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The Court

One of the biggest impacts of the 2016 election promised to be the appointment of new Supreme Court Justices. With Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement yesterday the President will have the chance to make his second appointment in two years. This one can change the character of the court, as Justice Kennedy was the five in almost all the 5-4 votes. Get ready for the the character assassination of whomever Trump nominates. Remember what they did to Gorsuch, who has proven to be such a class act.

To Jail

To jail goes Reality Leigh Winner, the former defense contractor who was the first person prosecuted by the  administration for leaking. Remember her?  She was so anti Trump and arrogant. She told her sister she would be safe because was a cute white girl and would flaunt that. Well, Reality, meet reality. Your guilty in federal court on Tuesday requires you to serve over five years in prison. Bye.

Remember When

Remember when the Tea Party people were going to be the ruin and end of the Republican party? The charge was the party was taken over by the far right and was doomed.
Well the situation is now reversed. The far left served notice yesterday with the primary election victory of Alexandria Ocas­io-Cortez — a self-described Democratic socialist over powerful Congressman Joe Crowley.
This event serves notice on the Democrat Party how far left they have drifted, and it is a danger heading toward 2020.
What does a socialist like her stand for? Wel,l among other things, she campaigned for a federal jobs guarantee, universal Medicare, cracking down on Wall Street and abolishing US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
She was endorsed by the New York City Democratic Socialists of America.

Cause and Effect

The MSM continues to show and talk about child separation and how heartless the administration is. Forgetting the fact they don’t mention this has gone on under Presidents, let’s take a look at cause and effect.

Kids and parents are separated is the end result and we all agree that this is not a policy we want to follow. So the media uses the end result to tug at hearts and beat upon the administration. Now what are the causes?

Cause number one is the parent(s) have tried to cross the U.S. border illegally. They didn’t follow the law and apply, they just decided to cross. Now if you tried to cross into Mexico, or Guatemala, or El Salvador, what do you think and expect will happen to you? I would expect as that poor American solider a few years back, who got lost at the Mexican border and was locked up to suffer the same fate. Why is it we should expect that for us, but not in reverse?
So cause one is an illegal act that you are caught at.

Cause two is the U.S. Court ruling that a family caught entering illegally can only be held for 20 days. That timeframe does not allow the government to do its investigation on the family and have a hearing. So we are forbidden to hold them for an adequate period to get the facts. Thus we release them, and more come because they know the outcome.

Cause three is the congress cannot agreed on border security. Some on the right want no one let in, and those who come deported out. Those on the left want open borders and everyone let in.

That’s three causes that have led to the situation we have and the outcome the MSM loves talking about. It’s the cause and effect that we have been talking about.

The example is that little girl featured on the front of Time as the example of the big bad nasty U.S. government. How many know this:

The mother and child in that photo not only weren’t separated, but their claims of asylum are also likely bogus.
The woman, identified in news reports as Sandra Sanchez, was deported from the U.S. in 2013, which analysts said suggests her latest attempt to enter the U.S. is likely about illegal immigration rather than asylum.
Her decision to leave others of her children back home — recounted by the girl’s father, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, to The Washington Post and Reuters last week — will also likely weigh on her chances, suggesting that she didn’t fear for them in their home country.
“If the children and her spouse are safe, and she felt comfortable leaving them home, it is arguable that the mother has no real fear of persecution,” said Matthew J. O’Brien, a former anti-fraud official at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services who now works at the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Such is the state of the news media today.


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