Events Unfolding ….

Unfolding Events — All To Impact The November Mid-Terms
  1. The Manafort trial is underway. A quiet day one as jury selection is completed. Watch the coverage of this. If Trump gets tied in somehow it will hurt. If Manafort walks then its the opposite. If he is judged quilty but no ties to Trump the spin will be loud on both sides.
  2. The administration wants new tax cuts. They have talked two things. First, making the personal cuts from earlier permanent. Second, introducing an inflation aspect to long term investments. What is that? Let’s use some round numbers to make this easy:
    You bought a home for $100,000 thirty years ago. You are selling it now for $500,000. Under current law you would pay taxes on $400,000 of gains. The proposal is considering inflation over that time. Thus, adjusted for inflation the $100,000 becomes $300,000 and your tax liability is now on $200,000 only.
    Republicans love this because they say it reduces hard working and investment gains for people. Democrats are against it because they say it favors the wealthy and reduces government income and ability to spend.
    Republicans want to push this and think this creates a wedge issue to get you out to vote.
    Democrats think by blocking it they can portray the Republicans as the party of the rich.
  3. North Korea is building as an issue in November. The Democrats and MSM continue to believe the President was duped in their summit. For his part, the President talks of good signs. No missile tests, the dismantling of a few sites, and the return of remains. Who is right? Well yesterday both sides got ammunition, of which only one received any coverage.
    The one that did was that the United States detected renewed activity at a North Korea site that was used for long range missiles. This raised flags and got a lot of coverage.
    The other was that North and South Korea were meeting for the second time since June (in a DMZ border town) as a follow up from the April summit “to defuse tensions and halt all hostile acts”.
    North Korea can make Trump look brilliant, or like he was taken.
  4. In a book to be released September 11, investigative reporter Bob Woodward has a “blockbuster”. The book’s title is: ‘Fear: Trump in the White House’. The book is promised to delve into the dysfunctions of President Trump’s White House.
    For those familiar with Bob Woodward, you know this will be sensational and a MSM story for weeks.
  5. The vote on Brett Kavanaugh to sit on the bench. He met with his first Democratic Senator this week. So far, no surprises. Rand Paul who had voted “no” before on him, announced he is now voting yes. That leaves the only drama being the two Republicans (Collins and Murkowski) and what the red state Dems do.
    Senator Manchin, after his meeting, was still walking the middle line. He can’t go against the President with his reelection coming in November. Chuck Schumer is pressing for the Democrats to not commit any yes votes yet. What did he say after his two hour meeting?
    To please Trump supporters he repeatedly called it a “very productive” meeting.

    To please the left he said that “he likely would seek a second sitdown after the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation hearings”.
    Thus, he extends the amount of time he can remain undecided and please all.  Politics in action.

    By the way, yesterday was Anthony Kennedy’s last day on the court. He is now retired.
    And did you see Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comment this week that she intends to spend five more years on the court? If you’re conservative you hope she is  lying about this as she did about moving to New Zealand if Trump won the election.

  6. Tariffs. Time is passing and the eyeball to eyeball has seen no blinking. This can really start to hurt the U.S. and world economies. Is the President willing to compromise? We’re not really sure he, is and China in particular sees this as survival for their economy. It will be a big issue if no progress by November. The stakes are high.
  7. Tomorrow the U.S. and Mexico are meeting to discuss NAFTA. Imagine if they work out deal, what kind of impact would that have?

                                                          OTHER NEWS

You know all the news that John Kelly was either quitting or getting fired? Well, Kelly announced yesterday that he was asked by the President to stay though 2020 and he agreed.

                                   Some Rating News For July

Fox News continued its command of the basic cable landscape by winning the July time period. Fox News won primetime by averaging 2.41 million viewers to MSNBC’s 1.66 million and CNN’s 891,000. They also marked 25 consecutive months as the most-watched basic cable network in total day.
They won 13 of the top 20 cable news programs in total viewers.

Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson won the top-two spots in cable news ratings. Rachel Maddow was third, Laura Ingraham fourth and The Five on Fox was fifth. So four of the top five shows were FoxNews shows.

Here’s an interesting chart on trusted stations. Note Fox is number 2 (behind BBC) at 87%. MSNBC (80%) and CNN (69%) trail badly.

 Fox Business also won the Business Day Rankings:

  • FBN: 203,000 total viewers
  • CNBC: 147,000 total viewersFox had 7 of the top 10 business news program shows.

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