Trump, Talks, and Tariffs

Let’s start with Trump

I’ve listened carefully to everything he’s said since preparing to depart and though we don’t always agree with his words and tweets, this time we find ourselves in clear agreement.
Before departing the press asked over and over about immigration and parental separation. Trump said, “you don’t want to be separated don’t come to our country illegally. Apply and come legally and you won’t be separated”.
Enter a country legally. What a novel idea. Seems pretty simple to me.

Then he got to the NATO meeting and again demanded the others pay what they pledged. Why is that so negative to the MSM? It is their defense we are talking about. For years they promised past Presidents they would do 2% of their GDP, and never did. So now he is calling them on it. Isn’t it about time?

Why do we have to pay 4% of our GDP (a much larger sum by the way), while they won’t live up to their 2% commitment?
What about that do the NATO nations, liberals and MSM not understand?

Then he criticized Germany’s deal to pay Russia for an oil pipeline, while we pay to protect them from Russia. Germany pays 1.2% of their GDP to NATO defense. So what is wrong with calling them out? If we were doing what Germany is doing, would the liberals and MSM say we are fine or would they call us out? Darn right they would call us out, but in reverse they still blame us.

Here’s a chart on current outlays. I can tell you from having visited many of these countries they don’t consider themselves (nor should they) inferior. They are proud of their country, it’s heritage and world standing. So how come when it comes to paying their fair share it’s up to the U.S.?

NATO chart spending percentage GDP 032017

To the NATO head who lectured us with “the U.S. doesn’t have that many allies,” here’s a message for you. Lucky for your country we were allied twice in the last century because our soldiers bailed you out both times. We did so at great lose of our young. I am personally named after one of those young men who never got to live his life because he came to bail you out. Bet you thought we were a loyal ally them. How dare you.


The White House said it would slap tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese goods. This move is a response to China’s retaliation to the initial round of U.S. tariffs applied last week. China has long promised to match Trump’s moves dollar for dollar. This could get ugly, but it’s becoming clear that the President is serious about this and doesn’t intend to back down.

The timing was no accident. Trump did it because he was headed to the NATO meetings and he wants a new deal with each of these countries, too. He wanted to show them he was serious and will take action.

Buckle up on this and watch the market, which reacted negatively today. Something will have to give in the end for everyone to save face.

Brett Kavanaugh

No words of condemnation are needed for the words and actions of those attacking this jurist before they even talk to or hear from him.
I still think those supporting him should simply replay his speech from the W.H. on the night he was announced. He came across as a loving husband, father, son and friend. He came across as a volunteer to feed and help others. There was nothing in what he has done and how he said he lived his life to support the craziness we are hearing in the MSM. Things like “he wants to set back progress 100 years” is embarrassing to those saying it.

Senators Collins, Murkowski and Red State Democrats, you are on the clock.

Here’s a chart that will further point out MSM bias. You hear them over and over in that mocking tone calling Kavanaugh “a conservative” implying all these dire consequences. Did they do the same with liberal nominees?

Lisa Page

So she defies a subpoena and decides not to show for a congressional hearing. Said she needed more time to review documents. Uh uh. Next time take more time before you enter into work affairs and decide to favor candidates so outrightly.


I can’t believe that Democrats are doubling down on eliminating ICE. This issue is a loser for them and they better come to their senses quickly or it is going to cost them.
Really, eliminate ICE and have open borders you think is a winning message?
Let’s see, add that to impeach Trump, reverse the tax cut, single payer for healthcare, and guaranteed income for all.
Is that what you are running on?

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