It’s all noise …

It’s All Noise Until The Weekend

It’s all noise on the news until the weekend as we get ready for the June 12th summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.
From that point on it’s all about the meeting. Get ready.

You’ll hear the left say Kim “won” by getting the meeting. After all, they will say the North Koreans always wanted the validity of sitting with a U.S. President.
North Korea won with Clinton, Bush and Obama by promising something, gaining concessions, then doing what it wanted. The same pundits who called those “victories” are calling this session a loss.
Here’s a challenge.
Put yourself in Kim’s place or just being a key member of his team. Do you think you won, or do you think Trump forced you into this session where you are in a negative position? Do you take pride in that Trump laid out the terms and you accepted them? That he cancelled the meeting and you caved?
No, if you put yourself on the side of N. Korea you do not think you won anything. Only the liberal “hate Trump” press can think that.
They won’t fool you.

Some Questions

Why is President Trump commenting on his right to pardon himself?
First, if he’s not quilty of anything what is the purpose?
It makes us wonder again. We believe there was zero collusion, but we do wonder about obstruction. Like the changing story that he dictated the letter to cover up Donald Jr.’s meeting. It was clear he had a hand in it and after months of denying it, they now say he did.
Just more that Rudy Giuliani is cleaning up.

Which raises the question, can he be charged for obstruction for a crime (collusion) that didn’t happen?

Second he’s wrong. You mean if he shot up the White House he could pardon himself? We don’t think so.

The Clinton’s On Another Book Tour

Interesting to see the exchange between Bill Clinton and the NBC reporter as he was out on trip one to sell his new book. We told you last week you would be seeing a lot of him as he went on his book tour. We never anticipated some in the MSM might ask him some tough questions.
Clinton certainly didn’t expect it or take too kindly to it. Now we wonder, in future sessions will they be asking about the others who have accused him? Wouldn’t that be right in this era of “me too”? Let’s see.

Now for those who are defending Clinton by saying look at Trump and the woman accusing him. Stop already.
Bad behavior by one does not justify bad behavior by another. Don’t defend by saying Trump did it too. We don’t approve of what Trump did — so stop.

Second, there is a difference. Trump has been accused of extramarital consensual affairs. Even Stormy and the Playboy bunny say it was consensual. Bill Clinton has been accused of rape and forcible sex.
There is a difference.

The Supreme Court

The decision on the baker in Colorado can be misleading if you don’t read the fine print. What the court ruled was that the baker did not get a fair hearing in the state. It was not a wide sweeping decision that some seemed to portray it.

We were surprised when we first heard it went in favor of the baker. (Especially 7-2). We understand his religious beliefs and stand, but where do you draw the line? In a country where you can start your own religion, how do you control this?
There are more cases coming that will have far wider repercussions in this area.

The NFL Visit Cancelled

The President cancelled the NFL Champion visit to the White House today. This will be big news all day. Only nine members of the Eagles intended to show up.
With the anti Trump feeling it may be time to end the automatic W.H. visits for sports teams. If the athletes can’t appreciate the honor then forget the gesture.

We had an election in this country. Donald Trump won. If you don’t accept it, then you are dividing the country. In every election the losing side has accepted the results and moved on. This time some segments, like athletes, have refused to do it. Once again we wonder if they appreciate all some have done for them and the opportunity this country created for them.
It appears to us to use an old phrase, they woke up on third base and think they hit a triple. Not quite, there are many crosses and stars of David holding the remains of young men, your age, who made it so.

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