And the day after ….

… And the day after the media was off the rails. They were looking for any means to attack and knock the Singapore Summit. I heard over and over “Kim won” from MSM “experts”. He won by being on the same stage as Trump. He won because we were stopping “war games”. He won because there were no “details”. On and on they went. Our thoughts.

There were two losers this week. Kim lost. He looked like Trump’s little buddy who brought his own toilet with him (true story) because he needed it on stage. The man, who like his family before him, survived because he had weapons and is giving them up. Why after 70 years are they doing this? Not because they saw the light, they saw an American President who was serious of getting them rid of them. One way or another.
Ask yourself this question. Does Kim’s long term survival from forces within his country increase or decrease with this deal? In our opinion it decreases over time and the odds of him passing the mantle of leadership to his son has declined. Think about it.

The other loser is the MSM. Their hatred of the President has led them to be embarrassed. The average (fair) American knows this is a good thing. Yet the MSM is trying to convince them otherwise. The people who told you we won with the Clinton, Bush and Obama deals that led to this showdown, think we lost now. If we had kept winning their way we would all be in jeopardy.
So the MSM who supported those past deals, the Iran deal and Cuba deal think this one is bad. They are losing credibility everyday and deserve to.

By the way, who really thinks stopping war games in S. Korea is bad? If you go back and check the MSM in the past they called the activity “provocative” to North Korea. Now we have a chance for peace and the achievement of a nuclear free area and the MSM is criticizing the move? The hypocrisy is ridiculous and beyond words. The soldiers don’t need to put in danger, the mountains don’t need more bombs and the money need not be spent. The desired outcome has been verbally agreed to. It is cause for celebration, not a sign of weakness. Do the Democrats and MSM really not know what weakness is?

Some History

We were thinking about Presidents in the last sixty years and historic world events. This would be the third in the sense of changing relationships.
President Nixon opened the door to communist China and brought them into the world. Nixon was the only one who could do that and he made it work.
President Reagan came into office with a clear vision that the Soviet Union was evil. When he said that the media went crazy (like they do today). When Reagan said the outcome was “we win they lose”, the media was sure we were headed to nuclear war. When he walked out of a summit that would have reduced arms because he refused to give up defensive weapons they were ready to impeach him. The outcome? The most significant world event of my lifetime. The Soviet Union failed and the Iron Curtain fell. We won. The media was wrong.
Then comes President Trump and this North Korea agreement. It too brings the world back from the brink and can change history. The media (and Democrats) are aghast at how bad the agreement is.
They are wrong again.

What is about these three events that are the same? Each President came into office understanding America’s position and power in the world. Each understood and practiced what Reagan preached “Peace through strength”. He often used the line ” America has never gotten in a war because we were too strong”.
It is only when others see us, or our leadership as weak, that we have issues.The liberals and MSM have never learned that lesson and borrowing another Reagan phrase “here they go again”. I know many, like you and I, know better.

Want an example of weakness? Think Jimmy Carter allowing Ayatollah Khomeini back into Iran in 1979 and the world terrorism since.

We’ll leave it at this. If Reagan was wrong, the North Korea agreement losing, and the Iran deal, Cuba deal and former N. Korea agreements winning, then sign us up for more losing.


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