The I.G. Report ….

Yesterday we said the report would be interesting but contain no blockbuster information and that is what we saw. The end result:
If you were for Clinton you are more convinced Comey cost her the election.
If you think there was a plot against Trump you have more ammunition.
Yet, no side has a smoking gun and the I.G. recommended no prosecution.

The NYT today called the report “a dud”.   ……   And so it was.

We think “spygate” is a dud too, and both sides are muddying the water to argue their side.

There are questions that will be answered but some won’t. Examples:
Mueller will clear up the Trump and “collusion” issue. (There wasn’t any). But it seems like these will never be answered.
Why did Hillary delete 30,000 emails?
Why did she Bleach Bit the hard drives?
Why did they smash mobile devices rather than turn them over?
Why were we not told she was hacked?
How come others get charged for classified material being compromised, but not her?
How come we weren’t told that her private conversations, including one with President Obama, were done from unsecured devices?

Why is it we are investigating everything but that? We don’t understand.

As for Comey, his boy scout image took another hit here.
As for Hillary typing “But my emails” in response to Comey using a private server too, are you serious? You know they are both wrong. Are you defending your wrong by his? That was embarrassing.
The FBI, at the very least at the top also took a hit.

In the end, depending on where you stood before, you see the report as supporting you.
How about we put this entire mess behind us. Trump won, stop the investigation mess, let him govern. Let Hillary move on to retirement.
Let America function as a nation.


The charges against the Trump Foundation in NY by the NY AG is another sign of Trump derangement. Long before he ran for office the President was at war with the NY AG. Of course the AG had to resign last month on charges of sexual harassment. His replacement just continued the action.
We don’t know if the Trump tweet is correct that his foundation took in $88 million and paid out $90+ million. We know he said it, but he sometimes says things. However, if it’s true then how can you bring these charges?

Is it political? Well have you heard of any NY AG investigation into the Clinton Foundation? Do you they have a few things to at least look at? How about salaries to people like Chelsea? How about intake versus outgo there?

So to answer the question, is it political? It sure seems to be.

Tariffs on China

The President this AM announced an expansion of the tariff program. $50 Billion is the number. It’s an extension of the eyeball to eyeball showdown we talked about yesterday. Buckle up, because China will retaliate. Expect this to impact the markets today.

Pakistan Taliban Leader

The report this AM from an Afghan Defense leader is that a U.S. drone strike killed the Pakistan Taliban Chief (Mullah Fazullah).
This is significant because the attack occurred on the Afghan/Pakistan border. For a long time this border has been used to cross, conduct an attack and run back for safety. Things haven’t been real well in Afghanistan and this attack could mark a change in strategy.

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