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There are three major stories in the news, but if you watch the MSM you will only see the immigration issue. The media sees this as red meat to beat the Trump Presidency and they are running with it. We’ve made clear our position on this and below we print a note from a loyal reader so you can get another view. We thank the reader for sending it and allowing us to share it.

Story 2 The IG

Now why is the I.G. hearing not a story on the MSM? Why can’t they find a minute to report something we heard in yesterday’s session that could be extraordinary?
The I.G. Horowitz was asked if the “insurance policy” that Strzok and Page talked about was the Russian investigation. The questioner outlined the timing which was directly related to Hillary’s FBI clearing. Horowitz’s answer was “we don’t know, we’re investigating that right now”. Now? You mean after all this time the FBI is just looking at this now? Wow.
If this is connected, that is incredible news and really challenges the whole Mueller probe. But the MSM had no time to report this.
Nor did they report last night or this AM that Agent Strzok was escorted out of the FBI building last Friday. Not big news? It was to us.

Story 3, Tariffs

We’re a little surprised that the MSM didn’t cover this more. On a normal news day they would have loved this. The market tanks, they would say, because President Trump is putting tariffs on China. It has really impacted your 401k, they would scream. It is going to drive prices up.  The drop was so big they would say that the Dow is now down for calendar year 2018. On and on they would have gone. But no time for your pocketbook issues when we can show how inhumane the administration is.

Our Reader’s View

Here’s a reaction from a reader to yesterday’s report we put out:

Politicians and partisans need to cease and desist, the far left and far right do not matter anymore, at least at this point in time. Who should matter… the common sense citizens in the middle, leaning a little left or right. Those citizens see through the rhetoric and positioning of the politicians to cater to certain groups to get some airtime for a little fame.

Every sensible citizens heart breaks for kids no matter where they are or come from. Reality is, family comes first. The safety of our kids and country comes first. If some percentage of the kids needs to be separated, because of suspicion in the adult companion intention or risk of gang connection, so be it, it is part of the right of passage.  Those who claim of long term hurt and trauma, I would say look at the many that migrated from all over the world escaping many harsh circumstances, the experience shaped them up to value their new existence and appreciate the newly adopted country. As far as the camp, looking at the visuals, they are more compared to summer camps, and not the horrifying comparison some are making to Nazi camps.

These migrant are trying to cross illegally. I remember few years back when a group of Christian asylum seekers from Iraq and Syria(sponsored and vetted by the church) had to live in deplorable conditions in tents, for years, before admitted to the west. Did anyone complain? I think few days in a well equipped western camp is not going to have the traumatic effect on these kids as the politicians perceive it to. For those immigrant, if they had legit reasons for asylum, they would have followed the process in place through the port authority and not cross the hot desert, especially if they cared for these kids wellbeing. At least, in our camps, we can make sure they are well cared for and not at a risk to be used by gangs.

So what I would say, stop filling airtime with nonsense, and put in place an immigration law that works. Stop using immigration as a pawn, like you did abortion, gender preference and environment in the past and start focusing on solving real problems that impacts American citizens and the world. Until that happens, I will keep changing stations and tune you out, better yet, you will not get my vote.

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