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We will repeat what we said yesterday, there is plenty of blame for the mess at the border that goes to both parties. They can blame each other but both should look in the mirror.

Now, if you watch the MSM they have decided this is all Trump’s fault. On their “non biased” news casts and shows they have called Trump a liar. The latest we witnessed was GMA this AM. No “there are two sides”, they decided one is truth and one is a lie. If you get your news that way then it’s clear, there is no other side.

Again we say that both sides have fault. Here is an attachment to the press conference yesterday where Homeland Security Chief Nielsen met the W.H. press core and presented the other side. You won’t hear this in the MSM so take a few minutes and hear the other side. We think you’ll agree there is plenty of blame for many.


The tariff eyeball to eyeball with China continues to escalate. After China matched our tariffs on steel and aluminum the President is raising the ante. He has asked his team to identify $200 billion in tariffs he can apply against China. The news will spook the markets and you’ll see a reaction today.
Longer term you will begin seeing a price increase on goods, and depending on how far this goes can impact GDP and eroding wages.
China doesn’t want to give up anything easily and the President is convinced he must correct the imbalance.  Keep a watch on this showdown, as it will impact you.

The I.G. and FBI Head on Capitol Hill

The senate committee hearing was most interesting. Republicans went after  them with questions as to why there were no charges against the Clinton campaign. The Democrats asked questions to try and prove Trump is a liar. A typical congressional hearing where we don’t try for the truth, only to get the other guy. More today as both men appear before the house committee.
We go back to the question that we didn’t hear. How can destroying 30,000 emails, mobile devices, and leaked classified information not be criminal? Maybe we’re missing something.

N. Korea

Kim Jong-un is heading to another visit in China this week. It’s his third in three months. Think about that. China is his number one ally. He is talking with them about every move. Now, put the tariff issue we mentioned above in the mix. Add China would like nothing more than U.S. influence in the area reduced, especially militarily. You can see how interconnected everything is.

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