Daily is what used to be ….

Doesn’t it seem in the Trump era, combined with cable news coverage, that what was once a weeks news is now daily? Yesterday was even more than that. Let’s take a view with our observations:

The day began with a 6:00 AM (EST) press conference by the President at the NATO summit.
It was terrific. He said the NATO countries had agreed as he requested to increase funding. He said all was great, the rifts closed and we were going forward as one. He took questions from reporters from around the globe and handled it beautifully.

Then an hour later the NATO leaders began to speak and disputed him. They said “no” there was no committment to add any additional funding. Here’s the report.

Trump at his news conference:
“Everyone’s agreed to substantially up their commitment. They’re going to up it at levels that they’ve never thought of before. The commitment was at 2 percent. Ultimately, that’ll be going up quite a bit higher than that.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg backed by others like Macron:
No, Stoltenberg said, the allies recommitted only to the same old goal. “We have agreed that we need to make good on the pledges we have made,” he said. Wait, the President said the opposite. He had just claimed victory.

The only thing close was Stoltenberg made a point of giving Trump credit for a new sense of urgency. “President Trump and his leadership, his strong message, is having a clear impact. Allies are increasing defense spending.”

So it appears they have a new sense of urgency and some are spending more, but the goal of 2% by 2024 remains.

Then came the Strzok hearing.  This was a disaster for all involved.

The Republicans should never have had an open hearing with him after hearing all this in a closed session.
They have a clear example of his personal bias and feeling, but no connection to how he altered investigations. None.
You can ask the same question about a tweet a thousand times and it changes nothing.
Congressman Gohmert embarrassed himself and the party with the question about Strzok’s wife. That question defined the Republican attack.

As for the Democrats they did not do themselves proud either.
They never asked any questions, simply sought to promise more was coming from Mueller.
Their anger and commitment to get Trump is all that came across.
Their offering a “purple heart” to Strzok defined them as Gohmert did the Republicans. Shameful.
They were boisterous, disruptive and loud. Nothing else.

As for Strzok, his pompous attitude and smug looks made him easily unlikeable. His personal hatred and anger at the President made him unsuitable for the role he had at the FBI.
To us he came across as bright, but we saw no other redeeming quality that would make us hire him for any role.

After ten hours of the Strzok hearing you thought the day was over.

But no, Trump had one more up his sleeve. This time he arrived in England and gave The Sun Newspaper an interview. What does he do? He buries Teresa May who was hanging on to her office by a thread. He undercut her incredibly minutes before he met her and her husband for dinner. I can’t recall anything else like it in recent diplomatic history among friends.

That was one day.

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