The Next Few Days …

The next few days

Will be busy and dramatic for the nation and President. The impact will be felt for a long time in world relationships and impact the November mid terms. Let’s take a look.

Today the President meets with Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe at the W.H. The Japanese leader is urging the President to stand strong with North Korea. They will also discuss trade.

Tomorrow the G7 meeting gets under way. The President is holding on to his aggressive trade positions and not looking forward to any lectures from the other leaders. Watch him in Canada to see how he reacts. The press may have a field day.

When that ends he heads to Singapore and the sit down with Kim Jong-un.

Lot’s of discussion and challenge for a few days. Much preparation was required. In each the President will be challenged and let’s see how he does.

Some thoughts:

Funny how the MSM has gone from portraying Kim Jong-un as this crazy, untested and uncontrollable leader with nuclear weapons who past Presidents had to deal with; to now he is a master negotiator who is ready for Trump. We’ll see.

Why Rudy? Why did Rudy say out loud that Kim came back on his hands and knees begging for the meeting after Trump cancelled it? Why can’t this administration not degrade the N.Koreans after they win a point or position?
Making them look bad is not how to win concessions and get this done.

The November Elections

Why these next few days are vital to Trump and Republicans is this. Successful meetings that drive U.S. trade advantage, decrease deficits and impact world stability and peace can impact November.

Right now the polls are showing a closing of who people prefer in generic ballots. Don’t be fooled, that is not the criteria to measure things. It is this. How interested and likely to vote are they?
Today’s WSJ shows this in their poll:
63% of Democrats said they are very interested in the midterms, compared with only 47% of Republicans. That means trouble for Republicans.
We still see a House flip to the Democrats with the Senate staying Republican.
Watch the events this week. It may be the best chance Republicans have to motivate their base.

Legal Gambling In The Next Few Days

States are starting to take bets on sports with the Supreme Court decision allowing it. So now the professional sports leagues want a cut of the action. They was pressing New Jersey this week.
Here’s our thoughts:
Get lost. You want a “cut to protect the integrity of the game”. Really?
First you don’t need a cut. You have record revenues. You charge record pricing.

Second, did you get a cut of the illegal betting that has been going on?  No. So now you think legal gambling might corrupt the players or referees?
Stop, you are just greedy.

You really need money to monitor the game? Take it from the $4.95 per hot dog charge. Take it from the $9.25 beer charge. Take it from the $40 parking charges (at Yankee Stadium). Take it from the cable fees you charge every cable subscriber in your region- even the non sports fan.

Legal gambling is not going to hurt your sport, it is actually going to drive viewers and attendance. Stop the ripoff, we’re not dumb.

By the way when the states start paying league fees, then legislatures force them to pay gambling assistance fees, and add taxes. You know what happens? They lose money on a venture that was profit proof. Remember NY lost money on its OTB operation. Watch government mess this up too.

Want to know another risk to states? Successful teams. You see locals will bet their local teams. Successful local teams can lead to people winning and causing state problems. Will the states be smart enough to handle this? We doubt it.
Las Vegas is going through this now. They have their first professional team in town (hockey). The team has gotten to the NHL finals and Vegas discovered it has a large amount at risk because of the local flavor.



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