said “I”. As in I got them back when other President’s couldn’t. I made this day possible.
VP Pence let the moment speak for itself and honored the ceremony.

So Mueller wants to question the President about obstruction. Wait, I thought the charge was collusion.
Adam Schiff was on TV daily telling everyone he had proof of collusion. The MSM ran months and months of daily collusion stories. What happened to collusion? I want to hear about collusion. If there was no collusion is Schiff going to be made to apologize? Is the MSM?
Plus, how can you obstruct an investigation on a crime that never happened? I am confused. Did the Democrats and MSM lie to me?

I have long written that there was no evidence of collusion and that Mueller was looking at other aspects. We wondered if it was financial (and still do). Obstruction? Does that mean the President tried to get this investigation that has been a drain on his presidency over?
It’s time for all the cards to be put on the table and this to come to a close. My thoughts:
If there was no collusion and if Hillary deleting 30,000 emails, using Bleach Bit, smashing devices and having confidential memo’s on Anthony Weiner’s computer are not crimes, then all are innocent.
Let’s get on with government.

On tariffs, all those who voted for President Trump because he promised to bring jobs and manufacturing back should not complain. The only way any of that could occur was lowering taxes and reducing incentives to manufacture outside the borders. A tariff war was inevitable.
Remember when the President said during the campaign I am going to charge them such a fee to bring the goods back in that they will build it here? Well that’s call tariffs. So, no complaining now if you supported that.

Speaking of things he said, what happened to Mexico paying for the wall? Funding for it is the issue now, and that has the President threatening a government shut down. It’s only a matter of time before the opposition calls him on this.

Are you following the Manafort trial at all? The judge is tough. He has banned using Trump’s name and campaign, making it clear it has no relevance here. (That hasn’t stopped media like ABC has it? They make it sound morning and night like the trial and collusion are one).
Anyway, yesterday he admonished the prosecutors on talking about Manafort’s lifestyle. “Enough is enough,” he said during the trial, “We don’t convict people because they have a lot of money and throw it around.”
You wonder how the jury reacts to this. He has done this on numerous occasions now.
On the other hand, The Washington Post reported that with opening statements the jury was very attentive and took many notes when the prosecutor presented their side. Not so when the defense did.

The administration withdrew another Obama era mandate yesterday. This one on MPG for cars that were required (50+ MPG average by 2025). The Trump administration withdrew and so the 2020 MPG mandate will stay.
I have mixed reaction. I love the added MPG, but know all that would happen is increased taxes. Why? State taxes today average fifty cents per gallon. Cars get better mileage means less gas use, right? That means less revenue for the state. So, then states say we are losing revenue and raise taxes. It’s frustrating.

A little test of what November’s mid terms can produce can be seen next Tuesday. The last special election is that day. It is in Ohio and for a seat held by Republicans for 35 years. The latest poll shows a one point race and the President is headed there this weekend out of concern. If Republicans lose here, or if it’s as close as that poll says, that illustrates the trouble Republicans are in.
One other sign is campaign finances. There has been a surge of Democrats who raised more money than their GOP opponents in the last quarter.
Democratic enthusiasm has been apparent in all sorts of ways: the anti-Trump marches, the record number of new candidates running for office, increased turnout in primaries and special elections, and surveys showing left-leaning voters more invested in November’s election than their counterparts.
That energy has also translated into dollars. In the second quarter of this year, non-incumbent Democratic House candidates raised more than three times the amount they did in the same period in 2014. That works out to an average of $151,000 per candidate, compared with $101,000 in 2014.

In the last few days we have heard twice from the Homeland Director about Russian meddling in the 2018 elections. Just listening to her and the concerns she has raises the question again about the President. Why does he not say it? Why did he back down in front of Putin? There just seems to be something we don’t know.

Yesterday we mentioned the book Bob Woodward is writing and its release date is set for September 11. Don’t forget the tell all that Omarosa is writing. That one is out in 11 days (August 14th). She will have sensationalism all over it. Remember it’s her one big chance to make lots of money.

Finally did you see the story about the person the MYT hired for its editorial board? Her name is Sarah Jeong. She has drawn fire in social media for a  tweets made that bashed “dumbass f–king white people”.  The number of tweets are long and you should take a look. Here’s one more.“Oh man, it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”
The NYT thinks she is fine and have said she is staying.

