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We were quiet this week as the news was dominated by the same theme — Trump and Russia. There was no need to add anymore to that than we already have. The President is still trying to dig out of that disastrous news conference and summit.

Since that day the President’s personal approval numbers have been down slightly, but his disapproval numbers have gone up. The Republicans still support him at high numbers, the Democrats disapprove, but independents have moved to the anti area. This has impacted the generic November polling which has seen a widening of the gap between the parties.

Remember (as we have mentioned numerous times) the anti vote in an off presidential year is motivated to get out. You can see and feel the fervent emotion they have for November. The people of the party in office do not vote in the same numbers. Right now we don’t see the pro administration voters going out in the numbers the anti will.

Thus, we still see the Democrats regaining the house if the election were today and the senate showing little change. That will bring Trump more trouble, as some will push for impeachment charges and nothing will get passed. It will set up a battle royal for 2020.

What’s next on the MSM all day coverage for an anti story? 

They will continue to harp on tariffs and how they are hurting U.S. workers. You can count on them presenting human interest stories on how people are suffering because of them. Announcements like Wednesday’s with the Euro Union will be treated as “promises” to find a solution. Remember, there is no deal here yet, just a promise to work toward one.

There will be a two/three day story of a bad move to bar a CNN reporter from a meeting. Just an amateur move. The President often accommodates the yelled questions. To bar the reporter now shows pettiness against a network. A bad move allowing the networks to attack with credibility. How can experienced professionals have made this decision?

The Cohen tapes. Oh how they have played this up. Except for one thing. When I heard the tape in full I didn’t hear anything that Trump did wrong. In fact I came away with just one wrongdoing. Who leaked the tape? How did Stormy’s lawyer know what was there before it was out? There was wrongdoing, but not the kind the MSM was reporting.
Plus, now we hear that Cohen had a conversation with CNN where he told them he paid Stormy with his own money. How come that is not reported?
You can count on the MSM running with this until it becomes clear there is “no there, there”.

Speaking of Stormy, remember when she was cover to cover on some networks? What happened? We know her husband filed for divorce this week, claiming “adultery”.  Wonder how he figured that out?

And, don’t worry when this news dies down, there is a book coming out in three weeks. This one is by Omarosa. Remember her being led out of the White House? She has written a “tell all” about her time there and with Trump at his TV show. The name of the book is —
“Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House”.

The move by some Republicans in Congress to impeach Rob Rosenstein is another ill fated one. It has no chance to advance. It has no credibility. What it does have is the ability to make Democrats wanting to impeach the President seem normal. What were these congressional members thinking they were accomplishing? They had Rosenstein in a hearing and never laid a glove on him. A bad move.

The Really Big Worry

The really big worry for the November is what the Mueller probe comes up with. It has been clear to us for a good while now though there is no collusion, there is something Mueller is pursuing. He is not coming out and saying Trump is clean and never lied. He is coming with something and whatever that is can tip even more elections.




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