Closing Out A Week …..

Want proof that the news cycle is moving faster than ever? Think about this. The Trump and Kim summit was only two weeks ago. Doesn’t it feel like longer? In the era of Trump, things move fast!

Let’s wrap up some news and thoughts you may have missed this week.

Trump and Putin Summit

The news of a Trump and Putin summit date was barely out when the left started in where they left off with Kim.
Here’s the ex CIA Director under Obama John Brennan:
Former CIA Director John Brennan said Thursday it was “a good idea” for President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet in an effort to improve relations between their two countries, but added Trump either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that Putin is “playing him. I think Mr. Trump is either not smart enough to realize that Mr. [Putin] is playing him or he doesn’t care, and it’s quite unfortunate,”

So Kim played Trump, and won the day because Trump showed up. Now, just with the announcement of a meeting Putin wins. Any wonder why our foreign policy in the last administration was a mess? 

Without A Nominee

Chuck Schumer has called every possible Trump nominee for the Supreme Court “unqualified”. Think about that, no one has any idea on who the nominee will be, but just the fact that Trump is picking him means the person is already disqualified.
The media should be burning him over this, but of course they won’t.
Now this is the same Schumer who fought so hard against Neil Gorsuch. Remember the filibuster?
He fought so hard that the Republicans changed the rules from 60 votes needed to a simple majority. That fight, as we said at the time, was the wrong fight. Gorsuch was impeccable, and Schumer’s fight led to a rule change that means now all Trump needs is 50 votes to win. (Pence gets to be a tie breaker). If Schumer had not chosen the wrong fight it would still be sixty.

Now the pressure for this nominee is going to fall squarely on the Democratic Senators up for reelection in Trump won states. What are they going to do? Will they vote against a conservative nominee in a conservative state? Will they go against their party? My early guess is they vote for confirmation to save themselves. If they win they will revert back to loyal Democrats.

However, buckle up for more mudslinging than you have seen since the Robert Bork hearings. If a good man like Gorsuch can be attacked (and have 45 Democrats vote no), then watch this one.

A Funny One

You may have seen  a segment on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,”  where the anchors took the  “23 and Me” DNA tests to determine their ancestry.
According to the tests, 6.1 percent of Kimberly Guilfoyle’s DNA is “East Asian and Native American,” with 5.3 percent definitely Native American and the rest possibly either.
Well Donald Trump Jr. (who is rumored to be dating her since his divorce), immediately sent out a challenge to Senator Elizabeth Warren:
“I’ll make this interesting. I’ll bet @SenWarren $10,000 to a Native American charity that @kimguilfoyle is more Native American than she is. [Let me know],” he said.

The Mueller Probe

We continue to believe that Mueller has something he is looking at with Donald Trump outside of collusion. Senator Warner this week opened his mouth telling some people at a dinner to buy him another glass of wine and he may share some things that only he and Mueller know. Since he is the ranking member of the senate committee investigating this, it was either a drunken boast or a really bad joke.
Then yesterday the ferderal judge on the Manafort case said, “even a blind person” can see that the Special Counselor’s “true target” is President Trump. 
“Given the investigation’s focus on President Trump’s campaign, even a blind person can see that the true target of the Special Counsel’s investigation is President Trump, not defendant, and that defendant’s prosecution is part of that larger plan,” he wrote. “Specifically, the charges against defendant are intended to induce defendant to cooperate with the Special Counsel by providing evidence against the President or other members of the campaign. Although these kinds of high-pressure prosecutorial tactics are neither uncommon nor illegal, they are distasteful.”

This probe can really impact the President before its ove,r and since everyone is pushing for an end this summer the impact on the November elections can’t be overstated.

Talking Nasty Elections

Here’s a story out yesterday about the Mexican elections this year.
“Political assassinations, murders and violence continue to escalate as Mexico’s elections approach. In the ten months since the election cycle started, 130 political candidates were murdered”.

At least we haven’t gotten to that stage ….. yet.

The Immigration Bill Votes

Both bills failed this week in the house as Republicans could not agree among their members on a single approach. With one bill 191 voted yes, but 218 are needed. The hard liners and more moderates could not agree totally.

With both bills not a single Democrat voted yes. They needed 27 Democrats to vote with the Republicans on one bill to get it to the senate. Are you surprised 100% of the Democrats voted no twice?

As We Head To The Midterms

As we head to the midterms the Mueller probe remains hanging over the President and the Republicans. A Mueller report with indictment would destroy the Republican chances to hold the congress.

A clean bill of health would put the Democrats on the ropes. Because what are they running on? Besides anti Trump, what are their issues? It can’t really be, rescind the tax cuts and no border control.


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