What a mess ….

What a mess the political scene is today. We have a biased media that looks for any excuse to attack the President and administration. Their coverage as measured by non partisan groups is over ninety per cent negative toward  the administration.
That high percentage is aided by a President who feeds their frenzy with his hyperbole. His tweets and attacks add fuel, and his relationship to the truth is often questionable. Add the ego he brings and you have all the ingredients needed to create the current mess.

On Tuesday night he stood before a Florida audience and punctured a speech he was out to endorse someone else to all about him. That all about “me” and “aren’t I great” stuff is starting to wear thin with some.

In that speech Tuesday he said he saw a poll that said he was “the most popular Republican ever”. He stepped away from the podium for effect. Think about that, in the party of Lincoln, he is the most popular ever? Does anyone believe that? Does anyone even think he is more popular than Reagan in this generation?

He goes after the media with a vengeance. We are no supporters of the MSM, but there is one thing that bothers us. He keeps saying they (the media) are reporting “fake news”. It is not fake news they are reporting,  to be honest. It is negative news over and over with commentary that makes it seem even worse. We think he would be better calling it what it is, biased news.
Biased news is real, provable and constant. When the media calls him on what is fake they are going to have issues answering. On biased news they wouldn’t. Call it what it is.

Here’s an example. The NYT had this headline story yesterday:
A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same:
Parents reunited with young children are reporting mental health issues. One 5-year-old boy has started a new life with his mother in Philadelphia, but signs of trauma

Think about this story. They went after the administration for separation every day with sensational stories. They played America’s heartstrings to bury the administration. They said they would never meet the date to reunite the families (they did last week). Did you hear that?
So now what do they do? They run stories like this to blame the administration for mental health issues to families.
Do you think the article said the kids would have never been separated if their parents hadn’t tried to cross the border illegally? Of course not.  Any issues were the fault of Trump and the administration. See? Biased news is the real charge from what is supposed to be non partial press presenting the information and facts to the people.

Now Trumpisms that can drive you crazy, because his ego forces him to say them, drive the media (and many others crazy). Examples:
He’s the toughest President “ever” on Russia. Not true. He may be tougher than Bush or Obama, but not ever.
This is the best economy we have ever had, he says. Not true. We have had far more robust years of greater than 4% GDP, as opposed to a single quarter.

We don’t see any end in sight either. Daily the White House press briefings have become tension filled moments where every question is an attempt at got ya, and every reply terse and stern. Both sides have to share some of the blame. Never would the press go after Obama in any such manner; but at the same time he didn’t bait them a few times a day.

Let’s get back to the issues. We think it would help the administration. After all what are the Democrats running on this November? Is abolish ICE, reverse the tax cut, medicare for all, guaranteed income for everyone, and no borders a winning message?  We don’t think so.
On the other hand, do Republicans have a message? Isn’t the economy better? Isn’t Isis almost gone, and what’s left on the run? Isn’t NATO paying more? Is there a chance for a solution with N. Korea? Is unemployment down and the per cent of Americans working up?
Why would the administration not want to run on that record? Why does the President create so much other news that takes away from this?

Tariffs remain a gamble for the administration and country. To reverse something that has been building since World War II is tough. The President seemed determined to try and raise the ante yesterday.
He has an edge in that we are an importer far more than an exporter. Plus, our economy is so much larger the others need to be here. Add this:
 China, Europe and Mexico’s economies have showed new signs of stumbling while the U.S. powered ahead, boosting Trump’s hand as we  head into a difficult new round of trade negotiations with a few countries.

Did you see the latest polls? Generic ballots continue to say the Democrats will take the house in November. Plus in the first head to head for 2020, Joe Biden is 7 points up on Trump.

Finally, even though the Brett Kavanaugh nomination has been quiet, don’t be fooled. The opposition is gearing up. Yesterday, the second ranking Democrat in the Senate said Kavanaugh “mislead senators during his 2006 confirmation hearing”.  He claims the judge denied involvement in crafting President Bush’s policy on detainees and enemy combatants caught during the war on terror. He has vowed to make the judge explain himself before he gets a seat on the court.
Much more to follow as the next 60 days unfold.