Trumped …….

Well that was quite a night. In five hours, from nine o’clock AM Singapore time until two in the afternoon, the world changed. Even the most hopeful commentators were not expecting line one of the agreement to say “denuclearization”. Quite an accomplishment (as long as it holds) and certainly proved the skeptics wrong. Here’s what we saw:

The President’s team led by Mike Pompeo did an incredible job in meetings and talks prior to the summit. Pompeo, by the way, is the guy that Democrats tried so hard to deny the role of Secretary of State. You may recall the committee vote was 10-10 with every Democrat voting no. They were so wrong, he is perfect for this job. Someone should remind the American people about that.

Second, all the garbage that Kim was in control was just that — garbage. From the moment he arrived, Kim looked nervous and uneasy. President Trump walked in his confident self and was in total control. He led Kim around and talked to the press. Kim was lost on this stage. I hope people hold the MSM talking heads responsible for that “garbage” before. There was no chance for Kim to outshine Trump.

Next, the agreement was historic and Trump gave up nothing. Kim caved. Now I know the media is saying “Kim won, because he got to sit with a U.S. President”. Really you can look in the camera and say that to protect your false statements? Does that mean that when N.Korea made deals with Clinton, Bush and Obama they were losing? Does that mean when they made those deals and continued building weapons they lost and now they won? Are you serious? Stop embarrassing yourself. Trump went to the session because his team had worked out the outcome.

Then you said Trump was unprepared. Wrong. We watched his press conference this AM and he was a President in control of the facts, details and issues. It was his best performance yet. You were wrong.
By the way, you featured Check Schumer all week saying Trump was unprepared. How about correcting that now and holding him accountable?

Now the details matter and as the days unfold let’s see how we verify, get access and assure the details are followed. The media will now question all this, but we believe this is real.

We watched all night and saw a Democrat leader when asked what he wanted in the deal say, “the same terms as the Iran Deal”. Our mouth dropped. You mean you want 30 day notice before we can inspect a site? You want to send them $1.5 billion in cash? You want them to have the right to keep everything and build nuclear weapons in ten years? You can’t be serious saying that — even in the middle of the night.

The other argument this AM is that Republicans would have destroyed Obama if he had met with Kim. In providing that assessment you need to tell me more. Do you mean if he did the same deal as this, or do you mean a meeting where he raised Kim’s status and got nothing? There is a difference.

Finally to the MSM, stop your talking points because you are further embarrassing yourself. You are still criticizing the rhetoric Trump used. Don’t you understand that was the way he got Kim to the table? Kim truly feared for his future with Trump for the first time. Don’t you understand that’s why he came to the table? Next, you are saying just three weeks ago Trump cancelled the session. Don’t you understand that was part of his negotiation? We know you get that, but yet you want to present a different version to the American people. Why are you lying?

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