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Some Thoughts On A Week Where The News Was Clear

Employment numbers came in strong this AM. Unemployment down to 3.8%. Black unemployment at a record low (Hispanic rose a tenth of a point). More people in the workforce. All good news.

What could derail the optimism and growth? If a trade war breaks out as the tariffs hit, you can expect Mexico, Canada, The European Union and China to react. If we get into a tit for tat, it could be a real negative for prices and the economy. Trump can’t back down now. He needs to prove he means business and he can’t let Kim Jong-un see him cave.
The funny thing here is when those countries take actions back it is going to hurt us in areas where Trump is popular. If this happens and persists, watch the impact in November’s mid terms.

What’s in the letter that North Korea is delivering to the White House today? Our guess is that Kim Jong-un is trying to assure the President he is serious.

Did you hear or know that U.S. crude oil production jumped to its highest barrel per day production ever?  The announcement saw a drop  in global oil pricing. Nothing like competition — and self reliance.

Bill Clinton is on this Sunday’s CBS Morning news. He is asked about Senator Gillibrand’s statement (now), that he should have resigned with the charges against him:
“You have to—really ignore what the context was, but, you know, she’s living in a different context. And she did it for different reasons. So, I—but I just disagree with her.”
In other words, there is a Republican in office now, so you can feel different.

Speaking of differences, how come conservatives are fine with Roseanne going off the air, but liberals want to defend Samantha Bee? We think Sean Spicer said it best. “The theme is consistent,” he said. “The left gets away with stuff the right gets called out for.”
Remember when liberals were the tolerant ones and accused conservatives of being dogmatic? That sure has changed hasn’t it? Oh yea, look at how Michael Moore and Sally Field reacted to what Bee said. Unbelievable.  Just substitute Chelsea Clinton for Ivanka Trump and what would the liberals say?

Bet you didn’t know this. Former national security adviser Susan Rice (of Benghazi and other fame) has a son at Stanford. Guess what? He is a Trump supporter and president of the Stanford College Republicans.
He said he is determined to “Make Stanford Great Again”.

The Trump pardons have surprised us. The one on Jack Johnson got little coverage, despite its historic significance. The one yesterday for Dinesh D’Souza certainly did. The thought he might do others like Martha Stewart and Rob Blagojevich created a firestorm.
We, like some others, wonder if he is sending a message to people like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

By the way, how come the Obama actual pardons of Chelsea Manning and the FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera and Clinton’s of Marc Rich got so little coverage?

On Ratings, this information from Forbes:
In ratings data released Wednesday by Nielsen Media Research, FNC extended its run of consecutive months at number one to a staggering 197, while building hitting another impressive milestone: Fox News Channel has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers.

In prime time, Fox News destroyed its competition, with an average total audience of 2.381 million viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.384 million and CNN’s 835,000. Among viewers 25-54, the group most coveted by advertisers, FNC shook off a challenge in recent months from MSNBC to claim a clear victory: 461,000 viewers, well ahead of MSNBC (329,000) and CNN (265,000).
Fox News had 10 of the top 15 shows in cable news, with Sean Hannity taking the title of highest-rated host in cable news. In fact, aside from ESPN and the NBA Playoffs on TNT, Hannity outpaced every other show in basic cable. Hannity had an average total audience of 3.261 million, followed by MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (2.627 million), and FNC’s Tucker Carlson Tonight (2.617 million), The Ingraham Angle (2.617 million) and The Five (2.153 million).


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