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As we watched the post meeting press conference, we kept saying “this is the worst performance by a President in a meeting with Russian leaders in memory”. Its hard to imagine how the President could have done worse.

The man who has not hesitated to preach “America First” to every friend, was no where on that stage. The man who has taken on all comers from the day he announced, did not take on Putin. He looked weak, ineffectual, and on the side of Putin and Russia, no matter what his intelligence officers said. The President embarrassed himself and our nation with that weak performance. He has done himself and our nation harm.

We criticized the NYT this morning on their headline today saying Putin won the meeting, before it even began, because Trump agreed to meet him. He did win the meeting, but he did on the stage when a weak Trump was over matched.

In yesterday’s blog, in preparation for the meeting, we wrote this
“I know this, Putin is a bad man and evil. He never got over Russia losing the cold war. He has been trying to reverse things since. He is not one to deal with. He is not trustworthy. He does not want anything except Russian dominance. Bush looked into his soul and saw a decent man. He was wrong. Obama promised flexibility after the election. He was wrong. Let’s hope Trump is Trump here and doesn’t fall into that trap”.

Well, Trump wasn’t Trump and fell into a worse trap. He now has to figure out how to dig out.

We continue to believe the Russians got involved in our election to create as much dissent and chaos as possible. That is why the day after the election they supported the “Not My President” rallies. They want a divided America.

The President by this poor performance gave:
Far more credence to the Russian hacking than there was before.
The number of people who believe there was collusion will go up.
The number who believe Trump is hiding something will go up.
The number who believe the Russians have something on Trump will go up.
The number who think from the beginning of the campaign that there was a reason Trump would not criticize Putin or Russia for a reason will go up.
His greatest supporters will now have questions.

Exactly how does the man who:
Goes to a NATO meeting and calls out the leaders to their faces cower here?
Gets into a public argument with the leader of Canada, cower here?
How does the man who wants to build a wall on the southern border, cower here?
How does the man who goes to England and puts down the country’s embattled Prime Minister, cower here?
How does he call out Angela Markel on the pipeline and when asked here, answer cowardly?

It’s going to take his supporters a long time to recover from this. He did more to hurt himself than any “fake news” paper or station has done.
He did more to provide his opponents ammunition for the November elections than they dreamed possible.

You can watch the news coverage tonight, but this was a disaster.

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