A Plague …….

The issues all weekend were two. The border policy of separation of parent and child and the N. Korea meeting and who won. The MSM’s lead on newscast after newscast was the horror of the first and presented it clearly as  Trump’s plan. On the second they continued to report, and sounded like they started to believe, that Kim won the summit. Here’s our view:

The situation and policy at the border is a horror. Both parties’ failure to address border security and to do the right thing for the U.S. of America are to blame. Both say they want to control the border and that we need to do it. Trump wants a wall. The Democrats don’t. What do they want? We really don’t know, but know this. The status quo is wrong and not working.
So, the administration decides to up the ante and follow the law to the letter and separate families. They did it as a negotiation tactic and a message to those trying to come, that if caught they will be separated. It was their hope this would stop the flow.
It didn’t work because the left decided to take advantage of an opportunity to show a heartless administration. Some politicians saw a chance to get TV time and illustrate how compassionate they are. The MSM loved it and added their indignation. The pressure turned on the administration.

Thus, here we are. No closer to solving an issue they all say they want to solve and politics in full view. If the issue is how to control our own borders, then keep a watch to who is truly trying to solve this and who is playing games. The MSM won’t tell you, so you have to do this yourself.

To those who don’t want to be separated, a word of counsel. Don’t try and enter the U.S. illegally. You don’t break the law of this country and you won’t be separated. You, too, control your own fate.

On Kim

We heard a thousand times this weekend, from hundreds of “experts” that Kim won the summit because he was on a global stage with the President of the U.S.

You can’t be serious, and to us your credibility as an “expert” is now done. You are simply an anti Trump partisan and not worthy of our time to listen to your babble.
Is N. Korea still threatening to blow things up? Are they launching missiles over Japan and threatening Guam? Is the world closer to nuclear war today than a week ago?  Go back and see your babble from three months ago when you were sure Trump was leading us to war.
The end result will play out, and if you are right that Kim played us, we will apologize to you. We wonder, if you are wrong will you apologize to us?



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