Attempt at recovery …

So twenty four hours later the President makes an attempt to correct the Helsinki mess by saying he used a wrong word.
Now it would have been more believable if he had stuck to his written notes. Why did he have to ad lib “and other countries too”? Why can’t he simply attack Putin and the Russians as he has almost everyone else? There is something here, more than we just want to get along with them.

There is no reason for us to go back over this, the MSM will do enough of that for you. Just know that we think the President is right on most foreign policy issues and initiatives. Russia is not one of them.

Now the hysteria of the left and the MSM will help Trump recover support quicker than he should. They are so far out there that you find yourself shaking your head in the same manner you did with the Helsinki press conference.

By the way, we find interesting (and supportive of what we speculated) that it was Trump’s idea to announce the twelve indictments before the meeting. It was an attempt to strengthen his hand in the discussions. Think about that. A good strategy and plan, but certainly played wrong in the end.

As for President Obama lecturing us on Russia, spare me please. Your eight years resulted in worse relationships with our countries than when you started. It was under your watch that they had so little respect that these actions occurred. You should be embarrassed and not lecturing. Stick to other issues.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after the summit showed this:
42% approve of the President’s job performance.
However, 55% disapprove his handling of relations with Russia.
The message is clear.

Some Other Interesting Issues

As Republicans meet to plan on making the tax cuts permanent, consider:
The Democrats voted 100% against the tax cuts as you may recall.
One major reason they gave was the individual cuts were permanent for business but temporary for individuals. That was misleading of course.
It was temporary for individuals, as you may recall, because of a law that required it. Well now they can be made permanent.
So what will the Democrats do? Will they change their tune and say the tax cuts are good and working, or vote no again?

A second vote that is coming up is the Democratic proposal to get rid of ICE. Normally the house leadership would let the bill die, but they are now planning on bringing it to the full floor and letting members vote on it. Again, this puts Democrats in a tough spot. Their far left wants  to get rid of ICE. The American people think that is crazy.

One more interesting thing. Four states are suing the administration on the tax cut. They are New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland.
They are saying that it discriminates against their states because of they have high taxes and only ten thousand is now deductible.
Remember when we discussed this at length as the bill was being argued? What was happening was high tax states were raising taxes and telling citizens not to worry, they could deduct from the federal government. The low tax states thought that was unfair.
So here we are with a new playing field. What can high tax states do? They can lower taxes, spend less and rein in costs. Instead these four decide to sue the government.
They have no chance of winning in court as we see it.

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