The Week To Be ….

The week to be and some news to know:

First, the Paul Manafort trial will begin and the coverage will be sensational with leads on the morning and evening news. Now pay attention to the charges and trial. Notice that everything he is charged with has nothing to do with the 2016 campaign. This is all his business dealings and money laundering going back a decade or more. However, watch the coverage as the MSM will not tell you much about that and Fox will do it constantly.

That said, we can’t help but notice the continued attack on Robert Mueller by President Trump. What that tells us is the President is worried about Mueller’s investigation into other areas beyond collusion. We think its tied to his past financial dealings. Which ties back to why he never released his tax returns.

Intersting story in today’s WSJ that you won’t see or hear in the MSM: “Touring farms and factories, Kim Jong Un is signaling a shift. The North Korean leader seems to be turning his attention to the livelihood of his people, making a series of trips that reflect his stated new focus on economic development”.
In the past it was military first. The story was he recognized how bad things were and needed to make life better in his country, thus the de-nuke willingness. We’ll see, but maybe this can work.

Another story in the Journal today:
“The New York Times’ publisher said he ‘‘implored’’ President Trump to reconsider media attacks. A.G. Sulzberger released a statement after Mr. Trump commented on Twitter about their meeting earlier this month. White House aides had requested the meeting not be made public, according to Mr. Sulzberger”.
Well how about the 90% plus negative coverage cease, too, and the NYT among others begin reporting the news as they’re supposed to?

With things looking bleaker for the November mid terms the President yesterday threatened a government shut down in September. Why? He wants border funding. Think what a weak issue that could turn out to be. First, a government shut down never works. Second, he is shutting down because he wants a border wall. Well that would be popular, but when Democrats say “We thought you said a million times Mexico was paying for it, was that another lie?” What are he and the Republicans going to say?

Speaking of November we keep writing here that the anti people vote in the off year elections. Here’s a chart one state (Connecticut) released on new registrations of young voters this year and the last two off year timeframes:


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