And Trump Blinks …..

The surprise is not that Trump blinked on his immigration policy, but that someone in the White House actually thought the idea was a good one, and then let the media destroy him for three days.

Add how they made things worse. The President kept saying he couldn’t stop it, over and over. Then guess what, he stopped it. You had the head of Homeland Security saying it wasn’t a deterrent action; while the attorney general was going on the air to say it was.

You couldn’t mismanage this more, and you will see an impact in the polls for the mid terms. They were closing, but watch the gap widen now.

Remember, the anti administration people vote big in off years because they are motivated. Well this week the administration really fired them up.

What Now?

Now you will see the fight you should have seen on this. How do we control a border that people want controlled?
Here’s the fight ahead. We stop illegals trying to come across. We keep families (and those with children stay together). We have by law 20 days to do something or the individuals are to be released with a date to return for a hearing. What happens? Over ninety per-cent never return.
Now, do you think the American people support that? Of course not. That is the fight. What Trump and team now face is to open the court fight on the twenty days, or protect the border better. The Democrats already are out demanding release. Some are already arguing that keeping families together isn’t enough. Now they want them & their parents released after unlawful entry knowing full well most will never appear for hearing.
This is what the Trump team must present and argue. They won’t get help from the MSM. They want open borders. They must reach the people with examples and arguments that the people support. Think about this position.
We want legal immigration with secure borders to control what comes in and goes out as every other country does. Reasonable people will support this. How do we control the border? It may be a wall, or in this era of increased technology there could be another way. Whatever it is, let’s do it. Republicans will be near 100% in favor of this. Many Democrats will not. They truly believe we should have no border. Okay, let that be the fight and let’s see how America feels.

One More Time With The MSM

The hysteria and one sided presentation they did this week was (to borrow a phrase) deplorable. They never presented the issue in full. They never mentioned that this was followed, at a point in time, by the Obama administration. They never reviewed the full problem so people could understand what a challenge this was. They simply took a stand and covered it over and over.
When Peter Fonda made his disgusting statement dragging Baron into this they didn’t even cover it. Not a mention. Now image if someone had said something about an Obama or Clinton child. It would have headline material. Deplorable.
If you want to see a contrast just watch ABC and Fox. On ABC they have daily videos of how badly police act. On Fox they present the opposite. What an example of the divided America.

On Fox they covered the IG report and it’s possible implications. On ABC it was all Michael Cohen last night and this AM. Here’s a story I think Americans should know and I bet you didn’t hear it.
Three of the five senior level FBI members that were dinged for anti Trump  bias during the campaign were on the Mueller investigation team. Isn’t that interesting? All three have been removed but think about the impact they had for months.

Tax Cuts Not News?

The MSM has avoided talking about the tax cuts since they told us it was all for the rich, remember that? Now that the economy has taken off have you heard anything from them? Of course not. Here’s a reprint on a story in today’s WSJ:

WSJ Tax Watch
Highlights from our ongoing tax coverage

Increases in take-home pay appear to be leaving lower-income Americans more upbeat about the economy. At the same time, the proportion of employee compensation paid as bonuses hit a record this year, partially due to one-time payouts linked to the tax law.

U.S. consumers appear to be spending more of their gained income—although some of that increased spending may be the result of higher prices for products affected by new import tariffs. Once inflation is taken into account, individual earnings stagnated in May, ending a 14-month stretch of growth.

An uptick in consumer spending is one of a dozen gauges that will help determine the tax overhaul’s success. Federal Reserve officials appear to be expecting only a temporary economic boost from the changes.

The new 1040 form is due next week, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, “It will be a postcard, as we have promised.”




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